Desperate Democrat Party uses outlaw tactics

Coordinated rallies in favor of illegal immigration, funded by leftist billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, are taking place across the United States today

After losing the presidency they were so sure they would win with scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton as their 2016 standard-bearer — though she had previously lost the party’s nomination to a little-known senator in 2008 — desperate Democrats are committed to taking President Trump down. Unhinged, washed up, Hollywood leftists contemplateblowing up the White Houseor exposing the Trump’s young son to pedophiles. Billionaire Tom Steyer, a San Francisco radical, is behind the attempt to impeach President Trump.

In its effort to undermine Trump’s presidency, Democrats, aided by John McCain, morphed into the party of “Resistance,“ and immediately tried tying President Donald Trump to a bogus Russian collusion hoax. The left is unable to process Trump’s popularity with voters across the nation. He has brought promised tax cuts benefiting middle class families, economic growth and unprecedented low unemployment.

The Democrats? They thuggishly harass Trump Cabinet members and elected Republican officials in public, exploiting what they characterize as separation of families at the border. Illegal alien parents using their children as leverage to enter the U.S. have become martyrs to the left, simply because it works.  Many have even exposed their own young children to rampant dangers and sexual exploitation, allowing them to travel with unrelated strangers, posing as their parents in an effort to use them in the chain migration scheme.

The entire issue of separated families is bogus. American citizen parents who commit crimes and are arrested are routinely separated from their children. If they bring their children along on their crime spree, their penalties are enhanced when they are sentenced to prison. Children of divorce, whose custodial parent moves, are separated from their parents each and every day. The difference is they don’t have liberal advocates hysterically exploiting their situations for political gain.

Children are an easily exploitable distraction. What the left actually desires are open, transnational borders. It’s not about family reunification. They want no one detained. Ever.

President Trump signed this Executive Order on June 20th, specifically addressing family separation. Still, there are obvious facts that should not be ignored:

Older kids oftentimes travel alone, and once here will act as conduits for other family members. MS-13, a notorious and vicious gang originating in El Salvador has grown and spread throughout the U.S. recruits kids as young as ten.

Don’t be conned by purposely ginned up media hysteria. President Trump has long held that the United States must adopt an immigration system that serves our national interest. He has remained committed to securing our border by construction of a wall, restoring the rule of law, and returning illegal entrants to their countries of origin. Among his priorities is protecting American workers by ending the chain migration scheme. He has eliminated the irrational Visa Lottery, and implemented a merit-based entry system — reforms which advance the safety and prosperity of all Americans while helping new citizens assimilate and flourish.

Still the illegals keep coming and the left-wing media prefers them to the American citizens who overwhelmingly support President Trump. It’s all about expansion of the Democrat party.

Ann Coulter nailed it in her commentary,”HISPANICKED GOP ELITE: THEY’LL RESPECT US IN THE MORNING.” It’s not new, but the underlying political demographic premise remains relevant.

6 Responses to Desperate Democrat Party uses outlaw tactics

  1. Kathy says:

    When those who make up a false world based on the propaganda, which is fed daily, and not search for truth – then those people lose it when reality happens. They find out that what they believed in was a hoax, fake, etc. Then when cornered with TRUTH and FACTS – they can’t handle it and lash out violently even more.

    Operation Mockingbird has to keep the lies/propaganda going as to not be exposed to their evil deeds. I pray that all be brought to LAWFUL justice and be held accountable. Unlike leftist (both parties) those who promote violence, while acting out their own violence. As propagandists’ state – accuse the other side of what you are guilty of (Leftist, Antifa, Dems, RINO’s, etc).

    • Army Of One says:

      The United States of America has not been as divided since the Civil War, where brothers killed brothers after being riled up by those who benefited from the status quo on both sides. The country we grew up in is now in the throes of planned upheaval, the likes of which none of us have previously seen,,,,and I’m including the 1960’s when the universities were initially undermined by anti-war radicals who spat upon our returning military. Traitors John Kerry and Jane Fonda led the way.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s the plan:
    The E.O. signed by President Trump has sent the unhinged Left into the stratosphere since they’ve now figured out just what it will do.
    The President orders that minors and their “family member(s)” must be kept in the same facility location.

    Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions is pushing for DNA to confirm that the minor child and the adult “parent” are legitimately related.
    So, the threat—-the idea of—–DNA testing is on the table.
    Loud and Clear.

    Imagine that these children are being sex trafficked. Now, the trafficker is in the same facility location.
    DNA test.
    DNA proves no relation. BAM, off to prison, you bad guy.

    The massive protests going on around the U.S. regarding “Shut Down I.C.E.” has nothing to do with immigration, broadly. The protesters are being used and have no a clue.
    The “Shut Down I.C.E.” movement is all because there is a specific Unit that deals only with human trafficking, And They Are KICKING A$$.

    The cabal exploits children. Horrific crimes against children.
    And many people whose names you know rely on children, especially brown skinned children, for their very existence. (Rituals and worse)

    And speaking of rituals in a different realm of sickness, did you know about this part of our “society”?

  3. VINOAZ says:

    I would like to see all illegals turned back at the border. No entrance to the USA. Use the military. Stop all government assistance to illegals AND legals. Love Ann Coulter. She forgot to mention that child rape is not as frowned on in Mexico as in the US. Incest also is OK. Note these “demonstrators” are mostly women. Guess they “work” for George Soros who should be arrested.

    • Realist says:

      The operative word is “illegal,” which is why the Democrats abhor the term. It doesn’t fit their agenda of expanding the Democrat voter base.

  4. Enuff says:

    I’m beyond disgusted by the public shouting at members of the president’s cabinet and the president of the senate by morons who don’t understand the First Amendment isn’t for war but for dialogue. Imagine if conservatives did that to members of Obama’s administration or Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. All hell would have broken lose! John McCain, acting as the liberal he has always been, but tried to conceal, targeted conservatives for extra scrutiny by the IRS to shut down the tea parties. We get it from both sides.

    What makes illegals so saintly that Americans are willing to march for their “rights” ? They have no rights. They came here by stealth invading our sovereign nation. We foot the bill for their social benefits. “free” food, educate their kids, provide them with health care and shoulder the legal costs for their incarceration when they engage in further criminality.

    Why would anyone with a brain march for their “rights”?