AZ Supremes vote awakens ‘Dreamers’ ’to nightmare

In a unanimous 7 – 0 vote, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against the Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD) Board over whether Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients can receive in-state tuition.

In this press release, Attorney General Mark Brnovich noted Monday’s ruling of Arizona’s high court agreed with a 2017 Court of Appeals 3 – 0 decision which declared, “existing federal and state law do not allow MCCCD to grant in-state tuition benefits to DACA recipients.”

Engaging in political straddle, Brnovich said, “While people can disagree what the law should be, I hope we all can agree that the attorney general must enforce the law as it is, not as we want it to be. As Attorney General, my duty is to uphold the law and the will of more than one million voters who passed Proposition 300 in 2006.”

This was Senate Concurrent Resolution 1031 which gave rise to the popular law. Scroll to Page 5, line 11.

On the 2006 ballot as Proposition 300, it passed overwhelmingly — 71.4% to  28.6% — by Arizona voters a dozen years ago, and was pivotal to the court’s decision.  The ballot that year was filled with numerous propositions, but voters were not confused. Take time to read the pro and con arguments linked under Proposition 300, and you’ll see why this issue took precedence among the others.

Arizona’s high court heard arguments last week in the case.

Those covered by the generous, taxpayer funded DACA program, now alternatively known by the soft term “dreamers,” claim they’ll have to drop out of school without the lower tuition rates. They’ll be joining American citizens with similar stories, working — sometimes more than a single job — while in school. These illegals with perks were also displacing American citizens hoping to attend community college prior to transferring to a university.

There is a widespread fallacy that DACA simply protects young foreign nationals who claim they were brought to the U.S. by their illegally invading parents. In fact, the scheme which requires not a scintilla of verifiable evidence even protects 36-year-olds, many of whom are grandparents.

The program was put in place through an executive order that even facilitator Barack Obama, admitted was unconstitutional(Video)

A written opinion from the court is expected by May 14. When it is made public, we will link to it here.

In a statement, University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins — a retired cardiac surgeon and now an educrat bleeding heart —- announced his disappointment in the court’s decision though acknowledging the university will comply with the ruling. Dr. Robbins should know there is a right and wrong way to accomplish goals. Sneaking into the U.S. in violation of our sovereign border and rule of law, and expecting your unwilling hosts to fund your aspirations is decidedly wrong.


11 Responses to AZ Supremes vote awakens ‘Dreamers’ ’to nightmare

  1. Jake sez says:

    Good. Now, if only this would end the dispute it would be great. However, we all known that the other side never gives up so this will continue in one form or another until they get what they want. Knowing the republicans as we do, they will bargain away a victory..

  2. Barveheart says:

    Finally there’s a bright ray of sunshine on this major problem. I hope other states emulate Arizona. There is nothing that warrants giving away our resources that belong to our own citizens to foreign nationals who are here by stealth. Whether they arrived as children or last year at 30, they are not our responsibility. We owe them nothing more than the generosity of a one way ticket home. If they want American citizenship, they can apply for it LEGALLY as millions of others have done.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Make No mistake.
    They’ll find a way around it.

    while the suspicious fire at Trump Tower raged,
    the FIBs were raiding the offices and home and hotel room of our
    President’s personal attorney.

    Then, the FDNY and the Secret Service did an extensive check on Trump’s personal residence at the Tower.

    Note that Trump does NOT use the SS for his protection.
    He uses the USMC.

    Eric Holder is on the payroll of the State of California to bring additional hell to President Trump.

    In case you missed it, there is a war going on in this country.
    Everything you may have learned or assumed over the last fifty decades is mostly lies. We are So Unsafe.

    Zuckerberg handing out $$$$ like it’s Christmas time in D.C.
    And just like that,
    He is able to bypass the “under oath” part of testifying.

    He wants them to know that he’s sorry and it won’t happen again.
    (Because he already sucked every drop of info from YOU, whether you have FB or not).

    Please continue to pray to God for the protection of President Trump; his entire family, and his team.

    A little levity:
    Did you know that General Mattis has a bear rug on the floor in his office?
    The bear’s not dead.
    It’s just afraid to move.

  4. MacBeth says:

    This column in National Review was written by Fox News contributor and nationally syndicated author Michelle Malkin. It details how Mexico treats illegal aliens.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      It’s fascinating to read how the Mexican government restricts all activity from education, and free speech to investments by non-citizens of its corrupt country, but they help their own citizens invade the United States of America, even providing them with comic books detailing the best routes to America. Those remittances their own citizens send back to Mexico bolsters the Mexican economy by tens of $billions every year/ We need to copy Mexico and restrict Mexican invaders.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’m happy the AZ Supreme Court voted as it did.
    Mexico is not our friend. It never has been and never will be. When was the last time they worked with us on anything. An American from Wyoming would pay double the amount an in-state student would pay. Why on earth would it be ok for an illegal alien to pay less than the student from Wyoming. It’s insanity for which we can thank Obama. The Left will always use the poor from south of the border for political gain. California certainly has done it and it looks like the millions of illegals in that sanctuary state will keep Democrats in office for ions.

    • Clementine says:

      You nailed it. Try to imagine Ronald Reagan being elected governor of Mexifornia today. It would never happen. Leftwing loony Moonbeam Brown will likely be the last non-Hispanic. Mostl of the “zonies” we knew who rented beach cottages in San Diego years ago have stopped going and it isn’t the inflated rates that kept them away. They all say Tijuana has moved north.

      PS If you haven’t read the book “Mexifornia” by Victor Davis Hansen, you should. It’s not new but it’s a factual description of what has happened to that state..This is a good five year overview printed in City Journal:

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        “Mexifornia” is a great book by the native Californian, VDHanson. Here’s something else from him just recently…..
        a paragraph from a column called “The Limits of American Patience,” which describes our neighbor Mexico.

        “The United States was supposedly so affluent that it could both offer entitlements to illegal aliens and, given such aid, not care whether many of them sent $60 billion back home (what is a mere $60 billion out of a multi-trillion dollar economy?) to Central America and Mexico.

        When occasionally the United States recoiled a bit, Mexico could always accuse an essentially open-border America of being restrictionist and xenophobic. One wonders how exactly would Mexico’s hostility be expressed—by vows not to receive remittances, or to demand repatriation of its lost citizens, or unilaterally to leave NAFTA, or to elect a nationalist president who would build a wall?”

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Dropping this here. IMPORTANT

    The entire indictment relating to and the perversions that occurred because of men in AZ and TX.

    It appears that many law enforcement agencies and other entities knew about this, but did Nothing.

    (NOTE: It will make you sick.
    This is the tip of the iceberg)


    61 pages

    • Realist says:

      Thanks! Didn’t read all 61 pages but enough to get the drift.
      Will finish it later. These perverts need to serve some serious prison time. The trial should be interesting.