AZ Conservative conference attendees threatened with hormone dosing at Starbucks

With the outrageous spectacle of an unread $1.3 trillion spending bill signed into law, the brash and under educated anti-Second Amendment marchers sucking up air, and a yawn inducing aging porn star desperately seeking attention and cash —- all dominating the news, this story might have been missed.

Never forget liberals are hard at work. Whether in D.C., being sidled up to by a desperate-for-ratings ancient prime time show or colluding with radicals to destroy our Constitutional freedoms, the agenda driven crowd keeps itself busy.  So busy, in fact, this deserving of coverage story was consigned to an indifferent dismissal status.

The highly anticipated Western Conservative Conference, featuring a star-studded array of conservative leaders, was held at the Phoenix Convention Center this past weekend.

The report concerns a woman allegedly posing as a Starbucks employee at the Convention Center who tweeted this blatant threat to slip estradiol (female hormone) pills into the coffee of convention attendees. The prescription drug has numerous side affects and is not intended to be given as a lark.

Aaron Klein writing for Breitbart News covers the creepy saga.

13 Responses to AZ Conservative conference attendees threatened with hormone dosing at Starbucks

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    I hope that bizarre drug distributor has been arrested. It shouldn’t be difficult to located this hate-driven liberal.

  2. PC and State Committeeman says:

    The good thing is most conservatives don’t support the liberal Star*ucks and don’t buy any products from them. *=f

    • East Valley PC says:

      That’s true, but at a conference like this, they were the only coffee available. I never go to a Starbucks or purchase their beans to grind at the grocery. The left wing owner Howard Schultz keeps me far away from his stores and products. That’s the same reason we no longer go to the movies. Hollywood works against everything we work for as conservative Republican precinct committeemen. .

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        I brought a giant 34 oz mug of Black Rifle fresh ground coffee beans from home, it was so goood.

  3. Casper says:

    This wretched person was not a woman but a man in the midst of a transsexual change. He needs to be found and arrested. What a sicko..

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – per Michael Savage. Here’s more proof. These people are crazy. The progressives are unglued. Look at Hillary – she’s having a slow-motion breakdown. Be careful out there.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic: CBS News Bombshell: Marjory Douglas Student Leader David Hogg Wasn’t at School on Day of the Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

    Lying little punk.

    • Kathy says:

      Here is another revelation:

      FBI yet involved in another mass shooting, let’s see: Boston bombers, Pulse, Parkland, etc. See a pattern here – FBI trying to disarm American citizens.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        The Left doesn’t give a damn about our children. In Connecticut, a drug addled young man the government was well aware of, but HIPPA rules prevailed and he shot up a school; Eric Harris had been taking anti- depressants. James Holmes had seen a therapist, HIPPA rules again. If you think the government doesn’t know your information think again. All forms are immediately scanned and sent to the government by your doctor. The Vegas shooter – a veil of secrecy descended after that event. So what’s really going on? They are coming for our guns, that’s what it’s all about.

      • Doc says:

        MOLON LABE

      • Anthem Al says:

        Okay, Doc. I have to admit, you got me on this one. What’s the translation of MOLON LABE?
        It sounds vaguely like Kemo Sabe, but I’m sure that’s waaay off.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Anthem Al:

        Loosely translated: Come and take them

        Molon labe has been repeated by many later generals and politicians to express an army’s or nation’s determination not to surrender. The motto ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is on the emblem of the I Army Corps of Greece and the Second Infantry Division of Cyprus, and is also the motto of United States Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT).[4] The expression “Come and take it” was a slogan in the Texas Revolution.

      • Doc says:

        So, on Fox this morning:

        …sadly, I fear that CSB’s assertion regarding “them” coming for our guns is a Distinct possibility…