Scottsdale schools ex-CFO could’ve used a 20% raise, too

Laura Smith indicted on 11 felony charges of fraud, conflicts of interest

It looks like there’s big trouble in the future for Laura Smith, Scottsdale Unified School District’s former chief financial officer. She faces 11 felony charges — two involving fraud and nine stemming from conflicts of interest — tied to a consulting company she previously co-owned and ran, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

A grand jury indicted Laura Smith on May 8. She is accused of facilitating the district’s employment of Professional Group Public Consulting, a Mesa-based company according to Maricopa County Superior Court documents.

Smith co-owned the consulting firm when she was hired as the district’s CFO in early 2017. Her sister, Caroline Brackley, then took over running the company. Smith failed to disclose the relationship and resigned in January after having been put on administrative leave due to an ongoing conflict of interest investigation.

In its well researched report, The Arizona Daily Independent cites the fact that Laura Smith was a member of the Arizona Association of School Business Officials whose Code of Ethics states, in part, that members should, “Avoid conflict of interest situations by not conducting business with a company or firm in which the official or any member of the official’s family has a vested interest.”

Read the 11 count indictment issued by the AZ Attorney General’s Office charging Smith.

With her yen for appropriated cash and Gov. Doug Ducey’s ability to magically produce $ millions out of thin air “without raising taxes,“ it seems there could have been a better deal in the works for this beleaguered school deceiver.


5 Responses to Scottsdale schools ex-CFO could’ve used a 20% raise, too

  1. Jig says:

    There seems to be a total lack of fiscal oversight on how the School Systems spend taxpayer money,,,from salaries and benefits to ability to hire outside services.

    All those who are so bleary eyed about the poor teachers should think twice and look at the lack of results for the $$$ spent.

  2. Realist says:

    Between this criminal and the extortionist liberal school teachers who abandoned their students for a week as they followed a socialist punk demanding 20% raises, it’s no wonder more and more parents are opting for charter schools. They also outperform the public schools. You’d have to be brain dead to keep your kids in schools where they learn little and are used as hostages.

  3. Mohave Mike says:

    Why do far too many people involved with the education community think we, the taxpayers, are ripe for fleecing? My mom was a teacher. She was also dedicated and principled. She’s no longer here to ask, but I know she never would have joined in the march that left students without education. She often said she became a teacher because she loved children and teaching gave her the summer off to spend with the ones she loved the most….my brother, sister and me!

    • MacBeth says:

      Your mother’s brand of teachers are few and far between these day. Today’s kids can’t read and have no concept of doing so for pleasure. If they are clerks, they can’t count back change. Ask any teenager to tell you what’s in our Bill of Rights or our Constitution and I guarantee you’ll be met with a blank stare. Ask them to find (you name the country) on a map, and wait, and wait for the response that never comes. They are no longer taught cursive, so they won’t even have a signature.

      They know who Kim Kardashian is and can tell you that climate change is man made, though that remains disputed within the scientific community, They are knowledgeable on homosexuality, bi-sexuality and tri-sexuality and taught that they are just “alternative lifestyle choices.” We are raising losers, but they are told by their parents and grandparents that they are “amazing,” and they believe it. They don’t have to be winners because winners hurt the feelings of those who don’t win, so everyone now gets a participation award. Real life will be a shocker.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Wasn’t it Al Capone who said, “I rob banks, ‘cuz that’s where the money is” ?

    Obviously educrats and their associates have the same belief, but they substitute the word ‘taxpayers’ for ‘banks,” Where Ducey gets his new found big bucks is anyone’s guess, but I bet we’ll all have something to do with funding the heist.