Ken Bennett, conservative choice for AZ Gov. beats contrived legal challenges

Failing to disqualify Ken Bennett, “sweating” Ducey will not have a cakewalk

“Voter’s Win!  You put me on the ballot,” is the exuberant news from Bennett’s campaign.

Conservative gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett goes on to explain, “In under five weeks we got 6224 signatures with a 27% cushion. Governor Ducey’s team saw your hard work so he offered money to a signature gatherer to not help me and she refused. So less than an hour before the deadline they filed a lawsuit challenging the petitions.

The lawsuit tried to throw out 12 entire petitions that I personally gathered! 12 Sheets with ten names each for a total of 120 signatures that I held in my hand, looked the person in the eye, and asked them to sign. I am the candidate and the former Secretary of State! My mother and sister who have been politically active and gathering signatures for years in their hometown also had entire sheets on the same list.”

Bennett has every right to be miffed, as he states, “Just think about that.”

“They came up with 19 separate complaints, such as ‘missing address’ or ‘illegible’ and then tried to invalidate the entire sheet of ten signatures. They knew it was all a ruse and withdrew the complaint the day of the trial. Let’s win this Arizona. Honesty still matters. Please help me win the Republican primary to be the Governor of Arizona,” native-born Arizonan Bennett urges.

Obviously Ken Bennett and his team have done an outstanding job and Doug McDucey is worried. But there’s more work to do. Make a $5.00 contribution to Ken Bennett’s campaign. He’s running as a Clean Elections candidate and can only qualify for matching funds if he raises 4,000 $5 donations as required by law. He can also accept seed money up to $160.

McCain ally, Doug Ducey is sitting on a mountain of cash, already having amassed over $3.3 million. 

A Ducey campaign operative derides Bennett, the former AZ Senate President and Secretary of State — the next in line of succession to the governor’s office —  as a “fringe candidate.” In doing so, Team Ducey is violating a cardinal campaign rule as it relates to adversaries: “Never let them see you sweat.”

Also telling is the fact that Ducey refuses to debate Bennett. No doubt Ducey doesn’t want to defend himself for acquiescing to the striking teachers who violated their contractual agreements as they followed a 23-year old Bernie Sanders supporting socialist, abandoning hundreds of thousands of Arizona students for a week. Ducey rewarded them with a 20 percent pay increase.

Bennett says,It’s time for strong leadership in Arizona.” He couldn’t be more correct.  Do your part to make that a reality. Time is short.


12 Responses to Ken Bennett, conservative choice for AZ Gov. beats contrived legal challenges

  1. Timothy Schwartz says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but your script says teachers got a $20 an hour raise…. Wasn’t it 20%?

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  2. MacBeth says:

    Ducey got so agitated over the report that he would appoint Cindy McCain to succeed her husband when the time comes that he and his spokesman went ballistic. All that proves is the report hit a nerve. Shakespeare used the phrase, “The lady doth protest too much, Methinks.” He was referring to honesty inadvertently spewing forth. That applies to the non-denials but fake outrage that anyone would think that a man who is planning his own funeral, but doesn’t have the decency to resign, could possibly leave an open seat. Why wouldn’t Ducey consider Cindy? He worked for her at her Hensley beer distributorship when he first came to Phoenix and he and his wife have maintained a relationship with the McCain’s ever since. John McCain recruited him to run for governor.

    • Michael Schmitz says:

      If Gov. Ducey appoints Cindy McCain to fill Sen McCain’s seat should it become vacant prior to the election he will be a one term governor.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We can give lip service to wanting to elect conservatives, but it requires some action on our part. In this case, all it takes is making an easy $5 contribution using the link in the SRAZ post (and perhaps adding in the needed “seed money”) to get the job done. Haven’t you had enough of the McCain syndicate running the state? This is your chance to show you mean it.

  4. Trevor says:

    Ken Bennett has every right to be on the ballot Ducey’s people are very arrogant, Doug can kiss his job goodbye if he appoints Cindy McCain last thing we need is another Anti Trumper who will side with Romney, McConnell, and The Deep State hacks like Rosenstein!

  5. jojo says:

    Don’t vote for anyone supported by McCain such as McSally &
    What’s the matter with all you “conservatives” who keep supporting the corrupt, rotten McCain bought & paid for candidates. Kelli Ward & Brandon Martin in CD2. Get up off your butts, stop complaining, send $$ or start knocking on doors. It’s up to us deplorables because the “conservatives” have given us the ruined GOP we have now.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      The immediate past Arizona Republican Party Chairman (Robert Graham) and current chairman (Jonathan Lines) are both all in for Ducey. They are McCain and Flake supporters, so expecting anything other than this betrayal is folly.

      There is dead silence from the ARIZONA GOP as both McCain and Flake repeatedly rip the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

      How long can “leadership” like this hold the party together? Many disgusted long time PCs are taking a hike. Some have had the McCainiacs successfully oust them from their elected, but unpaid positions working within the framework of the party structure to elect Republicans. Others have had to respond to expensive, professionally produced glossy mailers sent by the McCain cabal to households within their own home precincts deceptively instructing unsuspecting registered Republican voters that the RINOs are conservatives.

      But that’s OK with the RINOs in charge at the AZ GOP. They’ll sit back and let the state turn purple and veer blue, rather than call out the offending Republicrats. Precinct Committeemen trying to retain their unpaid posts have been forced to incur high printing and postage costs sending out their own postcards trying to explain the deception.

      My wife and I were taken out by these McCharlatans after years as dedicated PCs

      We need Ken Bennett, now more than ever!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Ken Bennett should consider bringing to light the very serious problem of human trafficking.


    A Phoenix City Council member (Sal) allegedly told a news reporter to NOT report it as human trafficking, as you will read in a tweet imbedded in the story linked above.

    A certain “Institute” and its name sake is supposed to be doing something, but never has. Board members.

    Someone whose name has been associated with them is in deep trouble and has been told to be expected to be indicted.
    Seagrams heiress (and fellow traveler) Ms. Bronfman.
    Regarding???? Human/sex trafficking.
    The alleged sex cult NXIVM, locations in upstate NY and Mexico.
    She owns a private island in Fiji, totally tricked out, even a private runway and fresh water source.

    The best thing that Mr. Bennett can do is be Visible.
    I doubt that the AZGOP will do anything to help him succeed.

  7. Dennis O'Brien says:

    May God bless Ken Bennett for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of conservative Republicans who have had no representation in the Governor’s office or the U.S. Senate for years.

    Ditto the state Republican Party, which is a sham organization, existing only to promote McCain, Flake and their kindred spirits. We deserve better than we have gotten from these frauds.

    We need to band together to make sure Bennett gets the Clean Elections $5 contributions he needs and the seed money that will put him in a position to get the matching funds. This is a grassroots campaign with an experienced and able candidate, who is dedicated to giving us a voice. Let’s put him over the top!!

  8. Braveheart says:

    More good news for Ken Bennett. This morning’s edition of the AZ Repukelick has a Benson cartoon beating up on Ducey. No one remains in the newspaper’s good graces for very long, excepet of course, McCain and his evil twin McFlake.

    BTW, I won’t actually buy the Repukelick. Sections of a couple of issues float around the spot where we had breakfast this morning.