Desperate Democrat Party uses outlaw tactics

June 30, 2018

Coordinated rallies in favor of illegal immigration, funded by leftist billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, are taking place across the United States today

After losing the presidency they were so sure they would win with scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton as their 2016 standard-bearer — though she had previously lost the party’s nomination to a little-known senator in 2008 — desperate Democrats are committed to taking President Trump down. Unhinged, washed up, Hollywood leftists contemplateblowing up the White Houseor exposing the Trump’s young son to pedophiles. Billionaire Tom Steyer, a San Francisco radical, is behind the attempt to impeach President Trump.

In its effort to undermine Trump’s presidency, Democrats, aided by John McCain, morphed into the party of “Resistance,“ and immediately tried tying President Donald Trump to a bogus Russian collusion hoax. The left is unable to process Trump’s popularity with voters across the nation. He has brought promised tax cuts benefiting middle class families, economic growth and unprecedented low unemployment.

The Democrats? They thuggishly harass Trump Cabinet members and elected Republican officials in public, exploiting what they characterize as separation of families at the border. Illegal alien parents using their children as leverage to enter the U.S. have become martyrs to the left, simply because it works.  Many have even exposed their own young children to rampant dangers and sexual exploitation, allowing them to travel with unrelated strangers, posing as their parents in an effort to use them in the chain migration scheme.

The entire issue of separated families is bogus. American citizen parents who commit crimes and are arrested are routinely separated from their children. If they bring their children along on their crime spree, their penalties are enhanced when they are sentenced to prison. Children of divorce, whose custodial parent moves, are separated from their parents each and every day. The difference is they don’t have liberal advocates hysterically exploiting their situations for political gain.

Children are an easily exploitable distraction. What the left actually desires are open, transnational borders. It’s not about family reunification. They want no one detained. Ever.

President Trump signed this Executive Order on June 20th, specifically addressing family separation. Still, there are obvious facts that should not be ignored:

Older kids oftentimes travel alone, and once here will act as conduits for other family members. MS-13, a notorious and vicious gang originating in El Salvador has grown and spread throughout the U.S. recruits kids as young as ten.

Don’t be conned by purposely ginned up media hysteria. President Trump has long held that the United States must adopt an immigration system that serves our national interest. He has remained committed to securing our border by construction of a wall, restoring the rule of law, and returning illegal entrants to their countries of origin. Among his priorities is protecting American workers by ending the chain migration scheme. He has eliminated the irrational Visa Lottery, and implemented a merit-based entry system — reforms which advance the safety and prosperity of all Americans while helping new citizens assimilate and flourish.

Still the illegals keep coming and the left-wing media prefers them to the American citizens who overwhelmingly support President Trump. It’s all about expansion of the Democrat party.

Ann Coulter nailed it in her commentary,”HISPANICKED GOP ELITE: THEY’LL RESPECT US IN THE MORNING.” It’s not new, but the underlying political demographic premise remains relevant.


Trusting Jeff Flake on Supreme Court nominee is a fool’s errand

June 29, 2018

Now claims he won’t stall President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee

Jeff Flake — obsessed with Trump hatred and on his way out the political door after dismal 18% approval numbers convinced him of the folly of trying to hold onto the senate seat he occupied for a single term — appears to have experienced a revelation.

He now says he won’t withhold his support of a Trump Supreme Court nominee.

How big of the small man. IF he can be trusted.

As Roll Call reports, showboating Flake admits he has stalled the president’s federal appeals court nominees by withholding his support on the Judiciary Committee in an effort to force the Senate to vote against President Trump’s imposition of tariffs — which Flake opposes.

Now the unreliable Flake, whose ego and cockiness outweigh his intelligence, says he’ll assess each judicial candidate nominated to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy separately. Flake’s apparent change of heart would leave Senate Democrats still searching for at least one GOP ally to block a Trump nomination to the high court.  Republicans placing trust in the devious Flake who has nothing to lose, do so at their own peril. He’s keenly aware that Republicrat Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) who joined Flake in supporting Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Democrat Merrick Garland and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), will adhere to a left-wing agenda that includes abortion on demand.

 “My goal here is not to block judges. My goal is to get a vote on tariffs, and I have all the leverage I need with circuit court nominees,” he boasted. The Supreme Court “is unaffected.” I have all the leverage I need. I certainly wasn’t anticipating a Supreme Court vacancy, but it’s unaffected.”

 Flake obviously has an “I” problem,  He references himself seven times in one short paragraph.

“I do think that unless we can actually do something other than just approving the president’s executive calendar, his nominees, judges, that we have no reason to be there,” Flake has previously stated. “So, I think myself and a number of senators, at least a few of us will stand up and say let’s not move any more judges until we get a vote for example on tariffs.”

Flake was asked about his procedural maneuvering during an interview on ABC‘s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where he groused, that the president was redefining the Republican Party. In speaking with Bill Clinton’s former senior White House advisor and past advisor to the Democrat Party, Flake described Trump and his administration as constituting “a crisis,” a description relished by Stephanopoulos.

Flake can’t bring himself to acknowledge the enormous and supportive crowds President Trump continues to draw at appearances across the nation. Flake couldn’t even fill a small meeting room.

The question that bubbles to the surface is why is a marginal guy like Jeff Flake, who has spent the bulk of his career at the public trough or lobbying as a registered foreign agent in Africa for a uranium mining company with ties to Iran, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee?

The Center for Responsive Politics details the sources of Flake’s incumbency-driven money train. Even as a lame-duck, as of March 31, 2018 he still had $1,269,704 “on hand,” What happens to that bundle now that he’s no longer a candidate?

As if you need more reasons to ditch the Arizona Republic

June 28, 2018

It’s no secret the Hillary Clinton-endorsing Arizona Republic is a leftist propaganda machine disseminating skewed news. It spews anti-Trump venom every day. Today’s edition is a indisputable example of the far left bias it promulgates masquerading as news.

Front page:

A report headlined, “First Lady expected to visit Tucson today.” It relates that the information they report about her expected visit was provided by an “unnamed source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to disclose information about the First Lady’s itinerary.” Mrs. Trump’s spokeswomen declined to provide specifies about a trip. Given the outbreaks of vicious confrontations of cabinet members and Republican elected officials, being verbally assaulted and threatened by mobs of recruited liberals, and threats lodged against member of the First Family and their children, this is the pinnacle of reckless reporting.

Inside Pages:

“Official: Migrant families won’t reunite while parent in custody.”

This separation policy escalated under Barack Obama, but you’d never know that reading the local newspaper. American citizens who are incarcerated for crimes are not reunited with their families, either. This manufactured story of children wrested from the arms of adoring parents has been used by the liberal media to inflame.  Many of the children who have arrived were with unrelated individuals or traveling alone, subject to criminal exploitation. The photo-shopped Time magazine cover depicting a sobbing 2-year-old girl being glared down upon by President Trump, carrying the title, “Welcome to America,” was later revealed by her father to be bogus. Her mother, who left other children in Honduras, was within eyeshot of the child.

E.J. Montini’s deceitful and intended to inflame column bears the headline, “Travel ban is a Muslim ban — so why lie about it?”

Lead editorial:

Fearful of another Republican being appointed to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan appointee who at 82 announced his retirement Wednesday, today’s editorial is headlined, “Why Democrats must win the senate.”

 Editorial cartoon:

A grotesque depiction of President Trump, sporting a pig snout and ears, wearing lipstick, with his teeth spelling the words “National Security” while his jacket lapel has the words, “Total and complete Muslim ban” scribbled in red lipstick.

This deceit passing as journalism is what a newspaper subscription supports.

But there is good news in the Business Section report. Gannett, the parent company of the Arizona Republic, is selling the building and parking garage to an as yet undisclosed buyer at a still undisclosed price. The failing newspaper will still occupy offices in the building where it has been housed for decades, leasing back it’s formerly owned space.  Imagine the dire circumstances that would force a family to engage in such a deal with their home.

Mostly good news from the U.S. Supreme Court

June 27, 2018

In this press release the Supreme Court of the United Stat4es confirmed the retirement plans of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the reliable swing vote, often siding with the liberal justices on matters of importance.

Kennedy, a pseudo conservative, was appointed to the high court by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, but relished his role in advancing the homosexual agenda and supporting abortion on demand.

Read Justice Kennedy’s letter to President Trump advising him of his plans to retire July 31, 2018. He turns 82 on July 23.

President Trump will not have an easy time getting his nominee to fill this vacancy through the highly partisan senate. No, it’s not only liberals we need to watch. Turncoat Republican Jeff Flake, a virulent Trump-hater,  will likely vote against any Trump nominee.

Today, the SCOTUS — in another 5-4 decision — gave a stinging rebuke to unions. In 22 states, workers have been compelled to pay fees to unions in order to work. Today the court struck down public-sector union fees.

Read the analysis of the case and decision by Amy Howe on the SCOTUSblog.

SCOTUS hands Trump travel vindication, Flake fumes

June 27, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court handed a major victory to the Trump administration Tuesday. The justices rejected a challenge to President Trump’s September 2017 travel moratorium  –- referred to by the leftist media as a “travel ban” -– temporarily restricting immigration to the United States by citizens from the countries, of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and government officials from Venezuela — placing national security concerns ahead of political correctness.

Jeff Flake, who opted out of running for a second senate term due to his abysmal 18% approval rating, goes apoplectic whenever President Trump scores a victory.

Spinning the bogus rhetoric of the radical left, open borders supporter Flake would have us believe the High Court instituted a Muslim ban.

“It is constitutional, it’s just not very wise,” he said. “It was certainly targeted at Muslim countries. We don’t win the war on terrorism by making this a religious test. So I just don’t think it helps that way.”

Who knew Venezuela and North Korea were Muslim countries?

This case is among the court’s most important this term and the latest in a string of 5-4 decisions in which the conservative side of the court prevailed, bolstered by the addition of Justice Neil Gorsuch last year.

Despite Jeff Flake doing Barack Obama’s bidding in 2016, escorting liberal Democrat Merrick Garland to meetings with key senators attempting to garner votes for his confirmation, Obama’s attempt at a lame duck Supreme Court appointment was derailed. Newly elected President Donald Trump appointed Appellate Judge Gorsuch to fill the seat left vacant by the unexpected death of conservative icon Justice Antonin Scalia.

If Republicrat Jeff Flake had gotten his way, the dramatic leftward lurch of the Supreme Court, would have had irreversible, long range negative consequences.

Here is the non-too-bright, perpetually grinning Flake making a mockery (brief video) of the judicial nomination process.

We have the opportunity to replace inept RINO Flake by sending principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward to the U.S. Senate. Your donations will help her stay competitive against the out-of-state and lobbyist money funding her Primary Election opponent Martha McSally — frequently referred to on this site as Sally McCain — and General Election opponent, radical Leftist Kyrsten Sinema.

Joe Arpaio needs to view larger picture, act admirably

June 26, 2018

Newly released political poll should not be taken lightly

Finding a knowledgeable Republican in Maricopa County who doesn’t hold former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in high esteem would be a tough task. To call the career lawman, who retired as head of Arizona DEA prior to being elected to an unprecedented six-4-year terms, “popular,” would be the height of understatement. He even does a decent rendition of “My Way,” and means it.

When Sheriff Joe Arpaio was introduced at Maricopa County mandatory meetings, the elected precinct committeemen in attendance reliably gave him a standing ovation, from the time he left his seat in the packed auditorium until he strolled to the stage to address them. No other county official commanded such support.

But now the man known fondly as “Sheriff Joe” has got a problem. Nothing will soften the hard facts. Having just celebrated his 86th birthday, Joe is running for the U.S. Senate. He is also losing support. The seat is open due to Trump-hating Jeff Flake’s inability to rise above 18-percent approval ratings. Flake ditched his reelection campaign rather than risk the embarrassment of being kicked to the curb by Arizona voters. 

Though Arpaio was an early supporter and has remained loyal to President Trump — who carried the state of Arizona in 2016 — winning all 11 electoral votes, age is not on his side. Arpaio vows he’ll only run for a single term, but by then he’ll be 92. That detail should be a deal breaker, but Joe Arpaio is intent on staying in the race.

These facts are worthy of note due to this recently released survey from Phoenix-based Data Orbital. The numbers are telling. According to data gleaned from 550 likely primary voters, Martha McSally (frequently referred to on this site as ‘Sally McCain’) holds 38% of the vote compared to conservative former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward at 23% and Arpaio at 17%. Undecided voters factor in at 21%.

Do the math. If Arpaio exited the race and threw his support to Ward, the scenario would change dramatically, with Ward leading at 40%. McCain ally McSally, who even emulates his crude speech, is battling her own problems. Waiting at the General Election altar is crafty chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, who has magically transformed herself into a soft-spoken, sympathetic candidate from her previous incarnation as a foul-mouthed, atheist, refusing to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible. Sinema derided stay-at-home mothers as leeches, sent May Day greetings to the Communist Worker newspaper, and was heralded as the first openly bisexual member of congress, She was a frequent guest at the Obama White House.

The Arizona Primary Election is rapidly approaching. This election is too important to screw up. Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician with conservative principles, is the rational choice in the August 28, 2018 Republican Primary. Joe Arpaio needs to do the right thing and retire. A longtime and reliable public servant, he’s earned it.

Loony Leftists go full circle, now claim “God is on our side”

June 25, 2018

It wasn’t that long ago when a devout Christian Colorado bakery shop owner was the subject of vicious condemnation for refusing to bake a custom ordered cake for a same-sex wedding, explaining that to do so violated his religious beliefs. Because he regarded his cake baking expertise as using “his artistic skills to make an expressive statement,” making a cake for a same-sex couple would require him to convey a message that is fundamentally inconsistent with his religious beliefs.

On June 4, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld his right to his freedom of speech. The left raged in protest, saying he had no right to deny the men a cake. The men had been previous customers and the baker offered them a cake from his case that did not have an inscription on it. They refused and initiated a lawsuit.

Even with that victory, it appears as thought the revered First Amendment to our Constitution stands on a shaky precipice.

For some time conservatives have been denied the ability to speak when invited to university campuses by college Republican groups. Ann Coulter got pelted with cream pies thrown onto the stage where she was standing. David Horowitz’ addresses were drowned out by shrieking students who refused to allow him to speak. Both of them have had invitations withdrawn. This explicit article he wrote in 2013 is as relevant today as when it initially appeared in National Review.

Universities, once considered bastions of freedom and enlightenment, are now complicit in repressing the rights of those whose views they do not share.

This past week Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner at a Washington, D.C. restaurant was rudely interrupted when protesters arrived to chant, “If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace,” and “Shame! Shame!” Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America, a group with ties to Socialistic billionaire George Soros, took credit for the raucous commotion. The restaurant management was complicit in the assault.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and several members of her family were refused service in a Virginia restaurant Friday night. She later tweeted that she ‘politely left’ The Red Hen in Lexington after it was made clear she was not welcome ‘because I work for POTUS.’

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-D) urges more public disruptions (video) against those in the Trump administration, adding, “God is on our side.” Interesting that God is being invoked by this liberal Democrat. In 2012 at the Democrat’s National Convention, delegates booed the inclusion of the word “God” in their Party Platform. A floor vote was taken three times and God was repeatedly booed. Finally, embarrassed convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa declared, “The ayes have it.” His announcement fooled no one and was followed by more and louder booing.

Democrats have an aversion to God. The rest of us have a growing aversion to Democrats.

As Saul Alinsky, stated in “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals,’ “One acts decisively only in the conviction that all of the angels are on one side and the devils are on the other.”

Alinsky, who laid the groundwork for extremist community organizing, and dedicated his book to Lucifer, also said, “We are always moral and our enemies always immoral. The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the immorality of the opposition, of conservatives and Republicans. If they are perceived as immoral and indecent, their policies and arguments can be dismissed, and even those constituencies that are non-political or “low-information” can be mobilized to do battle against an evil party,”

That’s the strategy. It has been followed by Alinsky disciples Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their claque, since the book was published in 1971, setting the groundwork for today’s Democrat Party.


Humor is a good thing — even when the topic is Sen. Bob Worse-ly

June 24, 2018

Our friends at the Arizona Daily Independent (ADI) have given the SRAZ post on slippery state Sen. Bob Worsley the honor of being linked to their Red Pill Sunday Comic.

Thanks to ADI for their exceptional coverage of Arizona issues as well as their timely interjections of humor.

AZ República: Minorities cannot be Republicans

June 24, 2018

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEAO) held its annual conference in Phoenix June 21 – 23, and Elvia Diaz, the younger but equally charming version of Linda Valdez went for the political jugular, with her editorial, “When will Latino Republicans kiss off the party that snubs them?”

She wistfully wonders where the leading Republicans speakers were, blaming them for not being there, while longing for the days when men of stature like John McCain and Mitt Romney addressed the NALEAO attendees. She neglects to mention that this conference like any other, has an agenda and invited guest speakers. People don’t walk into the Biltmore Resort and demand a podium and microphone. Blaming people who weren’t invited for not addressing the conference is preposterous, but par for Diaz’ deceptive course. Recently she opined on children of detained illegals being held in “cages” when that farce has been discredited. She blames Pres. Trump for the border detainments though the program has existed for decades, escalating under Barack Obama. She also blames Trump for an “isolationist and white supremacist agenda.”  She must have missed the big story about the historic Singapore meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

In 2012 when Mitt Romney spoke to NALEAO he was met with boos amid restrained applause. Addressing reducing the size of government, cutting taxes or topics that would appeal to a broad base of Americans are not on the group’s agenda. Members remain nearly singularly focused on what they referred to as “immigration” and the rest of us view as an illegal invasion. 

There is a difference. One is legal. The other is not. Grousing Diaz makes no such distinction. Instead, she questions why Hispanics would register as Republicans. Group think and marching in ethnicity-based lockstep is her offensive stock in trade.

In Elvia Diaz’ bigoted world view there can be no deviation from your gene pool.

How does she view major black intellectuals who espouse a conservative ideology? Notables include Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; former Congressman and Army Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West; economists and prolific authors Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Businessman Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson, a renown neurosurgeon, were each considered leading contenders for the U. S. Presidency on the GOP ticket. Vanderbilt Political Science Professor Dr. Carol Swain, a frequent conservative guest on televised political talk shows and conservative political columnist Star Parker, are rank renegades.

Included in the lengthy list of Hispanic Republicans appointed by President Trump, are Mercedes Schlapp, who serves as White House Director of Strategic Communications; U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta; U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza; White House Director of Media Affairs Helen Aguirre Ferre; Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Anna Maria Farias.

Elected Republican Hispanics are also too numerous to name individually, but include Governors Susana Martinez (NM) and Brian Sandoval (NV); U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Marco Rubio (FL) were both GOP presidential contenders; Texas Commissioner of the General Land Office, George P. Bush; U.S. Congressmen Carlos Curbelo (FL), Alex Mooney (WV), Ron DeSantis (FL) and Illinois Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti.

Does Diaz consider them and the many other Hispanic Republicans, traitors to their biology? Is that oppressive boot-on-the-neck her idea of a better America?

Ken Bennett, conservative choice for AZ Gov. beats contrived legal challenges

June 23, 2018

Failing to disqualify Ken Bennett, “sweating” Ducey will not have a cakewalk

“Voter’s Win!  You put me on the ballot,” is the exuberant news from Bennett’s campaign.

Conservative gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett goes on to explain, “In under five weeks we got 6224 signatures with a 27% cushion. Governor Ducey’s team saw your hard work so he offered money to a signature gatherer to not help me and she refused. So less than an hour before the deadline they filed a lawsuit challenging the petitions.

The lawsuit tried to throw out 12 entire petitions that I personally gathered! 12 Sheets with ten names each for a total of 120 signatures that I held in my hand, looked the person in the eye, and asked them to sign. I am the candidate and the former Secretary of State! My mother and sister who have been politically active and gathering signatures for years in their hometown also had entire sheets on the same list.”

Bennett has every right to be miffed, as he states, “Just think about that.”

“They came up with 19 separate complaints, such as ‘missing address’ or ‘illegible’ and then tried to invalidate the entire sheet of ten signatures. They knew it was all a ruse and withdrew the complaint the day of the trial. Let’s win this Arizona. Honesty still matters. Please help me win the Republican primary to be the Governor of Arizona,” native-born Arizonan Bennett urges.

Obviously Ken Bennett and his team have done an outstanding job and Doug McDucey is worried. But there’s more work to do. Make a $5.00 contribution to Ken Bennett’s campaign. He’s running as a Clean Elections candidate and can only qualify for matching funds if he raises 4,000 $5 donations as required by law. He can also accept seed money up to $160.

McCain ally, Doug Ducey is sitting on a mountain of cash, already having amassed over $3.3 million. 

A Ducey campaign operative derides Bennett, the former AZ Senate President and Secretary of State — the next in line of succession to the governor’s office —  as a “fringe candidate.” In doing so, Team Ducey is violating a cardinal campaign rule as it relates to adversaries: “Never let them see you sweat.”

Also telling is the fact that Ducey refuses to debate Bennett. No doubt Ducey doesn’t want to defend himself for acquiescing to the striking teachers who violated their contractual agreements as they followed a 23-year old Bernie Sanders supporting socialist, abandoning hundreds of thousands of Arizona students for a week. Ducey rewarded them with a 20 percent pay increase.

Bennett says,It’s time for strong leadership in Arizona.” He couldn’t be more correct.  Do your part to make that a reality. Time is short.