Pres. Trump boldly goes where no one has gone before

President Trump, renown for his book,”The Art of the Deal,” shapes historic diplomacy

Watching the events of the first ever meeting of a U.S. President and a North Korean leader unfold at the Singapore Summit, we are reminded that our “unconventional” president Is an innovator, willing to challenge the status quo to make progress. After eight years of Barack Obama bypassing congress to unilaterally enact new laws (video) despite acknowledging he couldn’t, and dilapidated, scandal-plagued Hillary offering more of the same, Americans gave the boot to rehashed politicians and elected businessman Donald Trump. The liberals never saw it coming, (video) but those of us who attended his rallies were not surprised.

A new website, ‘Promises Kept,” detailing President Trump’s accomplishments has recently been launched.

Each topic includes a wealth of accomplishments Republicans can point to with pride. This is what we voted for. Thank God we did. As the president attempts to engage in historic negotiations with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, pause and consider what the alternative could have been.

Visit the site. Donald Trump’s presidency has set the course of a remarkable mission and we have every reason to be proud of our votes.

10 Responses to Pres. Trump boldly goes where no one has gone before

  1. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Now if he can replace simpleton Sessions with maybe Judge Jeanine???? And congress would open their mouths and do their duty to dump the chump Ryan and likewise in the senate miscreant McConnell we might have a full sweep of the midterm elections.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Sessions. Like a stealth program running in the background.
      A coal miner.
      If you are a professional who has access to, you could track the number of Federal indictments, state by state, that are sealed, ready to go. 30,000 +++.
      Many already served.

      The media is not reporting on massive raids going on in this country of drug rings and human trafficking rings.

      Just last week:

      And this:
      Two men have been charged with transporting enough fentanyl through Nebraska to kill more than 10 times the state’s entire population.
      Nelson Nicolas Nunez-Acosta, 52, and Felipe Genao Minaya, 47, were stopped by a state trooper while traveling in a tractor-trailer on eastbound I-80 near Kearney, Nebraska.
      The Nebraska State Patrol found 118 pounds of fentanyl inside a hidden compartment in the trailer, according to the feds.
      The synthetic opioid — which is 40 to 50 times stronger than heroin — is so powerful that just 2 milligrams can prove deadly, and reports estimate that the stash seized on April 26 is enough to kill more than 26 million people.

      The arrest of NXIVM partners-in-crime Allison Mack and Keith Raniere, who were keeping women as sex slaves here and in Mexico, and branding their genitals with Raniere’s initials
      has led to women being rescued and a boatload of names of other co-conspirators.

      And Harvey Weinstein would never have been arrested if that NY AG had not been exposed as an abuser and kicked out of office.
      The following week, Weinstein was arrested and charged in NYC.

      It’s all connected.
      Birds are singing.

      Lots of really bad people. Connected in one way or another.
      Some are AZ residents whose names are well known.

      What was Sessions’ nickname, given to him by persons in the judicial system in his home state? “the silent executioner”

      Trust Sessions.
      Trump loves to keep his opponents off balance.
      You’re watching a movie with great actors.

  2. PV PC says:

    I have not for a single moment regretted my vote for Donald Trump for president. He was not my first choice in the primary, but I soon came to understand that, although he’s not Ronald Reagan, he’s every bit as remarkable. His style is not mine, but it works and that makes me very happy. I take less grief from the liberals I know, because they see that he’s getting the job done and have less to carp about. Many of them are against bolstering illegals though they won’t PUBLICLY say so.

    The Singapore Summit clearly defines this presidency and his willingness to sail previously uncharted waters.

    Thanks for the link to “Promises Kept.” Will check it out this afternoon when this busy day winds down.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for putting together this monumental summit. Barack Obama did absolutely nothing to warrant being given that prize except being elected as the first black president. Actually the second, since Bill Clinton said he was the first.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s sad to see so many “Americans” who are still bashing Trump.
    Twitter is loaded with uninformed, public-school indoctrinated, mentally deranged people.
    Then there’s the MSM and late night TV guys who make a living on hating our President.

    The interview that Jake Tapper (CNN) did with Dennis Rodman yesterday was interesting. Tapper, in his cozy US TV studio with Dennis Rodman in Singapore.

    Dennis Rodman, wearing a red MAGA cap, talked non-stop and then began to cry. Tears visibly rolling down his face.
    Talking about how he went to Obama and told him that Kim wanted to talk. Rodman then made a sweeping gesture with his arm and said that Obama brushed him off.
    Obama—–brushing off yet another person of color. What a surprise.

    Tapper looked stunned as the info on the Summit rolled out.
    He tried to cut off Dennis Rodman a couple of times, but Rodman just kept on talking.

    Let’s Keep Larry Kudlow (aka: the Koala) in our prayers.
    A day after returning from the G7 meeting in Canada w/President Trump, and saying that Just In from Canada “stabbed us in the back”, he is in Walter Reed Hospital after suffering a heart attack.
    He is the same age as our President.

  5. Kent says:

    The Democrats must be going apes**t over this major achievement . They have nothing to offer but lunatic calls for impeachment minus any rational reason for doing so and a promise to raise taxes. That should gin up a lot of working class support. I can’t wait to pay more… NOT!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Jay Sekulow reporting, via youtube, that evidence is now discovered that Obama did something in his last days of his tenure which was a plan for a coup d’état. and signed by Lowretta
    Sekulow has a copy of the docs.

    • terry dudas says:

      When I see Hillary, and Zero hanging by their heals, I will trust my government again.