Infantile Jeff Flake subject of ADI cartoon

Once again SRAZ sends a “thank you” to the Arizona Daily Independent newspaper (ADI) for providing a humorous take on our recent post, “Jeff Flake: Ego-driven, delusional, loses grip on reality.”

ADI’s Sunday Comic depicts Flake as an infant in need of adult supervision, with a link to our post.


3 Responses to Infantile Jeff Flake subject of ADI cartoon

  1. Maggie says:

    I laughed seeing Jeffie Flake wearing a Onesie.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Getting rid of this Republican pretender will be a welcome change. We have a conservative choice, Dr. Kelli Ward. She’s a former state senator. a medical doctor (who will be great when they take up replacing Obamacare again), savvy and will be a welcome relief from the not very smart ,but very pompous, Jeff the Flake.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake and Frenchie Macron and Just In in Canada should form a boy band.

    You know how boy bands work: An anonymous behind the scenes person writes the lyrics; another behind the scenes person writes the score, lots of toadies and lackeys run around making things perfect, and the preening boys just show up and play to the crowd who has foolishly spent a lot of money to watch the boys perform on stage.

    Did you see the death stare that Frenchie Macron directed at Trump at G7? Frenchie was seated directly across from our President. It was pure evil.

    Then Just In from Canada continued with his tantrums, calling Trump unfair.
    Want to see something funny? Here’s a video of Just In from Canada.
    As he speaks to the cameras, his FAKE EYEBROW begins to slide down his face.

    Felonious Fakers.