More proof Ken Bennett has Gov. Doug Ducey running scared

Following Monday’s exposé titled, Report: Gov. Ducey poised to appoint Cindy McCain to U.S. Senate, citing a news account that appeared in the Santa Monica Observer, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is sweating, fearing an end to his political career.

The post included evidence that Ducey is faring badly in two new polls. A newly released NBC/Marist survey of AZ voters shows only 26% say he deserves to be reelected. Emerson College polling has Ducey’s approval at 31%.

Today Doug Ducey takes the “My Turn” route in the local newspaper, with a terrified plea, “Why I deserve a second term as your governor.” He omits any reference to gifting a 20% pay hike to Arizona’s striking teachers who thumbed their noses at their contractual agreement while abandoning over 800,000 students for a week. He grabs credit from President Trump for the solid economy, and laughably claims to have done a great job securing the border.

Ken Bennett, conservative choice for AZ Gov. beats contrived legal challenges details a bogus legal challenge to Bennett’s nomination petition signatures, filed one hour before the deadline, by Ducey’s fearful team. They ultimately withdrew their claim the day of the trial.

On June 5, SRAZ posted, Ken Bennett can and will be AZ’s next governor. This report features the panic mode of the Arizona Republic editorial page editor, Phil Boas, reacting to the McCain syndicate’s loss of control in the state.

In a pathetic editorial headlined, “Bennett should exit the governor’s race,” Boas asserts that Bennett can’t harm Gov. Doug Ducey, but “needs to save himself and what’s left of brand Bennett.” Don’t mistake this for thoughtfulness. It’s ice-in-the-veins fear. Boas purposely misstates Bennett’s “late and haphazard entry” into the governor’s race.

When he announced he made the ballot, Bennett thanked Arizona Republicans statewide for their “incredible effort” in securing not only the required number of signatures to make him a viable gubernatorial candidate, but giving him a healthy cushion of 26% to overt challenges. That’s indicative of strong grassroots support, hardly “haphazard.”

Boas then pulls out the long gun, blasting what only he and his ilk would consider a slur: “Bennett is behaving like an insurgent, a Trump-destroyer of the Republican establishment, and that’s pure fraud.” In the next line, Boas schizophrenically accuses Bennett of “being as establishment as it gets in Arizona.”

Poor, delusional Phil Boas. In his agitated state, he’s descended into withdrawal from reality, providing a spot-on description of John McCain’s overly long career, stating, “The only thing that explains Bennett’s strange run for governor is something that explains a lot of politicians. They’re needy. They reach a point when they’ve been too long from the spotlight and they crave its white glare. ”This campaign feels like that. Like vanity,” Boas opines, “It also feels like Ken Bennett’s last.”

A Ducey campaign operative derides conservative Ken Bennett, the former AZ Senate President and Secretary of State — the next in line of succession to the governor’s office —  as a “fringe candidate.” In doing so, Team Ducey violates a cardinal campaign rule as it relates to adversaries: “Never let them see you sweat.”  Ducey is standing in an ankle deep pool. 


21 Responses to More proof Ken Bennett has Gov. Doug Ducey running scared

  1. State Committeeman says:

    That pool at Ducey’s feet is either sweat or urine. Actually, it could be both. In any event, the phony McRepublicrat stinks.

  2. Maggie says:

    Arizonans can count on the fact that Ken Bennett would never appoint Cindy McCain to the U.S. Senate. He clearly stated that as a fact. BRAVO!!!

  3. Maggie says:

    I meant to add that Ken Bennett is running as a Clean Election candidate and needs to collect $5 campaign donations and seed money to qualify for the funding. Please join me in helping Ken Bennett. Ducey is funded by lobbyists and RINOs.

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    McDucey is toast, his mentor is probably in a semi to unconscious state and whom ever is the spokesman for the declining senator is certainly not being honest. With the rumor that the senator is stepping down in a matter of days indicates the scramble for the appointment of his wife who would completely tow the McShame agenda and that will be the death rattle for our state with the amnesty and crime it portends. McDucey may think he can get away with appointing Ms. McSame but his future in politics may be over and good riddance!! And to all the naysayers that say Ken Bennett can’t win… your voting for Dugiedoodoo will mean we get the Democrat elected to office. Please if you have not donated to Ken Bennett’s clean elections fund, go on line and contribute today. Let us keep AZ red and bring it back from that deep shade of purple that the establishment has caused.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Ducey speaks.
    Or at least someone has written the words and ordered them to be printed.

    Such a wonderful thing to have as your claim to fame the fact that you threw tens of millions of dollars, yet again, to a failed education system.

    Ducey should study Michael Savage’s book about borders, culture, and language.

    Please stay safe over the holiday.
    Cleveland, Ohio really dodged a serious act that was going to go down on the 4th.
    Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts–career violent criminal.
    Radicalized in prison. Hated America, cops, and the military.
    Arrested on Saturday, he was full-on ready, willing, and able.

  6. Realist says:

    Whoever gave Ducey the advice to use the liberal newspaper to beg to be reelected should be fired, though I’m happy to see his obvious desperation. I’m thinking strategically here, not as a committed conservative who supports Ken Bennett.

    Ducey was recruited by McCain when he first ran for state treasurer. He had McCain operatives guiding his gubernatorial campaign. His chief of staff is a McCainiac.

    Ken Bennett is immanently more qualified to be governor than this poor excuse for a governor who got his first career break from Cindy McCain at her mega beer empire,

    • Trevor says:

      His chief of staff almost became my congressman what a disaster that would’ve been, McCain was behind him too.

  7. East Valley Conservative says:

    Watch this fast-talking shell game by Ducey’s spokesman, as he says Ducey wanted to “reward” our teachers.

    It’s quite a stretch calling those who walked out on hundreds of thousands of Arizona’s students, leaving them in limbo for a week, “Our teachers.” And the idea of rewarding them with a 20% raise when they should have been fired is preposterous. Pres. Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers and the world did not stop on its axis. McDucey also said he could impose the grand 20% raise without increasing taxes. This huckster posing as a governor must think Arizonans just fell off the turnip truck.

    There is nothing that would persuade me to vote for this McCreep again. I admit I made a horrible mistake last time. I would never repeat it.

  8. Joe says:

    I’m not sure I trust Bennett, he ran as a moderate Republican for Governor four years ago. Also, didn’t he enable former Governor Janet Napolitano to blow up the budget during her two terms?

    • PV PC says:

      Your attempt at disseminating facts is beyond skewed. Nice try, but no cigar. Bennett has a track history, having been elected Secretary of State (next in line to the governor) and by his AZ Senate colleagues as Senate President. He’s never been a “moderate,” and certainly never enabled Napolitano. You must be confusing him with state Sen. Adam Driggs, who voted against all of the omnibus immigration bills offered by then Senator Russell Pearce, to provide security to Arizona citizens. Democrats voted in unison against all five bills.
      Ducey (a longtime pal of John and Cindy McCain) has rewarded Driggs for his leftward leanings in McCain’s home legislative district 28. Driggs, a Spanish speaking “immigration lawyer,” is now a superior court judge!!

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      He has a few areas where he was not very effective but he was not in charge and under the control of Nappy the worst of the worst biatchs and the alternative we have in Ducey is awful and I think his heart is in the right place and he will do what he says and more conservative than all of what we got in our whole state lineup put together.

    • Observer says:

      Ken Bennett is a decent man. One Ken Bennett is preferable to 20 Doug Ducey’s. One is a conservative. The other a McRINO.

  9. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Is there anything out there that will break the back of the McCain Machine in Arizona, or will this once true blue state continue to dissolve into another Land O’ Ludicrous Lefties? Maybe Mr. Bennett can be the catalyst to a statewide recovery.

  10. JCF says:

    This state cannot survive either a Sinema or a McSally senator nor can our country.

  11. Doc says:

    We ARE Defending our NATION, NOT just Arizona by doing the RIGHT thing in supporting Bennett And Dr. Ward.

  12. Jig says:

    I am concerned about all this but what I would hope happens is rather than some Arizona Republican pol who has very little chance in the long run, we see some self made Arizona businessmen or women step in and begin running for these statewide offices. Not retired military or public sectorites who are feeding at the public trough, but people who have run a business and also will slow down the growth and intrusion of govt.

    Probably wont happen but if not Arizona will soon be a democrat state and just as well be called California or Washington or Oregon.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Read the third paragraph in Ken Bennett’s bio and educate yourself about his successful business background

      Ken Bennett has spent more than two decades as CEO of Bennett Oil Company, a family fuel-distribution business, and remains a member of its board of directors.

      You can vote for him with confidence. Don’t be so quick to give up on Arizona. Fight to keep it Red by supporting and voting for Ken Bennett, Kelli Ward and other conservatives.

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        I second the comments by my fellow ‘State Committeeman’ I am tired of people who don’t know much about Bennett and some of the things he has supported and his prowess in economics as well as his patriotism (visit the state capital and see the SS Arizona Memorial and his support of our military, his pro life record his plan to harden the schools of AZ against a potential shooting and his family values. We can no longer have the establishment who march to the globalist agenda with open borders and cheap labor for the corrupted chamber of commerce’s and big business who continue to pi$$ away our sovereignty. It is up to the voters and in Ken Bennett’s case, we the people, to get him elected and oust the namby pamby McDucey. Let us keep AZ a bright Red and rid the dark purple cast the establishment ie McAmnesty, Kyl, Graham, Lines et al have given us. God Bless America, our guns, our Constitution and our freedoms.

      • Jig says:

        Thanks, you are right, and good to know.

  13. jojo says:

    Brandon Martin CD2 candidate is fighting the McCain, McSally, Kyl, open border, CofC groups who are supporting
    Please spread the word because he is a true Constitutional Conservative. We want someone who will support our CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT.