Ann Coulter explains amnesty end game to Koch Bros.

Soon to retire, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s amnesty deceit defies logic

Conservative syndicated columnist and lawyer Ann Coulter is right on target again as she takes on the big money funding amnesty for illegals.  During an interview with Fox Business’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ Coulter told the Koch brothers “good luck” with an amnesty, noting that mass immigration has slowly handed over electoral dominance to Democrats as foreign-born voters are vastly more supportive of liberals than conservatives.

Breitbart carries the interview and report, which includes this Coulter quote:

“I’m apparently going to have to spend my entire adult life fighting amnesty. Why is this the one bill that comes up every term of Congress. How many different ways can the American people say they don’t want it. This is for the donors. They want their cheap labor. And since I suspect — I mean, I know, blue collar workers and the working class don’t want it and I think more of your viewers are probably those Chamber of Commerce types.

Good luck to you Koch brothers under a government run by Nancy Pelosi. Because that’s what you’re getting if you keep bringing in cheap labor that votes against you 70 to 30.”

On his way out the political door, and despite assurances he would not do so, deceptive House Speaker Paul Ryan is preparing to serve up another rehashed platter of putrid amnesty as a parting shot at American workers and contemptibly timed to negatively impact Republicans in the midterm elections. Trying to figure out what drives Ryan is a fool’s errand, since his actions defy logic.

7 Responses to Ann Coulter explains amnesty end game to Koch Bros.

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Paul Ryan is not a mystery. Remember when he grew that beard to proudly stand alongside Obama? That was a message.
    He’s a radical, just like the Kenyan. Maybe more like O than we know.
    His wife and her fam, definitely ultra libs. His former girlfriend, a black women, spent time in prison for fraud.
    Frauds. The whole lot of them.

    Re: The Kenyan: Next Week in Africa. He’s announced yet another trip with the first stop being Kenya.Then, on to South Africa where he will fit in very well.

    If you have not read the foreign news, white South Africans and white people in general are being slaughtered. The South African government leaders, who are black, are openly calling for this. To make the matter more perplexing is that the white folks are ranchers; farmers, business people who employ black people.

    Maybe O will install himself as Dic of So A. The only qualification for public office there seems to be: Hot Hatred of Whitey

    When Rex Tillerson was Secretary of State for Trump, one of his last duties involved an overseas trip was to Kenya. During that time, the Kenyan government officials tweeted an interesting but cryptic message. It said, essentially, that the relationship between the government of Kenya and the United States was bigger than one person.

    Trump, through Tillerson, has told Kenya that they better not give asylum to Obama.

    • Doc says:

      I say if obasturd & the orangutan in a dress wanna’ run off to Kenya…GREAT! EXCELLENT! I’ll come over & help ’em Pack! Maybe I can con’ ’em into taking ASS & mcBootlikker, flakey With ’em! Good Bye & Good Riddance to bad rubbish!

      …once again, I’d appreciate everyone’s acknowledgement of my use of Monumental Restraint in my comments here this evening. Thank You.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    What Ann Coulter points out regarding the Chamber of Commerce illegal profiteers is exactly what we have been dealing with for years in the porous border state of Arizona. The AZ Chamber of Commerce is headed by an amnesty toady named Glenn Hamer, who was previously the Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party. He left that job in a flash to go work for the Chamber. His first sell out act as CEO of the chamber was to endorse liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano for governor. That’s a verifiable fact!

    Where did Hamer get his political feet wet? He worked for Sen. Jon Kyl, another crony of McCain and Flake, and also for more reliable U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon. Why these guys are more bonded to illegals than they are to American citizens is no mystery. Their big campaign donors want cheap labor.

    • Trevor says:

      Glenn Hammer should have no credibility when a former high ranking AZ GOPer endorses Janet that’s not good, what’s with all these RINOS and McCain toadies endorsing Janet in 2006 and refusing to back the GOP nominee?!

  3. Braveheart says:

    Americans are being screwed without a kiss and we know it! This is why Donald Trump was victorious. We are tired of the deception perpetrated by the likes of Paul Ryan and the entire McCain cabal. Now we have to watch our backs as much with these slippery Republicrats as we do the ethically challenged Dems.

    • Trevor says:

      Paul Ryan was all sad over Flake’s retirement well both of those two were amnesty bros in the house.

  4. Capt. Marvel says:

    Paul Ryan opposes a border wall, but has had one erected around his estate. What a rank hypocrite!