Charles Krauthammer’s unexpected farewell

Many of us know Charles Krauthammer as a Fox News contributor, who possesses a wry wit and intellectually probing mind.  He’s also a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist. But to many, his shining moment came with the publication of his memoir, “Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics.”

In that bio intertwined with a collection of essays we learned about the youthful Democrat, turned mature Republican, born in New York and raised in Montreal, in a French speaking family. While in his first year studying at Harvard Medical School, he was permanently paralyzed from the neck down in a diving accident that severed his spinal cord, He resolutely continued his studies while hospitalized for over a year, ultimately graduating as a psychiatrist.

The book, which sold more than a million copies, was on The New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller list for 38 weeks, placing at Number 1 on the list for four weeks in January 2014.

If we weren’t fans watching him on Fox, particularly interacting with Bret Baier on “Special Report,” the book sealed the deal. It was difficult not to notice his absence from the news panels. Yesterday we found out more than we wanted to hear about his whereabouts. Krauthammer has been seriously ill, and in fact, is dying of a now rapidly spreading malignancy, that was regarded as successfully removed and treated until recently.

In his classic style, he sent this letter out to his colleagues; friends and viewers, stating that his doctors have given him only a few weeks left to live. ”This is the final verdict,” he says.  “My fight is over.”

Bret Baier honors Dr. Charles Krauthammer, his friend and associate, here,

He’s already missed.


4 Responses to Charles Krauthammer’s unexpected farewell

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Charles Krauthammer always made me think, even when he took a position I might not have fully agreed with. He lived a difficult life that he made remarkable, What an inspirational man!

  2. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    In your pre-eulogy of this gentleman it would be appropriate to mention that he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an American group dedicated to the establishment of a new world order, just to keep things in perspective.]

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Charles Krauthammer, like Greta Van Susteran, played the game very well. You might think that you knew where they stood on an issue, but you were never quite sure.
    Firmly planted within the circle of D.C. politics, yet always gracious and polite.

    He and a friend skipped med school classes (Harvard) to go swimming instead. A spur of the moment decision.
    He has previously stated that one of his books, which he had left laying on the ground when he went for a swim, was a neurology textbook. His class was specifically studying the anatomy of the spine at the time of his accident.

    Another “profile in courage”.
    Without ever saying so, he reminds us: don’t sweat the small stuff.

  4. State Delegate says:

    I read Charles Krauthammer’s book and was so inspired by his life story that I bought copies for holiday gifts. I was able to avoid the stores, had no packages to wrap and received loads of appreciative messages from the recipients, including men, women and teens.