Irrelevant AZ senators rate headline for G-7 Trump bashing

 Nonentities John McCain and Jeff Flake serve as useful idiots to leftist Arizona Republic

This reckless coverage attempting to undermine the President of the United States as he meets with G-7 leaders on the World Stage, is — unfortunately for all Americans who reap the rotten harvest  — typical of the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper.

Insults are one thing.  Acting to destabilize President Donald Trump is unconscionable. Trump has shown himself to be an effective leader, even engaging North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to the negotiation table, an unheard of event in over 70 years. The country was partitioned in 1945.

Arizona has zero representation in the U.S. Senate. John McCain, reported to be planning his own funeral, hasn’t been seen in D.C. in nearly a year except for this diabolically rehearsed drama. Jeff Flake suspended his reelection campaign due to his embarrassing low 18 approval ratings. Yet these two irrelevants rate the headline?

Something is very wrong with this picture.


7 Responses to Irrelevant AZ senators rate headline for G-7 Trump bashing

  1. Mike says:

    There is absolutely no reason any self-respecting conservative should even consider subscribing to this leftist, liberal, socialist rag. Unless, perhaps they have a bird cage or kitty litter box in need of overpriced lining.

  2. Attila The Hunny says:

    This collusion against the President and the United States strikes me as treasonous.
    We have laws against such actions. Why are these two RINO vipers and the socialist newspaper given a pass as they deliberately work to undermine Pres. Trump and our sovereign nation, of which he is the duly elected leader?

    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason;

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Not only did Trump show up late for the opening comments delivered by Just In from Canada, which included transgender equality, but he stayed seated with his arms folded across his chest while the rest of them stood around him, clamoring for attention.

    That no-good Frenchie Macron, who has Zero credentials and was a nobody before being financed by Soros, took Trump’s hand and squeezed it so hard that it left a red impression on the back of Trump’s hand. Note that Macron was winking to the camera.
    The type of “hand shake” that Macron gave was Telling.
    Not what you or I would employ, but the handshake of the global cabal, even used by Merkel, May, and HRC—just grab the other person’s hand and force their fingers together. It’s a grab, not a handshake.

    But Trump had the last laugh.
    He gave an impromptu “address”, which was a tongue-lashing to the globalists.

    “If they thought they were going to lecture Trump on the glories of free trade, they got a rude awakening.

    He came to a gun fight armed with a stealth bomber,” one U.S. official told Breitbart News.”

  4. Realist says:

    Trump is a successful businessman. Nothing escapes his attention. Those who sell him short, such as McCain, McFlake and the AZ Repugnant are the fools. I’m increasingly happy with President Trump and i was not originally a supporter, though I did vote for him over Hillary.

  5. Army Of One says:

    How pathetic that these two clowns are supposedly representing the people of Arizona. It’s nothing short of a travesty. Thank the newcomers to the state who know no one on the ballot but feel it’s their duty to vote. McCain is the only name they’ve heard of because he’s as common as dog doo. Then give credit to the establishment of McCain and Kyl for working so tirelessly to elect the lightweight Flake. He won the East Valley as a US Rep. because it’s LDS country and that ensured his win. He had nothing to recommend him, but they knew he was malleable. When he ran for Senate, he barely made it by only 3 points. Dr. Carmona, the former W, Bush surgeon general would have been far superior.

    McCain has the senior citizens who buy his self created story of heroism that is disputed by those who were imprisoned in Hanoi with him. They call him “the songbird” for telling everything to his captors. McCain hates conservatives and resented having to play for our votes.

    The Arizona Repulsive newspaper is pro-illegals and McCain and Flake are their reliable votes for all things DACA, chain migration and amnesty related. It’s a grand symbiotic relationship.

    You might have seen this or a version of it previously. Don’t let that keep you from refreshing your memory about this truly horrible man.

  6. Trevor says:

    John McCain would have failed on foreign policy big time if god forbid he were POTUS.