Pres. Trump wisely withdraws from Iran nuclear deal

Poll shoots holes, as Pres. Trump undoes dangerous nuclear deal with Iranian despot

The New York Times and Politico are both known for their liberal bias. Morning Consult is the official polling partner of Politico, so it’s not a surprise that they would all be hyperventilating over President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by John Kerry and approved by Barack Obama.

Morning Consult, which erroneously showed Hillary Clinton up 6 points over Donald Trump heading into the 2016 Election, now reports 56 percent of those surveyed expressed support for the deal, while just 26 percent opposed it.

The question about the Iran deal was one of dozens posed on politics and policy included in the survey. The pollsters had included such a question in previous polls ever since 2015, and at no point since then did a similar percentage of respondents express support for the deal. The poll was conducted between April 26 and May 1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, representing the only democracy in the Middle East, gave a televised speech against the deal with the rogue regime on Tuesday.

Partisan politics obviously played a central theme in the survey. While 68 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of Independents expressed support for trusting Iran‘s pledges on its nuclear expansion capabilities, only 46 percent of Republicans held a similar position. Guess which political group is paying attention?

Morning Consult’s anti-Trump bias is apparent in this report stating more than 3 in 5 voters, 62 percent, say Trump’s administration is running very or somewhat chaotically — nearly twice as many as the 32 percent who say it’s running very or somewhat well. The word “chaotic” was not in the descriptive lexicon used during Obama’s administration.

Pres. Trump stated last week that the deal is a “disaster” and that it “never should have been signed.”

Fox News reports that John Kerry is under fire for engaging in ‘shadow diplomacy’ to save the flawed Iranian deal.

But count on Trump antagonist Jeff Flake to turn to leftist CNN to warn that President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal isnot a wise move,” and that the country may be less safe as a result of the action. In Aug. 2015 SRAZ wrote “What’s behind the Obama-Jeff Flake connection?”  It provides an important backdrop.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a Flake colluder on the Gang of 8 amnesty scheme, who previously voted against providing Iran with nuclear capabilities, has had a change of heart. Trump hatred is a powerful motivator for liberals.


7 Responses to Pres. Trump wisely withdraws from Iran nuclear deal

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    The Iran “deal”, which was just another way for Obama to destroy America, was never ratified by Congress and those cowards in Congress did nothing as US taxpayer money was given to terrorists.

    If you want to see what the response was from Iranian citizens, who have been under the thumb of the Mullahs for 40 years,
    check out the Twitter hashtag:


    80 million people longing for freedom.

    For Iranians who are 40 years old or younger, this is all they have ever known. And the Iranian citizens verify that the money sent by Obama only aided the mullahs and their war machine.

    Interesting that so many citizens of a foreign country who have lived under oppression and fear have more respect for our President Trump than do many U.S. citizens, including members of Congress.

    Reading the messages posted on #thankyoutrump is sobering.

    Additional info RE: teachers

    The American Federation of Teachers went to court to try to keep from being seen this Project Veritas video and work done by James O’Keefe’s team regarding a male teacher who sexually assaulted a very young child.
    The judge ruled in favor of Project Veritas—that’s amazing in itself.

    Here’s the story and vid:

  2. Kathy says:

    It seems those that are screaming the loudest are those that are getting $$ kickbacks.

    Why support a lying regime who never stopped the nuke program?? Dummie me – of course those (Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Flake, McCain, propaganda media, etc) HATE America and We the People. Their plan to fundamentally transform America.

    We are awake!

  3. Maggie says:

    I have never, for a single minute, regretted casting my ballot for Donald Trump for President. Obviously, I was not alone, although the radically liberal media would have us believe his election was an aberration. 
    They are stilt reeling over Hillary’s deservedly stunning loss. 

    Women were expected/demanded to all march in lockstep for her.I’m a conservative and would NEVER have voted for her!!

  4. East Valley Voter says:

    Thank God that someone other than the Obama toadies, both Democrat and RINOs like Jeff McFlake, are non entities. Iran is a proven untrustworthy player on the world stage.  How does any American politician trust a regime that declares, “Death to America,” as the so-called negotiations were underway? 

  5. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,
    We have followed up on your suggested edits and appreciate your dedication to keeping us looking good. Offend? Not a chance! You are a valued resource.

  6. Jake sez says:

    The main reason the European countries want to stay with the Iranian Obama deal is that they were main beneficiaries of the five billion dollar bribe. As soon as Iran got their hands on the money they went to European countries and purchased airliners, machinery and other items that were in short supply and were needed because of the embargo that had been in affect. Follow the dollars.

  7. Carole Bartholomeaux, political activist. says:

    We should never been in that deal with Iran. Thank God we no longer have a president who feels it necessary to bow to these rogue governments. Once more, thank you President Trump. God bless you.