AZ Gov. Doug Ducey caves to teachers’ outrageous demands

Though his press secretary denies it, Ducey is looking ever more like a guy with senatorial aspirations

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey had a chance to stand tall. Instead he rewarded the abysmal behavior of union teachers who abandoned their students to strike for a massive 20% raise.  He played tough for a nanosecond, telling the teachers there was no pay hike in the near future, then reneging, followed by an acquiescence or two preceding the final capitulation. If nimble Ducey didn’t have his eye on a mighty political payoff, he could fill the role of state contortionist.

Instead of emulating President Ronald Reagan who on Aug. 5, 1981 fired 11,359 unionist air traffic controllers of the almost 13,000 who went on strike in defiance of his order for them to return to work, issued two days earlier.

Reagan, a former two-term Screen Actor’s Guild union president, didn’t stop there.  He declared a lifetime ban on the rehiring of the strikers by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Within days the FAA began accepting applications for new air traffic controllers, and ultimately the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association (PATCO).  Robert Poli, PATCO president, was found in contempt by a federal judge and ordered to pay $1,000 a day in fines, for the disruptions his union caused. 

There were inconveniences during the strike and after Reagan made good on his threat, (video) but such a strike never happened again.

Ducey is thinking politically instead of on behalf of Arizona students abandoned by their striking teachers, who should also have been fired if they didn’t return to work.  He appears to be letting his future political aspirations get in the way of sound judgment. Ducey’s longtime friend and mentor John McCain, diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in July 2017 has remained at his compound in Cornville, AZ. missing crucial votes. The Arizona senate seat is not a museum piece. 

Ken Rudin, Political Junkie, answers the question about governors appointing themselves to the U.S. Senate. It has happened. Of the nine going back to 1933, all but two were Democrats and the results were uniformly dismal.

Joy Pullmann, an author and executive editor of The Federalist, does a masterful job with this commentary, “Fire All Striking Teachers And Send Their Paychecks To Students’ Parents.” Obviously it was not on Ducey’s reading list.

It should be.

Education Week, a publication of the liberal teachers’ union, clearly states teachers plan to ride this victory to effect changes across the Arizona political landscape.  The teachers, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, have no allegiance to Ducey.

Today’s front page shows a smiling Ducey surrounded by educrat admirers, who got their way, via protests and walk-outs, which the teachers coyly termed, “walk-ins.” The headline blasts, “The winners today are the teachers”

A further look reveals the truth, with this line under the photo, “K-12 advocates skeptical, say walkout still planned.” There is no pleasing a riotous mob. They should have been fired.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is where the people who influence our children and grandchildren put their union dues.*

* H/T Center for Responsive Politics


10 Responses to AZ Gov. Doug Ducey caves to teachers’ outrageous demands

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Another excellent and very readable post. Good points throughout, with the exception of the funding for education through the lottery and ballot propositions, besides the ever present school district budget overrides, heaping more property taxes on homeowners.

    SRAZ posted about this previously. I;m adding a link for those who may have missed it.

  2. State Delegate says:

    The first paragraph of this post certainly sums up Doug (original last name Roscoe) Ducey.
    Expecting him to be Reaganesque will only lead to disappointment, He’s a McCain guy. Don’t look for him to be principled.

  3. Jake sez says:

    I received a call from the republican desk asking for assistance in the Debbie Lesko campaign. As long as she is campaigning about she will cross the isle to work with the democrats to make things work, all I could think about is how the McCain-Graham branch of the state establishment still going strong. Now Ducey has shown how he is one of them and the precinct committeemen be dammed.

    I renew my oath to not work or vote for an establishment candidate. Yes I know we will get a democrat, but it is better to be defeated in a fight with a know enemy that to be stabbed in the back by your so-called friends.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I am sick over losing Trent Franks in CD8. Several here on SRAZ expressed positive words for Debbie Lesko. I looked into her background and didn’t vote for her in the Primary. With Trent Franks gone, we lost a great consistent Conservative vote in the House and we’ll probably never see it again. Here we are again in McCain country – a RINO against a crazed female Democrat Hiral Tipirneni.

      The teachers really made out with Ducey. Next we’ll be giving them blood from a stone to keep them happy. They’ve gotten everything else from we the taxpayers. And Ducey gets reelected.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    And Ducey will, no doubt, give us Megan McMouth when the timing is right. (note that Hannity heaps praise on her almost daily via his radio show).

    In the meantime, someone should take a look at the new gal on the
    block who is running against Debbie Lesko for Congress.
    NO experience in politics. But tons of money for constant mailers; TV ads (very negative against Ms. Lesko), and campaign signs about every 20 feet in the West Valley.
    Sadly, there are many, many homes with her campaign signs in their yards.

    Dr. Hiral (insert last name) is trained as a physician, but her recent work experience seems to morph. The part about her stepping away from patient care into “cancer research” certainly caused the old Caution lights to begin to flash.

    She is holding small gatherings at homes on the West side.
    Claiming that she will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security.
    The buzz words with the retirees.

    Hell, McCain bamboozled the retirees for all these years and did nothing for them (or us), so it is possible that this newbie who does NOT have the same belief system as we do.

    Next week at the secluded Enchantment Resort.
    OurMcshame hosting his globalist cabal. For two days, the place will be off limits to the rest of us. Private.

    Stay alert as we get closer to Patriots Day.

    During those crucial minutes,
    The algorithm that Twitter had previously installed to
    censor conservatives; wipe our their accounts, and made it nearly impossible to restore “followers” was overridden by some people wearing white hats.
    Quite a beautiful thing to observe.
    You can thank your President. 100%

  5. Justin says:

    How do “impoverished ” teachers pay millions of dollars to their unions to fund Congressional Democrats? My mother retired as a teacher. She specifically went into teaching so she had the summer off with my sister, brother and me. We had a cohesive family unit with both parents involved in our lives and were not home alone during the summer. It’s important to remember that teachers get more holiday and vacation time off than any other group of workers. Their pay should reflect that.

    Have you ever demanded or received a 20 percent raise? Bet not!

  6. Jeff Parker says:

    Excellent post!!!

  7. MacBeth says:

    I trust Doug Ducey as far as I can throw that tub of liberal BS named John McCain. This was a calculated, sell out to the unions as he hopes to have their future votes. As a conservative, he is not worthy of either my vote or financial support.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Read this indictment …

    Remember that Obama and Eric Holder gave one of the honchos of Backpage a plaque, honoring backpage.

    Will be very important in the days and weeks ahead.

    Sex trafficking and much much worse than Backpage.
    Hillary, et. al. Very well known persons around the world.
    Your mind and your heart will not accept it.
    Those very seasoned detectives in the NYPD vomited when they saw the “insurance policy” that Huma sent to Weiner’s laptop.
    (nothing to do with AW). Hillary and many others.
    For decades.
    There is more death around H than you will ever know.

    Only a few molecules of this will become known to the public.
    The psychological effects of the full truth being revealed would be such that some might not recover.
    Mass Suffering, worldwide. Faith would be lost, especially among a certain large group.

    This is not a joke.
    The good people who are working on this will Never find peace again.

  9. Casper says:

    Ducey is a self serving douche bag. He fools no one with his double talk..