AZ teaches’ strike leader admits, “Teaching is political”

Propagandizing students is educrats’ game plan

Today Seeing Red AZ is taking a road never previously traveled since our inception in 2007.  We are sending our readers directly to another site — in this case, Breitbart — where Dr. Susan Berry Ph.D, has written an illuminating exposé on Noah Karvelis, a radically leftwing elementary school teacher leading the indefensible teachers’ strike set to take place in our state on Thursday.

Twenty-three-year-old Karvelis has urged his colleagues on Twitter to teach political activism to their students and to discuss with them gun control, white supremacy, and anti-capitalism.

Never forget the “underpaid” teachers, who work 81/2 months a year, are able to support the far left teacher’s unions* to the tune of $millions a year, earmarked for Democrat candidates and liberal causes.

These same people are undermining the values conservative parents try to instill in their children.  Karvelis, a cool hip-hop music teacher, volunteered on the presidential campaign of self-admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders. Additionally Karvelis has been a political consultant and staff writer for the Progressive Times, which defines itself on its masthead with this banner: “Progressive, independent journalism for the political revolution.”

This is akin to putting Marxists in charge of educating our children. Noah Karvelis, and others like him, are dangerously influencing America’s youth, steering them away from democracy that flourishes in our representative Republic, and into the liberty killing fields of Socialism.

* Center for Responsive Politics

8 Responses to AZ teaches’ strike leader admits, “Teaching is political”

  1. Observer says:

    Gov. Doug Ducey made a major misstep in attempting to deal with the demanding teachers. When was the last time you received a 20% raise? I never have.

    He should have followed the example of President Ronald Reagan, who wisely dealt with air traffic controllers when they walked off their jobs in 1981 as they demanded pay increases. After they defied Reagan’s earlier order to return to work, Reagan not only fired over 11,000 of them. but refused to hire them back. They, just like the teachers, were represented by liberal unions, who encouraged the walkouts.

    • Maggie says:

      Unlike Ducey, who caved to outrageous demands, Pres. Reagan remained true to his principles and his word and prevailed. I’d like to know how a governor has anything to do with teacher’s salaries when that is the purview of the individual school boards. I’d also like to know how caving to demonstrator’s 20 % pay hike demands won’t incur any costs to taxpayers.

      Any parent knows that if you give in to a bratty child’s tantrums, they will only become bigger and the demands more aggressive. Ducey is a fool.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    There’s no getting around the fact that today’s teachers are not like the ones most of us had growing up.  They actually taught us:, to read, write in cursive (we all have signatures ) and we know how to find other nations on a map. We learned American history and in order to graduate 8th grade, we had to take a semester each and pass tests on Arizona and American Constitution studies.  They were not engaged in social engineering, but in grooming us to be functioning and contributing members of an American society we were taught to be proud of.  There was no politically motivated Al Gore type to intrude on our science classes. We sang patriotic songs and learned Christmas carols in music class and none of us suffered from such exposure. My fifth grade teacher was the sister of the Arizona Governor at the time, but I only found that out years later from my mother who knew her.

    The teacher featured here and in the excellent Breitbart article would never have remained on staff back when teachers taught rather than propagandized.

  3. Braveheart says:

    Noah Karvelis could have his picture in the dictionary next to the word “punk.” That’s exactly what he looks like to me. If this is a leader teachers are following, things have disintegrated past the point of no return. Parents need to get their children out of government schools.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Dennis Welch had this fellow on Politics Unplugged Sunday evening. Noah Karvelis is another one of these very young useful idiots that seem to be highlighted all over the country. Dennis completely covered up the fact that Karvelis is a far left activist. He treated him as just another teacher with a lot of gripes.

    I saw this under the article in the comment section of the above Breitbart article: “Karvelis has been a teacher less than 2 years! His online teacher certification says he still has deficiencies in his Arizona & US Constitution certificates (which explains a lot):… ”

    Parents must get involved. Things in Arizona are changing fast thanks, in part, to school indoctrination by the likes of this very dangerous young man.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:


    The “teachers” march on Thursday in downtown PHX is expected to draw as many as 40,000 protesters.
    CHAOS to affect local, state, and Fed government facilities and operations in the downtown area.

    No time to make preps to close public bldgs. to lessen the chaos.

    • Casper says:

      I am so disgusted with these unionist teachers and their demands! I’ve known lots of teachers over the years, including three who are related to me. I’ve never known one, relatives included, who I would describe as exceptionally bright or even well read. All are overweight, often a prime indicator of using poor judgement, and they “entertain” by hauling out soft drinks, beer and chips. The television is on when guests are visiting. Two of them chew gum constantly. The vocabulary of one, a high school teacher, is so limited that she sounds like a dummy, though she has a degree. Imagine what the students learn from these sloth-like teachers. One drives a cart around the grocery store, but she found the stamina to march against the taxpayers. We’re not speaking these days, because I refused to put up a “#Red for Ed” sign in my business window.