More baloney from McCain’s Cornville compound

John McCain, suffering from a virulent form of brain cancer, described by his doctors as “aggressive” when it was first diagnosed in July 2017, has not returned to the U.S. Senate since his appalling thumbs down vote (video) against the “skinny” repeal of Obamacare. That betrayal will be his legacy.

His senate office stopped providing medical updates months ago, though his family assures us he’s making an “amazing” recovery and will be back to work by summer. Previously, daughter Meghan said he was staying out of D.C. due to concerns about catching the flu. With flu season behind us, it’s clear his own serious condition is keeping him at their family compound in Cornville. Meghan and her mother, Cindy, have both denied reports that McCain will resign, which appears to be the only reliable announcement concerning the 81-year-old’s career. No one believes that McCain is manning “his” twitter account, jealously slamming President Trump‘s every move. His office staffers, with no actual jobs to do, busy themselves with keyboard gymnastics.

The latest news regarding Cornville’s most famous resident is that McCain is writing another memoir. “The Restless Wave” authored — not “co-authored” as we are led to believe — by Mark Salter, is scheduled to debut in May:

“In a time when Washington, D.C., and the country is more polarized than it has been for decades, John McCain is the rare public figure who has earned the respect of people on both sides of the aisle,” Simon & Schuster enthused in a release. “He is a model for bipartisanship and political integrity. In his forty years in politics McCain has never been afraid to buck trends or ruffle a few feathers. His words are more important today than ever.”

Obviously Simon & Schuster hasn’t taken the pulse of Arizona elected Republican State and Maricopa County Committeemen who overwhelmingly voted to censure McCain in 2014. In the wake of the embarrassment, his retaliation was brutal.

The New York-based publisher, a subsidiary of CBS Media Corporation slathers it on thickly saying:

“The Restless Wave begins in 2008 with McCain’s presidential campaign and then follows the Senator during his time as a senior Republican lawmaker through the Obama administration, when the country was tested at home and abroad. McCain shares his experiences during the divisive 2016 election and his no-holds-barred opinions on the current developments coming out of Washington. He also discusses the vital challenges from abroad: Russia, NATO, the campaign to defeat ISIS, our ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, among others. Candid, pragmatic, and always fascinating, John McCain holds nothing back in his latest memoir.”

Nothing but honesty, which has never been his hallmark, and now his own diminished memory.

And let’s not forget that ‘Sally McCain’ is being groomed for the Senate seat currently open due to a face-saving move.  Jeff Flake — with an 18% approval rating — opted not to run for a second term.

‘The conservative in the race is Dr. Kelli Ward.  Another McCain even one named Martha McSally, is a bridge too far. This is an indication of the dung the duo attempted to spread regarding never implemented border security nearly a year and a half ago. Remember, this is the same McCain who deceitfully strolled the border with then-Sheriff Paul Babeu and vowed, with his fingers crossed behind his back, tocomplete the dang fence.”


13 Responses to More baloney from McCain’s Cornville compound

  1. Observer says:

    Another excellent post, SRAZ!

    The book title, “The Restless Wave” sounds like a retelling of a steamy night with one of his female naval cohorts. Hilarious, but not a well thought out title.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Funny! I thought the same thing!!

      • Kent says:

        I, too, love the title of the book! I laughed out loud when I read it! It brings quite a picture to mind.. Pant…pant…. I thought is was another dose of McCain braggadocio.

    • Kathy says:

      Will McCain tell how he betrayed his fellow soldiers during Vietnam, seal records to cover up his deeds, how he left his 1st wife for his “sugar mama Cindy”, how he has betrayed the American people over & over again, etc. I could keep going but that would be a book in itself!!

      The title should be “The McCain Betrayal Wave”

  2. Jake sez says:

    McSally is McCain in drag. We need her, McCain and Flake like we need another hole in the head. Don’t these people know that “The Restless Wave” refers to the one that will wash them and their kind out of Washington, D.C..

  3. State Delegate says:

    John McCain has never had any credibility among Republicans who pay attention. He’s spent his overly long career colluding with Democrats. Why would we ever trust him? He’s not repeatedly reelected by those of us who are aware of his lifetime of liberalism. He wins over the open border crowd, senior citizens who believe his disputed tales of heroism and newcomers to the state who recognize his name and have no knowledge about his far left skew. They know he calls himself a “maverick’ and think that’s just Western slang, not realizing he uses it to define himself as one who goes against the Republican party he runs under.

    I was at the state and county Republican statutory meetings where McCain was censured. Those charges and votes against him remain memorable, A loud cheer when up when the votes were tallied at both meeting!

    • Army Of One says:

      This video supports the contention that John McCain is far less a “hero” and far more a liar. As you watch this video, pay close attention to the names of the people who are speaking the truth about McCain. They are credible members of congress who question McCain’s decision to permanently seal the records relating to American MIAs and POWs as well as fellow POWs who were imprisoned with him, a couple who are now medical doctors. John McCain has created his own story, full of flimflam and deceit. The entire retelling of his life has been based on lies. He was born into a notable family of Naval Admirals that was able to cover for him and he’s continued the tradition.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Remember back when Ms. Cindy was going to lead the charge regarding sex trafficking? Back when the Super Bowl was coming to Glendale.

    You may have missed it. It was over in a nano-second.
    There was supposed to be a “billboard campaign”.
    Yeah, that tactic will help young, helpless girls to gather up the courage to call the police on their pimps.

    One of the biggest contributors to the short-lived idea was none other than Lynn de Rothschild, whose ancient family owns almost all of the central banks of the world, including our Fed.

    Funny how the money to the Foundation then found its way to the asufoundation(dot org). $$ in—-$$ out.

    Funnier still that the Rothschild family is said to be into all types of sadistic, ritualistic deeds, particularly with children.
    And even allowed the Nazis to inhabit one of their many expansive estates (the one in Austria, which has now quickly been auctioned off in a big ass hurry) where the Nazis allegedly conducted torturous medical experiments on Jewish CHILDREN.

    So, one can quickly see the reason that the so-called campaign against sex trafficking didn’t get off the ground, or perhaps it was a ruse to begin with. $$$ gets washed in the laundry by So many means.

    Trump knows. He knows ALL of it.

    BTW—who has been hanging with Hill in India these days? None other than Lynn de R. Why India? Because in 1997, Bill Clinton encouraged the government in India to sign a treaty regarding safe shelter for political refugees of the American persuasion. One enormous safehouse, with an unlimited supply of poor orphaned children to abuse.

    As the SEALS like to say: God will avenge our enemies—we’ll arrange the meeting.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:


    Here’s a group that we haven’t heard from in awhile.

    Coming to Flagstaff for a 3 day trouble-making “conference”.

    Heads up, especially if you’re headed to the high country April 6-8.

  6. Rob Haney says:

    McCain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg did their best to make Arizona another California with their support of comprehensive immigration reform bills and their fight against strong border enforcement. Remember Shadegg calling those of us who fought against open borders “xenophobes”?

    Phoenix city council, which includes two republicans who were former McCain staffers, should name another air terminal “The Benedict Arnold Terminal In Honor Of The Treasonous Quartet of McCain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg.”

    We all knew what would happen if we did not enforce our immigration laws. You would have had to have been completely corrupt or devoid of any historical perspective to not have known by allowing open borders you were importing democrat party voters to undermine and overthrow the U.S. Constitution from within. And here we had four representatives who disregarded their oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

    To make it all the worse, we had RINOs praising them and supporting their reelection instead of fighting to defend the country by working to defeat these traitors.

  7. Trevor says:

    Who is running McCain’s office since he isn’t able to go back to the job and our other Senator isn’t doing anything except for auditioning for a job at the MSM.

  8. Trevor says:

    I bet McCain and his longtime water boy Salter are gonna trash Kelli Ward in this book because Ward made Flake retire and McCain is still fuming from that I bet along with McConnell.

    • Virginia says:

      You once mentioned you were a student. Mine all learned to punctuate by 5th grade.

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