Sen. Dems poised to abandon Schumer’s SCOTUS dictates

Insurrection brewing: Schumer’s own NY district assemblyman has vowed to vote with GOP after scathing rebuke of Schumer’s deceit

Monday at 9:00 pm (ET) President Donald Trump is expected to name his Second U.S. Supreme Court nominee.  Justice Anthony Kennedy’s recent letter announcing his retirement provides the president the opportunity to replicate the type of thoughtful, experienced justice he picked when selecting 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett is rumored to top the president’s short list. Others whose names are mentioned as possible choices are Federal Judges Brett Michael Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge, Thomas Hardiman and Utah Sen. Mike Lee. 

This ad, “Another Great Justice,” was produced by the Judicial Crisis Network.

Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court was confirmed on April 7, 2017 by a 54–45 vote, Three Democrat senators who voted for Justice Gorsuch are Joe Manchin (D-WV), Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), This was the Senate vote tally.

They are each facing tough reelection races in states that strongly supported President Trump in November 2016, and are clearly in a bind, since opposing the president’s second nominee could come at great personal cost in their home state elections. 

Do they cave to the dictates of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, whose plan is to flip two Republicans, or do what’s right? RINO McCain will not be voting and lame-duck Flake, who also partnered with Schumer on the Gang of 8 amnesty scheme, is unreliable.

All is not going well for Schumer. Closer to home, his tactics have earned him a strong rebuke, as seen in this posting from his own Brooklyn district. His former Democrat ally, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, has publicly taken Schumer to task after receiving a campaign mailer in which Schumer attacked the “hard right” while omitting “vital information.”

Hinkind boldly hammers Schumer and national Democrats for downplaying the impact the Trump administration has had in fostering economic growth. Schumer, who voted against the president’s tax reform package, joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in denouncing the savings, wages hikes, and bonuses made possible by its passage as “crumbs.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports Hikind has pledged to vote with the New York state party GOP until the Democrat Party “returns to sanity.” He’ll have a long wait.


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  1. Maggie says:

    I remember being mocked by a table full of dinner companions when I announced I was voting for Donald Trump in the Republican Primary. Now I’ve been vindicated!! Not a single one of them have apologized, though they are all taking home more money thanks to Trump’s tax cuts. Hypocrisy reigns!!

    • State Delegate says:

      Like you, I took flak for supporting Trump. The ridicule continues to this day, but I am proud of my vote. Trump is unconventional, but that’s fine with me. He’s doing everything he promised during the campaign. His tax cuts have helped Americans across the economic spectrum. His appointment of Constitutionalist Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was a powerful assertion of American values. His next pick will be of the same caliber. The Dems will try to give him grief, but I have every hope right will prevail.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please Read:

    On Thursday night, Congressman Jim Jordan’s nephew was killed in a single car accident. Is this just another coincidence, as in the case of Katie Arrington who in June ousted Mark Sanford in the Repub primary and days later was severely injured by a driver who plowed into her car at a high rate of speed?

    (Katie has a Long Way to go for recovery, but is staying in the race.)

    If you recall, Congressman Jordan went tough on Rod Rosenstein in the latest rounds of hearings. In June, Congressman Jordan also expressed interest in becoming the next Speaker of the House.

    Currently, Congressman Jordan is being smeared by a couple of guys who knew him when he was a college wrestler and, subsequently, a college couch. Accusing Jim Jordan of knowing about a team doctor (conveniently, now deceased) who allegedly acted inappropriately.

    As all of this is unfolding, Congressman Jordan’s nephew is killed on Thursday night.

    There’s a ton of back story,

    Including alleged involvement by a particular law firm which was also directly tied to the Steele “dossier”.
    (This law firm has a PHX office.)

    The main accuser (re: the college wrestling crap that happened a long time ago and never reported at the time)
    has a serious ax to grind with the college over a lucrative contract deal that he lost.

    And then there is a twitter message that was typed on June 28, 2018 at 6:27 pm (now deleted).

    Twitter account: Flava Faves @BigBlueLion
    “Not totally sure what happened on Capitol Hill today. But it sounds like Jim Jordan got owned by Rod Rosenstein like his nephew got owned by Wreck Hall. And like his son got ridden by Cenzo.
    Rod Rosenstein, honorary Penn State Wrestler!”

    Begs the question as to why some athlete at Penn State would be so connected to Capitol Hill.
    And particularly mentions JIm Jordan’s nephew, using the word “Wreck” (on June 28 and the young man dies in a wreck on July 5).

    The media is not covering this story about Jim Jordan’s nephew.
    Just as they did not cover the story about Katie Arrington, who defied all odds and survived.

    We are truly in a battle between good versus evil. It is that simple.


    Please pray to God and ask Him to defeat the works of satan and his minions.

    • Pima Pal says:

      Just read your post, Sam. We were writing simultaneously and I missed it. This is horrible news and very suspicious. Is no one safe? Going against high level Democrats can bring harsher consequences than opposing global tyrants.

  3. Pima Pal says:

    Glad to read that Schumer is meeting resistance from his own district assemblyman (same as our state legislators).

    The Democrat Party now represents prizing illegal invaders over our citizens, wanting to abolish I.C.E. and our national security. They support the “right” to kill pre-born humans, but promote PETA which puts animals above people and claims killing chickens for food is the equivalent of Hitler’s Holocaust which systematically slaughtered millions of men, women and children. Historically ignorant Democrats also toss around the words “Nazi” and “Hitler” to describe Republicans, putting their appalling stupidity on full display.

    They yell, harass and try to intimidate. The other day a grown man threw his soft drink in the face of a teen who was wearing a MAGA baseball cap , pulled his hair, and took the kid’s cap. This all happened in full view of others in a fast food hamburger restaurant. It was captured on a cell phone and the adult goon has been arrested.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      A few days ago, Trump’s EPA director resigned. Scott Pruitt was doing a Great job and was a tremendous threat to the deep state.
      (gotta keep harping on that climate change thing, you know).
      By the way, look up HARP.

      Pruitt was having a meal at a restaurant a few days ago when he was blind-sided by a chick carrying an infant. Chick, of unknown origin, just happened to be traveling with a bunch of peeps who like to use their phones to record video.

      The EPA was one of the Fed agencies that was Heavily weaponized by Obama, perhaps only second to the IRS.

      That is why the deep staters have been on Pruitt’s back since day one of his employment.

      President Trump is fighting, almost single-handedly, WW3.
      It’s worse than you could imagine.

      If you are so inclined, please Pray.

  4. Former GOP PC says:

    This news about Schumer is good—as far as it goes. His New York constituents should kick him to the curb as we have with his AZ cohort Jeff the Flake.

    Schumer represents his own self interests. He’s a healthier version of John McCain. McCain spent his career referring to his far leftward bent and deceit as being a “maverick.” The description was disgusting to those of us who expect more from candidates who run as Republicans, using the resources of the state party and the energy of dedicated precinct committeemen.

    This Breitbart article explains what he did to us. Please read it:

  5. VINOAZ says:

    Schumer is disgusting. Can’t wait until Ginsburg retires so this scum can instruct Trump on the replacement. The only hope our country has for survival is a conservative Supreme Court.

  6. J. Cox says:

    Our public school education system has gone down a bad road. Unfortunate victims of sexual predation now called transgenders and kids are now taught sexual suggestive information when these victims really do need counseling for their messed up lives as should be made aware of exactly what Sodomy is and how dangerous microscopic toxic biological species are when spread around by sodomites that gets on our common pathways, like door knobs drinking fountains, etc. All cultures have long discovered its dangers and forbid sexual predation completely. same sex being the worst. Just one example is AIDS which emerged when educators began to teach it’s OK.

    We had best keep both victims and predators alike away from our kids so we can restore order in our education systems and society. Before the education system began to make changes to our moral code homosexuality and as an anomaly beyond youth experimentation in puberty. Now look what has happened. These poor delusional victims now live out a bizarre life distanced from family and friends. It’s sad to see such victimization because our education system has gone astray, both logically and ethically