Teen anti-gun marchers, influenced by leftists, descend on DC, other cities

Teen mobs led by liberal celebrities march throughout USA

Under-educated students who haven’t been effectively taught the history of our nation’s founding and the enduring greatness of our American Constitution, are flexing their political muscle and threatening to remove members of congress who support the Second Amendment.

Think about that.

Many of them will be first time voters during this fall’s midterm elections. Voter registration activists were among throngs of young Americans who marched for tighter gun laws on Saturday, signing up thousands of soon-to-be voters who want to eject lawmakers who oppose gun control.  Organizers of the voter registration drive hoped to sign up at least 25,000 participants in the DC march alone, a promising boost for Democrats.

Estimates of the March for Our Lives crowd size ranged in the hundreds of thousands, who lemming-like flocked to DC as they flock to rock concerts. Since they are teens, the question is who financed their trek to the nation’s capitol, where food and lodging are not inexpensive. Did they all have parental consent? With or without consent, we find that their benefactors were the left-wing Hollywood elite, who provided funding and buses for the trip. The NAACP was among the co-sponsors of the event, with Martin Luther King, Jr’s young granddaughter calling for the elimination of all guns. Breitbart provides info on the celebs.

This is 17-year-old David Hogg, (video) a survivor of the Parkland Florida high school massacre. Seventeen of his classmates were slaughtered by a crazed, recently expelled fellow student who should have been on the FBI’s watch list, and disallowed to purchase a gun, since the police had been called to the family home two dozen times prior to his murderous rampage at the school.

Rather than engendering compassionate action, cocky, foul-mouthed Hogg uses his new-found status to disparage parents, senior citizens, Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott and issues threats to congress and the Second Amendment. And wouldn’t you know?  He‘s an aspiring journalist. In his profanity laced interview, Hogg calls himself the NRA’s “worst nightmare.”

HeadCount conducts voter registration drives at concerts, and claims it has registered over 500,000 young voters since 2004 — “translating the power of music intro real action.” Missing is any mention of learning about our system of government or the views of individual candidates. These are liberals on the rise. Though they claim to be disconnected from a political party, they direct people to the AFL-CIO union scoreboard and announce, “We balance the power of the wealthy,” (those are the job creators, folks) whom they claim exploit workers — referring to Right to Work laws as “racist.”

Rock the Vote, calls Arizona a “vote blocking state,” claiming it restricts voter rights, appears on DiscovertheNetworks.org: A Guide to the Political Left. RTV also works to register and mobilize voters aged 18-29 to support left-wing Democrat political candidates. Like HeadCount, it forms partnerships with music-industry and popular-culture icons who share the organization’s left-wing values, and use their celebrity status to influence the opinions of young voters.

If your kids are concert goers, you need to get up to speed on these insidious groups and their agendas. Who would have thought music would become a political menace to our Constitutional freedoms?


7 Responses to Teen anti-gun marchers, influenced by leftists, descend on DC, other cities

  1. Maggie says:

    Recently The Daily Caller (and other outlets) reported that a liberal Harvard professor wants to lower the voting age to 16, saying kids have a better BS detector than adults.


    I wonder how many of them were able to detect his radical BS. I’m guessing not many. The marching teens are testament to the fact that America’s public schools, led by liberal unionists, have fallen down on the job of teaching. Today’s kids are praised for every move they make from young ages, even winning “participation” awards for failing. “Leveling the playing field” and not hurting feelings was the goal. When feelings trump reality, there can’t be winners or losers.

    The latest leftist effort is undermining white males for their privileged lives, even if they aren’t privileged at all. They are now being taught in schools across America to hate their maleness and skin color.

    These screwed up kids. products of liberal educrats and too busy parents, are marching.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    David Hogg is the perfect little Nazi
    A famous song from Cabaret movie (1972) with Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Michael York. The rise of Nazi-party (NSDAP) in early 1930s in Germany is shown perfectly in the movie.
    One quick part of that video is the sad, worried looking old man. HE knew.

    “Tomorrow belongs to me” Cabaret 3:12

    In honor of the youth March For Our Lives 3/24/18

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      You nailed it, once again! Excellent catch. You have a better memory than I do, for which I am grateful,

    • Realist says:

      Conservative Since Birth,
      I just watched the video clip you provided and felt shivers go up my spine. This is a perfect analogy of the righteous arrogance of youth and their defense of a disastrous cause, the outcome of which they don’t fully comprehend.

      The handsome Aryan Nazi youth portrayed in the video, couldn’t possibly envision the ovens that cremated living humans or the gassing of millions of other innocents given bars of soap for showering but the spigots spewed deadly gas. Prisoners were first starved and enslaved in concentration camps and subjected to gruesome medical “experimentation.” The Jews in Germany and Poland were unable to defend themselves when the Third Reich came through their cities, towns and villages, because gun registration preceded gun confiscation and the Nazis knew exactly where the armed citizens were and what armaments they possessed. Confiscation was easy. Mass murder was even easier.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Any killing of innocents, as we’ve seen all too often these days, is beyond rational comprehension. There are those who are pure evil and those who are mentally ill. The shooter at Fort Hood was a military officer and a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry. He was also a radicalized Muslim. The murderer of kindergartners at the Sandy Hook school, killed his own mother before heading to the school to mow down beautiful tykes.The shooter who chose a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay facing concert goers, gave no indication of his intentions prior to moving an arsenal into the hotel room — all recorded on security cameras and never acted upon. There is no was of ascertaining who will be the next to have blood on their hands. But one thing is certain, though I haven’t heard it addressed by these marchers who think the answer is disarming Americans, is the violence that passes as entertainment. Beginning with cartoons toddlers watch to the games kids play, and the movies and songs they are inundated with are steeped in violence. Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and their Hollywood cohorts should speak out against their industry rather than the Second Amendment. There is a definite corollary, as violence begets violence. There were no school shootings when many of us were growing up, because we were not continually exposed to violence. We played tag and shot baskets. We played football and baseball. We even had toys that were called cap pistols so we could pretend to be Hopalong Cassidy or the Lone Ranger. Those shows had action, but no violence. Something needs to change, and it isn’t the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

  4. Doc says:

    So, former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that instead of protesting (for gun control) all of the youths should go learn CPR…

    …I wholeheartedly agree.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      I understand Santorum’s frustration, but CPR is not an ineffective remedy for dealing with a shooter using an automatic weapon to maximize the ability to slaughter.

      Instead of posting signs advertising “gun free zone” vulnerability we need armed security personnel on campuses. Retired law enforcement officers (with upper age limits) would be my first choice. They are already well trained.

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