McCain’s family releases vague health reports

Smelling a political rat

Inspiring no confidence in the veracity of their reports that the seriously ill senator is “recovering nicely” from recent surgery, his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan appear to be engaging in more than wishful thinking. There is a deception that is obviously intended to provide cover to the fact that he severely impaired McCain does not intend to step down from the D.C. office to which he is unlikely to ever return.

Diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer last July, McCain recently underwent surgery at Scottsdale Mayo Clinic for what was described as an “intestinal infection related to diverticulitis.”

His senate office is suspiciously mum, though they continually and bizarrely post tweets and press releases under the ailing 81-year-old senator’s name.

Cindy McCain tweeted Monday that she and her husband, John, returned to their Cornville, AZ compound to enjoy sunsets.

Even the local McCain-supporting newspaper is more candid, writing, “While Cindy’s tweet suggests the senator has been released from the hospital, his office has not clarified his medical condition or confirmed his release.”

The citizens of Arizona deserve senate representation. They are getting none from either John McCain or his doppelganger, Jeff Flake, who is not running for a second term due to an 18 percent approval rating and spends his remaining time in office bashing President Trump on obliging far left networks.

6 Responses to McCain’s family releases vague health reports

  1. State Delegate says:

    This deception from the McCain’s is obviously concealing an agenda. They don’t want that office up for grabs, fearful a conservative actual Republican would win it and show how despised he actually is.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      That’s my thought. McCain has been absent for months. He can’t care if people have no representation. But he cares about who is handpicked to replace him. He’s as evil as his buddy, George Soros. McCain will rot in hell with his other buddy, Ted Kennedy.

  2. Mohave Mike says:

    Besides his beloved illegals who he has repeatedly tried to provide with blanket amnesty (by colluding with liberal senators such as Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, and AZ RINOs like Jeff Flake and Jon Kyl, along with Marco Rubio), John McCain thinks only of himself.. He still draws a salary and benefits while in office. Besides, his liberal pals keep naming everything from Naval vessels to airport terminals after him. It would be a joke if not for the fact that it keeps happening.

  3. Maggie says:

    Cindy and Meghan stay in the spotlight as long as John Mccain stays in the senate. The rest of us don’t matter to them. Does anyone actually think overweight, over-bearing, coarse loudmouth Meghan would have been hired as a TV host if it were not for her father? She was the antithesis of the bright and well spoken women she appeared with on Fox’ “Outnumbered” where she quickly disappeared. She’s in her element on “The View” that is populated with other loud liberals.

  4. D.B. Cooper says:

    The McCain women have now replaced the Mayo doctors who were releasing updated health information on McCain. His office used to post those medical updates. That no longer occurs. Now Cindy and Meghan say he is getting physical therapy at the ranch, which they claim is in tony Sedona rather than Cornville, which is lovely but obviously sounds to hickish to suit their tastes.

    McCain is likely not getting physical therapy. With the progression of brain cancer over this past year, he is probably unable to follow or respond to commands. When he last showed up in DC to stun with his vote against Pres. Trump’s attempt to roll back a few of the provisions of Obamacare (skinny repeal) he did not utter a word, but gave a thumb down signal to indicate his contempt for Republicans.

  5. Ellsworth says:

    Jeff the Flake, who refers to illegal aliens as “Americans by choice” reportedly paid a visit to Señor Juan McAmnesty, They make quite a team.

    These two fraudulent Republicans have both conspired to make Arizonans second class citizens, who are only worthwhile to pick up the outlandishly high tab for those costly invaders they so cherish.