Humor is a good thing — even when the topic is Sen. Bob Worse-ly

Our friends at the Arizona Daily Independent (ADI) have given the SRAZ post on slippery state Sen. Bob Worsley the honor of being linked to their Red Pill Sunday Comic.

Thanks to ADI for their exceptional coverage of Arizona issues as well as their timely interjections of humor.

4 Responses to Humor is a good thing — even when the topic is Sen. Bob Worse-ly

  1. Trevor says:

    I remember when Worsley was trying to sabotage my then-state senator Andy Biggs’s run for the US House. Thankfully Worsley’s guy failed big time.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Worsley pulled a fast one in waiting to make his announcement that he was not seeking reelection until it was too late for others who would have been interested in running for the LD 25 senate seat to collect petition signatures to get on the ballot. He did this with intent and then denied it, but of course no one believed this snake.

    That left his self selected successor. who had been quietly collecting nominating petition signatures, as the sole candidate. He doesn’t even have to lift a finger or spend a dime campaigning. This is a cooked deal. He will be the object of disdain and suspicion and rightly so. “Birds of a feather flock together,” may be a trite old saying, but in this case, it’s true.

    • Doc says:

      Evidently, these 2 liars graduated from the johnny mcSkidmark school of lying, arrogance, & pomposity.

      • Ellsworth says:

        Here’s more on Worsley from an earlier SRAZ post I located while Googling Worsley. He’s been a liberal slimeball for a long time, but unfortunately had the concealed backing of the LDS Church, as did Jerry Lewis. Both Worsley and Lewis were tied to Jeff Flake.

        When you read “Bob Worsley: Hypocrite-in-Chief” pay attention to who his campaign manager was and the decent, patriotic man they were attempting to derail at the time.