Lesko’s AZ CD8 victory? You can’t believe your lyin’ eyes

Dejected Arizona Republic skews the news….again

Dang! We thought Republican Debbie Lesko won the AZ Congressional District 8 Special Election Tuesday night. We watched as the votes were tallied, and saw the broad smile on former Arizona Senate President Pro-Tempore Debbie Lesko’s face as her hand was held aloft by former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. We saw Lesko plant a smooch on her husband, and joyfully introduce her son and daughter.  We even thought we heard cheers and applause. Apparently it was all a wishful apparition.

According to the Arizona Republic newspaper, what we witnessed was a post mortem. Those cheers were wails, as mourning Republicans realized the victory wasn’t decisive enough.  Leftwing reporters Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Ronald Hansen, called it “lackluster and tepid“ and termed what we thought was a victory, “a wake up call.”

The article doesn’t mention the fact that liberal Democrat challenger Hiral Tipirneni played fast and loose with the truth in campaign ads depicting her in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck, at a patient’s bedside. In fact, she has not practiced medicine since 2007, after a serious medical malpractice charge was brought against her. In the intervening years she’s been a dedicated lobbyist for Obamacare.

To bolster its contention that Lesko’s win was less than a victory, the newspaper quoted a misguided Republican who voted for Tipirneni. It also quotes Arizona Democrat Party Chair Felecia Rotellini, who knows a thing or two about losing elections. “The same chaos and dysfunction that we’re seeing in the Republican GOP in D.C. is reflected in Arizona’s GOP, (and) the lack of leadership, the lack of a platform that speaks to Arizona,” adding “the voters have awakened.”

Rotellini ran twice for Arizona Attorney General and though trounced by the Republican candidates in 2010 and 2014, she stubbornly waited days to concede her losses.

The elephant in the newsroom is Lesko’s unwavering support of President Donald Trump, called “broadly unpopular,” by the Hillary Clinton endorsing newspaper — which ignores his list of accomplishments and the wide range of support he enjoys among his loyalists.

This morning’s editorial oddly consists of a dialogue between the unhinged members of the editorial board and their shameless editor. They are unable to fathom the voter rejection of their Second Amendment restrictionist and pro-abortion supporter, who opposes actual border security. Tipirneni used verbal contortions in an attempt to carefully conceal the facts of her liberalism that is far out of step with the district and the editorial board is reeling.  They regard CD 8 voters as being easily duped.

If you still get skewed information from the Arizona Republic, let us give you the good news: Conservative Debbie Lesko, an unapologetic Trump supporting,  pro-Second Amendment and pro-life candidate who also stressed national and border security, support of our military, tax reform and parental choice in education, won!

15 Responses to Lesko’s AZ CD8 victory? You can’t believe your lyin’ eyes

  1. CD 8 PC says:

    The fact that the leftwing newspaper now has to refer to Debbie Lesko as a member of congress representing Arizona’s 8th district is more than it can take. She’s represented part of the large district in the state legislature and has been responsive to those of us who live District 21. I have no doubt she’ll make us proud as a congresswoman. Best wishes, Congresswoman Lesko!!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    And if the other one would have won (HT), it would be just one more radical who would make sure that we never find out the truth about cancer.

    How do you think that all the OLD Dems dx’d with CA years ago are still alive? It sure wasn’t due to all the prayers that they sent up to Heaven.

    THERE WERE NO SURGERIES in 2017 or 2018.
    You know who.
    When in the hell do you DEMAND that licensed healthcare professionals sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

    After I posted here a few days ago regarding Cornville 1 and one of that one’s extremely influential international backers, my computer came under a particularly vicious attack.

    It does NOT change the truth of what I had posted.

    If you are wondering why the thousands of emails recently released by the IG to Congress have Not been released yet, it is because they are scrambling to try to hide the information.
    Information contained in electronic messaging from those within three-letter agencies who were planning with other countries (allies—or so we thought) to
    take President Trump away from us.
    Recall that awful day in Dallas.
    This is not a joke.

  3. Jake sez says:

    An interesting item brought up yesterday was that the number of republicans who voted in this election was 90,000 less than the amount of republicans that voted when Trump ran. That means 90,000 Trump voters did not vote. Why? Maybe the poor campaign by Lesko and her promise to cross the isle and work with the democrats Still, we won and that’s what mattered.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Yesterday on the Seth & Chris Show (960 the Patriot), it was mentioned that 15% of Republicans voted for the Democrat. The turnout was around 38% I believe. That is shameful. What does it take for voters to take their duty seriously – especially now with the far left breathing down our backs. No wonder John McCain has endured in this state.

      I always think back on this comment I saw recently:
      “About ten years ago, the Republicans of Dallas County decided to stay home for one reason or another. The Dallas courts have been in Democrat hands ever since.”

      • Observer says:

        Conservative Since Birth,
        I meant to add that I heard that also. I’m not quite sure what to make of the Seth and Chris Show. I listen to them when I’m in the car. They can sound like conservatives but have RINO self-promoter Robert Graham and John Shadegg’s former chief of staff, Sean Noble, on way too often for my tastes. When Shadegg was in congress he accused Arizonans who desired border security of being “xenophobic and intolerant.” I’ve never forgotten that insult. I’m not alone. Some friends we went out to dinner with recently brought that same comment up in conversation.Those who had never heard it were shocked. I told them not to be. McCain and Kyl both “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” promoters (AMNESTY for ILLEGALS) were instrumental in getting Shadegg to run.

      • Trevor says:

        McCain always gets dem support in his elections that’s why his wins are big because of them, Flake who is unpopular with the Left and Right only got 3 percent 😂

    • Observer says:

      I don’t live in the district and was unaware Lesko promised to “cross the aisle” to work with Dems. That was probably a consultant’s strategy to bring her RINO and Independent votes. She’s been around the state legislature and political block long enough to know that Dems never work with us.

      I’m expecting more from her.  We’ve been disappointed log enough by AZ’s miserable excuses for GOP US Senators. Fortunately they will both be gone soon enough. Flaky Flake saw his low polling numbers and decided it wan’t worth the humiliation to run for reelection and lose.

      “Maverick” McCain is so ill he can’t function and should resign.  But he likes the imbalance of Dems in control.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Debbie Lesko’s political ad showed her saying that she’ll “cross the aisle to get things done.” Naïve thought to a conservative audience. Sounded like a RINO consultant’s strategy.

        I didn’t vote for her in the Primary, but I voted for her in the Special Election. Point is – I voted. I lose patience with those who are too busy.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    A comment from somewhere I agreed with yesterday:

    “Franks didn´t have a Democrat opponent in his last two elections. Sun City always votes big and gop. A six point win against a political novice is cause for concern. We might wind up with two Democrat senators. Arizona Republicans seem to be fed up. I know I am. I´m sick of the spineless candidates we have running.”

    I blame this on the AZGOP. People are fed up with the same ol’ RINO-types. Pretty soon, we’ll be living in a blue state.

  5. Sally Forth says:

    The Arizona Repugnant newspaper is wounded and snarling like an animal with its foot in a trap. The liberals that work for that rag badly wanted this seat to go to the Democrat. Wait and see what they’ll be up to when Flake and McCain’s senate seats are up for grabs. The’ll hold nothing back. The garage being flung in the District 8 race is just their warm up. And remember,Debbie Lesko ran and won in a “Special Election.” The;y’l go for the jugular next time. Count on the fact that they have a crew doing opposition research on Republicans in preparation for the upcoming elections. Democrats like the deceitful “doctor” Hiral Tipirneni will avoid such scrutiny.

    • Trevor says:

      The Arizona Republica wants Sinema real bad to replace The Flake. And I don’t know who would run for McCain’s seat but I hope not Robert McGraham who is responsible for keeping Obamacare by re electing McCain, Trump supporter my ass!

  6. Doc says:

    Off Topic, this from “The Hill”:


    The unsurprising vote tally is in the text…

    • Trevor says:

      Yeah I’m not surprised with some of these certain individuals but one does surprise me which is Grassley,

  7. Trevor says:

    Very happy for Debbie glad CD8 has a new congresswoman they can be proud of. For me I live in CD5 and I’m trying to help Biggs get re elected a principled man.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    When the text messages are finally released (hopefully, unredacted)
    know that the “R” referred to is Obama.
    His SS code name is Renegade.

    (Michelle’s is Renaissance.
    Two girls: Radiance and Rosebud)