George Will exposes his visceral hatred of Republicans

Calls VP Mike Pence,“horrifying”

George F. Will, a longtime baseball aficionado, was once also regarded as a sound political thinker. He’s a prolific author, counting,“The Woven Figure: Conservatism and America’s Fabric,” among his many titles. The Phoenix-based Libertarian Goldwater Institute, has featured him as a fundraising headliner. That doesn’t rank him as a conservative, but for many of his fans he did a credible job of impersonating one.

Then, preceding the 2016 presidential election, Will veered off as a Never-Trumper.  A registered Republican since 1964, his revulsion of Donald Trump caused him to re-register as an Independent prior to the election.

The fact that he’s been a Washington Post columnist since 1974, should have given us pause even before Donald Trump emerged victorious over 16 other Republican Primary contenders, but many of Will’s readers were charmed by his laconic delivery and sharp wit — frequently interspersed with historical baseball minutiae.

No more. And never again.

Will has revealed himself as more than a Never-Trumper.  He is now a Republican reviler. A conservative basher. A Vice President Mike Pence mugger. Though he has a degree in Religion from Trinity College, and attended Anglican Magdalen College at Oxford, (among a host of other colleges) he self-identifies as an “amiable, low voltage atheist.”

It’s time to ditch the “amiable” label and replace it with “hateful”and update “low voltage” to “incendiary.”

Will’s latest effort, replete with words such as “feral cunning,” “oleaginous, “toadyism“ and “obsequiousness,” all packed into the opening two sentences, sets the tone of what the WaPo headlines,Trump is no longer the worst person in government.

Not content to trash the President and Vice President of the United States, George Will also scathingly takes on former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the vicious hit piece.

You’ve been forewarned.

6 Responses to George Will exposes his visceral hatred of Republicans

  1. Trevor says:

    George Will was very anti Reagan in 1980 he backed George HW Bush.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      George Will has gained stature and makes a good living by working for a radically leftwing rag. That sums him up as far as I’m concerned.

      And yes, he was a rabid basher of Ronald Reagan, something I didn’t recall until I did some checking.

      BTW, anyone who thinks the Goldwater Institute is conservative has rocks for brains. They are basically a fundraising machine that supports illegal immigration since it’s all about economics…..for their wealthy donors who are like the Chamber of Commerce, supporting a constant influx of low wage workers that enhance their bottom line. The hell with the costs to taxpayers, the criminality and the lack of assimilation. .

      • Trevor says:

        Speaking of the Goldwater Institute some of my sources who know Jeff Flake personally tell me he may return to that group when he leaves would not be surprised if he continued to push open borders.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    George Will has a Ph.D. in politics from Princeton Univ. (first clue).

    In 1983, he wrote a book entitled “Statecraft vs. Soulcraft”. Still not sure if it was about small boats or airplanes or space ships.
    Or maybe he’s into sewing or painting or making jewelry.
    Reviewers called it “thoughtful”, which probably meant major yawns.

    For some real, down-in-the-weeds writing from just this week, you should check out the twitter communication between
    CNN’s April Ryan and her soul sista, the mayor of Baltimore. Chirping about getting physical with WH press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
    Sanders transgression was to say, in response to Ryan’s baiting in the daily press briefing, that Ryan didn’t know her well.
    That’s it. ‘. . . .you don’t know me well. . . . ..’
    Those were the offensive words which apparently means something in ghetto slang that is unknown to the rest of the world.

    Then, acting on tweets from another CNN WH reporter who was reporting on a info given to him from an anonymous source regarding something that was said in the WH press office, Cindy McCain, along with her frozen eyebrows, jumps on her keyboard to blast the WH staffer who Allegedly made a statement which offended the Cornville resident.

    The blonde one’s Tweet was incredibly IRONIC. Reminding the WH staffer (who Allegedly made a statement about
    J.S.M) that:
    Remember that my husband has a family. . . . . .

    If Twitter had been around years ago, perhaps Carol McCain, who was legally married to JSM and has stated that she was completely blind-sided by his affair, could have sent the same tweet to the blonde one.


  3. CultureShocked says:

    I think I’m gonna be ill…..I got about 2/3 of the way thru the link to WAPO before I had to puke. I have not read an WAPO opinion piece in 10 years and I had to come to Seeingred to get enlightened. But I forgive you, I didn’t have to click on the link. I have been stopping by here most everyday eagerly awaiting the news that our senior senator is now enjoying the company of T.Kennedy, but alas it hasn’t happened yet.
    Getting back to G. Will and his tripe, he is just another sanctimonious a$$ hat, earning his $$ from king Bezos by what ever means necessary. His form of conservatism is nothing more that providing cover for the “uniparty” thru pretense of a diverse opinion which allows the lowinformation voter to think that it makes a difference. But he sure goes in for the “big words” much.

    • MacBeth says:

      I agree with your assessment of the George Will opinion piece, but I cut slack for SRAZ because i know that they often say, “Knowledge is Power” and that’s how I view the putrification from Will. I like to be informed. Isolation makes me ignorant of the facts I need to discuss the issues with those who think everything is OK out there. The fact i, the left and RINO Republican posers want to bring down this presidency. Chuck and Nancy want impeachment. The establishment want a Kasick or Bush lite.