Ken Bennett can and will be AZ’s next governor

Frenzied Phil Boas expends massive effort repeatedly declaring Bennett can’t win

Given the chaotic state of the Arizona Republic newspaper, replete with admissions of peddling fake news and Cronkite Journalism students under-filling jobs as desk-less reporters, it would not be a leap to think Monday’s editorial was a misprint, repeated, as is frequently the case, from a previous edition, 

But panicky editorial page editor Phil Boas, is reprising his previous editorials with updated skews. On May 31, we posted,Bennett’s in the race: AZ Gov. Doug McDucey should be nervous.It provides an in-depth review of the political landscape that encouraged Bennett to challenge Ducey. Readers would be excused for thinking Boas’ latest version was a regurgitated report. It’s more of the same though palpably trembling with fury. Bennett had the temerity to address the widely held belief that Ducey is poised to appoint Cindy McCain to the senate when her terminally ill husband meets his maker. According to Boas such speculation is off limits, despite the fact that John McCain is planning his own funeral.

Headlined, “Bennett should exit the governor’s race,” this latest effort begins with the slightest twist, “Ken Bennett needs to get out of the governor’s race.” Boas asserts that Bennett can’t harm Gov. Doug Ducey, but “needs to save himself and what’s left of brand Bennett.”

Don’t mistake this for thoughtfulness. It’s ice-in-the-veins fear. Boas purposely misstates Bennett’s “late and haphazard entry” into the governor’s race.

When he announced he made the ballot, Bennett thanked Arizona Republicans statewide for their “incredible effort” in securing not only the required number of signatures to make him a viable gubernatorial candidate, but giving him a healthy cushion of 26% to overt challenges. That’s indicative of strong grassroots support, hardly “haphazard.”

Boas then pulls out the long gun, blasting what only he and his ilk would consider a slur: “Bennett is behaving like an insurgent, a Trump-destroyer of the Republican establishment, and that’s pure fraud.” In the next line, schizophrenic Phil foolishly accuses Bennett of “being as establishment as it gets in Arizona.” 

Poor, delusional Phil Boas. In his agitated state, he’s descended into withdrawal from reality, stating, “The only thing that explains Bennett’s strange run for governor is something that explains a lot of politicians. They’re needy. They reach a point when they’ve been too long from the spotlight and they crave its white glare.”

“This campaign feels like that. Like vanity,” Boas opines, “It also feels like Ken Bennett’s last.” 

Does this quote from Bennett sound like vanity or commitment?

“I am running because the truth matters and we are not being told the truth in critical areas. My primary opponent, Governor Ducey, has forgotten that this is a Republican state and is caving to outside interest groups on gun control, outrageous budget spending, NAFTA, DACA, and Obamacare.”

Arizonans are weary of being unrepresented. Republicans are tired of campaign promises that evaporate the day after the ballots are counted. Conservatives want honesty. We’ve gotten none of those qualities from deceptive U.S. Senators McCain and Flake. Gov. Doug Ducey is a longtime McCain cohort, whose first job when he arrived in Arizona was working for Cindy Hensley McCain at Hensley & Co., her Anheuser-Busch beer empire. The two couples remain close.

Ken Bennett is running as a Clean Elections candidate. Give him a $5 donation to enable him to received matching funds. Unlike Doug McDucey, he isn’t beholden to lobbyists and special interests.

It’s time for a change. Former Arizona Senate President and Secretary of State Ken Bennett, an Arizona native, has the experience to ably lead the state. We’re entering a McCain-free zone. The air is crisp and clean.

No wonder Phil Boas is choking.

8 Responses to Ken Bennett can and will be AZ’s next governor

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Another excellent reveal on Ducey. I was unaware of his longtime McCain connection until I read it here. I’m also furious over his lies about the exorbitant pay increase to the striking teachers not costing us anything. When they left Arizona’s school kids in the lurch for a week,not honoring their contracts, Ducey should have fired them all as Pres. Reagan did with the striking air traffic controllers.

    Ken Bennett is a wonderful alternative to the McDucey status quo.I honor him for stepping up to take on this thankless job and running a grassroots campaign. Please join me in giving him the $5 donations he needs to be competitive against Moneybags Ducey.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    We urgently need to support Ken Bennett.

    There has been an enormous influx of newcomers to AZ from California; Oregon and Washington in the past 2 years.
    And they are Liberal lefties who don’t mind telling you.

    Just last week, in another article about the folks fleeing from Silicon Valley, it was stated that even if you can find a U-Haul to rent, they are seriously price gouging.

    It is said that a person working in Silicon Valley making a SIX Figure Salary cannot make ends meet.

    Now, Gov Jesuit Jerry has signed into law a new doctrine on water use in order to “prepare for climate change”.

    It pretty much states that one shower and one load of laundry per day will use up your allotment. And the State will be enforcing water use. Looks like bathtubs will become obsolete in CA.

    No word on how the rich and famous will be affected.

    The abbreviation for California is CA
    The medical abbreviation for cancer is CA

    • MacBeth says:

      Your comment points to the fact that a governor can have disastrous effects on a state and its residents. Why are residents fleeing California in droves? What better reason to support the candidacy of Ken Bennett? We have watched the McCain wrecking ball tear into our state. Ducey is just more of the same following his McMentor.. I will never get over Ducey’s deceit on giving in to the aptly named RED for ED teachers demands. The leader of their work stoppage was a self acknowledged Socialist who ran the Bernie Sanders campaign in Arizona.
      Are these the people we should be entrusting with the education of our children or grandchildren?

  3. Kimball says:

    We should all make a commitment to repay Ken Bennett for his offer to take on the moneyed establishment by sending him the $5 he needs to qualify for matching funds. Doug McDucey won’t have to struggle for money. it will flow easily to him from the RINOs and establishment cronies who populate the halls of power and the Chambers of Commerce. Their membership rosters are filled with open borders types, profiteers of the influx of illegal labor. Jeff McFlake bragged about the illegals who worked on his family ranch

  4. Casper says:

    The newspaper is going apes**t over Bennett. Its not because he CAN’T win. It’s because he CAN !

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      you know the statement—-if you’re taking flak, you know that you’re over the target

      Trump deals with these deranged creeps every day.

      Please pray to God for protection of President Trump; his family; his loyal team, and our wonderful members of the US military.

  5. AZMillennial says:

    Just Contributed. Arizona needs Ken to “evaporate” the swamp in Phoenix. Ken is well versed in the state budget (watched that Kleenex box presentation – whoa…) and won’t be tied to special interests with public funds. Spread the word – and get #10forKen – 10 more $5 contributions. The deadline is coming up fast for him to qualify for Clean Elections funds.