Bennett’s in the race: AZ Gov. Doug McDucey should be nervous

Ken Bennett has collected and filed the necessary nomination petition signatures to put him on the ballot, accomplishing that massive task in record time. This so galls the Arizona Republic’s editorial pages editor, Phil Boas, that he’s written a screed that opens with “Ken Bennett is a stand-up guy, but…” Boas calls Bennett’s efforts “bizarre,” declares he’s running “on a lark,” while asserting he “won’t win.” In his rage, Boas misspelled Bennett, omitting a final “t.”

Boas is a sterling character, best known for relentlessly pursuing his own father-in-law, Joe Arpaio, out of the top job in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Arpaio was elected sheriff for an unprecedented six four-year terms.

Even Libertarian-minded columnist Robert Robb called Bennett’s hurdle “insurmountable.” Take that assessment with a with a healthy dose of skepticism. The liberal newspaper finds Gov. Doug Ducey an acceptable Republican because he has no core.

With years of public service behind him, Ken Bennett actually has a lot going for him. He is also the recipient of public fury with Ducey, who acquiesced to the outrageous demands of striking teachers who abandoned Arizona’s 840,000  public school kids for a week while following a 24-year-old Socialist hip-hop music teacher on their escapade. After Ducey caved to their 20 percent salary hike, they are now demanding more, filing a ballot Initiative to permanently provide them additional $millions.

Bennett states his case unequivocally:

“I am running because the truth matters and we are not being told the truth in critical areas.  My primary opponent, Governor Ducey, has forgotten that this is a Republican state and is caving to outside interest groups on gun control, outrageous budget spending, NAFTA, DACA, and Obamacare.” 

Doug Ducey has been aligned with the McCain syndicate since he came to Arizona from Ohio to attend ASU. As we wrote on Tuesday, Ducey’s first job was working for Cindy Hensley McCain, at Hensley & Co., her Anheuser-Busch beer empire. Although Ducey demures, it is widely rumored he is considering appointing her to fill her seriously ill husband’s senate seat when a vacancy occurs. Ducey and his wife recently visited the McCains at their Cornville ranch. 

Bennett is Arizona born and was raised in Prescott, where he was elected to the city council and served as mayor. Later, he was elected to the Arizona Senate where he was selected senate president by his colleagues. In 2008, Ken Bennett was elected secretary of state, a job that is next in the line of succession to the governor. A successful businessman with a degree in accounting, Bennett possesses a skill set based in finance, and would not have interjected himself into the teacher’s union foray as Ducey did, rather than putting the teacher salary trickery back in the hands of the elected school boards who rightly have the ultimate oversight.

In announcing he made the ballot, Bennett thanked Arizona Republicans statewide for their “incredible effort” in securing not only the required number of signatures to make him a viable gubernatorial candidate but giving him a healthy cushion of 26% to overt challenges.

He won’t have the establishment apparatus and money machine behind him, so like Dr. Kelli Ward, who is running for U.S. Senate, he will need our help. Both Ward and Bennett support President Donald Trump. The hard fact is, campaigns are expensive. Bennett is using the Clean Elections funding system.

Conservative Arizonans have been frustrated with the slippery Republicrats who have never represented us. We have a rare opportunity to right the ship of our state.  Let’s not muff it.

Watch Ken Bennett’s Channel 12 interview.

16 Responses to Bennett’s in the race: AZ Gov. Doug McDucey should be nervous

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    So Ducey can motor on up to Cornville to sit at the knee of his creator, but he can’t even take a phone call from the AZGOP inviting him to participate in the upcoming June 2nd Meet the Candidates forum? Arizona is rudderless.

    I’ll do whatever I can for Ken Bennett.

    Thanks, SRAZ, for this information.

    In case you missed it yesterday, this is Just Awesome.

    Please take a look at this heartwarming, short video of President Trump being surprised by a little boy at the signing of the Right to Try bill into law at the WH yesterday.

    It will make you smile and might even carry you through the day.

  2. Trevor says:

    I never knew Sheriff Joe had a son-in-law who works for The AZ Repugnant.

    • Clementine says:

      Phil Boas is a professional hit man working for the left. It’s beyond belief what some people will do for money.

  3. Jake sez says:

    We now have two non-establishment candidates. Bennett and Ward. Lets get with it and get them elected and hope they will remember who helped elect them and who stood on the side lines with the other establishment people and cast stones.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      It’s critically important we give Kelli Ward and Ken Bennett more than lip service. Call their campaigns and get involved. Offer to distribute campaign literature and put yard signs up as the election nears. Ask for a phone list and make calls from your home. Donate to their campaigns. Both Ward and Bennett have contact pages on their websites. Our votes are important, but we need to bring others on board with us. WE NEED TO WORK THESE CAMPAIGNS LIKE OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT. It does!!!

      • Ellsworth says:

        Arizona Conservative Guy,
        Now that he’s qualified for the ballot, Ken Bennett needs to put together a campaign website. I was unable to locate one until I found the link you included. He needs more than a ,com address, one that indicates he’s running for Governor of Arizona.

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Thanks, SS, this little boy is a bright spot in our day, as is the news that Dinesh D’Souza will be pardoned by President Trump has turned out to be not only a pragmatist and just what was needed but a ‘Yuge’ defender of justice. So let us hope that justice be served to all the deep-state miscreants that have been relentless in their vicious attacks, liable, slander and displaying such deep seated hatred they may create a red wave. And to those weak willed quitters who have left the Republican Party you are guilty of handing it over to the McAmnesty nuts who will have free reign to collude with the Dems to remove our sovereignty, pollute our judiciary, attack our constitution, impede border security and promote women’s choice, aka abortion. They who claim they can do better as an independent who we know range from anarchists to the undecided, apathetic, ignorant or those that vote for entitlements and their own best interests if they even vote at all.
    I will vote Bennett over McDucey!

  5. jojo says:

    Bennett & Ward already have my vote. Anyone That McCain supports, like McSally, I will work adamantly against. Help us with Brandon Martin in CD2 He’s a real Constitutionalist, Army Vet and firm in his core beliefs. When asked what he would do about these school shootings he firmly said, “nothing….That is the local and state business. The federal gov should not be involved in education. Have you ever heard a candidate say that? YIPPEE Any help would be welcome. We’re fighting the McSally, McCain swamp candidate.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      I’ve noticed SRAZ often refers to Martha McSally as Sally McCain. Living here in her Congressional District, that works for me!!

      • Jig says:

        I am wondering if she does not have something in common w/ Sinema and Napolitano!

    • Trevor says:

      Who is the McCain endorsed candidate for CD2? Is it some McCain backer?

  6. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Ken Bennett is doing and saying all the right things to make me a solid supporter of his campaign to oust the current McCainiac in office.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      You describe your suggested edits as going from “the glaring to the irrepressibly fussy.” Know this: they are all gratefully received. The political world spins at breakneck speed and nearing elections there is important information to read, digest and write about from a conservative perspective. We welcome the fact that you care enough about our content to offer your fine editing skills — and free of charge, to boot! (At least we hope you’re not going to surprise us with a ‘yuge’ bill.)

      Thank you for your friendship.

  7. Trevor says:

    Jonathan Lines and the McCain drones are attacking Bennett for saying “I will not appoint Cindy McCain to the US Senate.” He wasn’t insulting anyone. Bennett spoke the truth.

  8. Jig says:

    Hopefully we don’t get real Republicans taking each other out and allowing a Dem win. Or Republicans who absolutely cant win in the General supported in the Primary by Dems who know what will happen.

  9. Jake sez says:

    If you follow Lines and McCain’s history – they will surely appoint Cindy McCain. Both are known for saying one thing and doing another.