Austin Flake, ex-wife Logan, sue Joe Arpaio

Austin, son of Jeff Flake reprises ‘Son of Dracula’, sucking money instead of blood

Rising once again from the depths of icy obscurity — revived by the alluring scent of money — Jeff Flake’s son and his former bride who has reclaimed her maiden name of Brown, are still a cozy couple when it comes to trying to cash in on the dogs who died in their care. SRAZ has written extensively about the gruesome heat related deaths of nearly two dozen family pets entrusted to the care of Austin and his then-wife Logan (nee Brown) Flake, when Logan‘s parents, who owned the Gilbert kennel, were vacationing in Florida.

Previously this charming couple sued Maricopa County taxpayers for $8 million and lost. They claimed their formerly pristine reputations had been negatively impacted by the charges related to the dog deaths and their callous handling of the animals, as they hosed them down and then stacked their dead carcasses in a shed. No veterinarian was ever called when the dead and dying dogs were discovered by these “caretakers.”

After a six-day trial, the jury was unmoved by Flake and Brown’s claims of fear, distrust of the criminal justice system and depression requiring therapy and medication, resulting in “bickering” that ended their marriage. Austin Flake testified that he was forced to quit BYU until the matter was resolved — and gasp! — he had to get a job. Jurors refused to award them damages in the animal cruelty case that riveted Valley residents in 2014. The shocking account revolved around the boarded dogs being locked in a small utility room, without food, water or cooling in the scorching summer heat. After initially alleging the dogs bit through the electrical wires, they later claimed the air-conditioning unit malfunctioned. A Maricopa County Grand Jury indicted the Flake’s and Logan’s parents Todd and MaLeisa Hughes.

The duo has now filed a new civil case against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, seeking that green calming balm known as cash. The added highlight to this ongoing saga is that Arpaio is a candidate for the senate post currently held by Jeff Flake. The senior Flake has wisely opted not to run for a second senate term due to bottom dragging 18% approval numbers. Providing no representation to the citizens of Arizona, Papa Jeff Flake keeps himself busy by slobbering over the liberal hosts on far left networks, while he pushes his anti-Trump narrative, which is music to their ears.

There’s nothing quite like a loser sireing losers. Generational Flakism is a sight to behold. This was the vile spew from then-high schooler, Tanner, one of Flake’s younger sons. He never had to apologize for his racially bigoted, homophobic, and anti-Semitic online slurs.  His senator Daddy did it for him.

Law & Crime reports on the latest antics of Austin and Logan, who will always be flakes to anyone paying attention.


8 Responses to Austin Flake, ex-wife Logan, sue Joe Arpaio

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    The Flakes have repeatedly shown themselves as a most appropriately named family. Jeff Flake, who ran as a Republican is actually to the left of many democrats and obviously gets his jollies from slamming Pres. Trump. During the presidential campaign, we proudly had a Trump/Pence sign in our front yard and now it greets those who arrive at our home placed to the right of our front door. Donald Trump has appointed Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court,and is filling federal judicial vacancies. He has lowered taxes and is fulfilling the promises he made on the campaign trail while having to deal with liberal Democrat opposition and not being able to count on Arizona’s two lousy US Senators.
    This article lists his accomplishments:

  2. Kimball says:

    These two money grubbers need to slink back under their rocks. As to Jeff Flake, he couldn’t win again if he was just running in the East Valley where he previously had a secure LDS base of support. This is Trump-Land now and he is reviled by many who have known him for decades. Count me among them.

  3. State Delegate says:

    The Flake’s are a creepy family full of ego driven slackards. No one has a real job, earning a real living. Easy money appears to be what drives them all, from Jeff the Flake on down.

    • Hometown Guy says:

      This video of Flake’s younger son illustrates why parents need to work in the same state where their families live, and how they should make their children apologize for offensive slurs rather than doing it for them. Jeff Flake is a politician first and foremost, acting like a campaign adviser rather than a parent.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    RE: Flake
    On instructions from
    $oro$, via the guy who doesn’t have brain cancer.

    Meanwhile, Very Interesting Event

    In light of the Piper PA-24 Comanche plane crash in Scottsdale a few nights ago, I am reposting this link to the 61 page indictment regarding Backpagedotcom.

    If there are 6 deceased, why is the official count only 4?
    Interesting group of people on board.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It was a party plane. Owner of the plane had no pilot’s license.
      The brothers came to the US from India for college in 2009. [Here illegally??]

      Instagram model among dead in golf course plane crash

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        -Mariah Coogan (did not graduate HS, was a “model”.
        social media accounts interesting, some are now gone like the wind.
        Arnand “Happy” Patel (has a twin bro; was a “nightlife entrepreneur”, lots of pics of expensive items)

        James Pedroza, first thought to be the pilot, but NO.

        Plane came inbound from Vegas, on the ground for short time,
        Pedroza learning to fly, but not certified. Does co-own a plane however. Much social media of him in foreign countries. Amsterdam; many SE Asia countries.
        Lots of guys, no girls in pics, many pics of $$$$$$$$$$ items.

        Helena Lagos, a “model” not a blondie like Mariah.

        Two others.
        Have names, but unconfirmed.

        the guy who has been in Syria with the man who doesn’t have brain cancer had photos released (Major Ooops) a few days ago of him with Paul Ryan. Captions of how Ryan was going to help in Syria.
        Suddenly, Ryan is retiring.

        Another thing that We need to ask:
        Is Israel Really our BFF?

  5. john powelson says:

    I hope the Respondents, defendants, file a counter suit and win big against these scum.