Worried about separation? Hardly. Illegals keep coming

With all of their anti-Trump issues fizzling, Democrats have latched onto the separation of illegal alien families at the border as their pivotal issue going into the midterm elections. 

Three main refresher points beg to be made:

  1. This program did not originate under President Trump. It has been in place since the George W. Bush administration and was expanded upon by Barack Obama, a fact that is conveniently swept under the liberal political mat.
  2. Using children, whether your own or those unrelated to you, as a means of gaining illegal access into the United States doesn’t, and shouldn’t, work. Operation Streamline, a program begun in 2005, referred all illegals for prosecution, making exceptions for those traveling with children. That policy brought us to the indefensible point where children provide cover to America’s invaders. On June 20, Pres. Trump signed this Executive Order, affording congress the ability to prioritize immigration proceedings involving illegal alien families.
  3. American citizens who commit crimes and are incarcerated are routinely separated from their children, oftentimes for years. If they bring the children along during the commission of their criminal acts, those actions results in enhanced penalties. Where are Socialist billionaire financier George SorosActBlue* and MoveOn recruited mobs —- known for inciting riots —- marching over their plight? They are nowhere to be seen — since their criminality doesn’t play into the Left’s narrative.

The telling headline in the Arizona Republic provides the rest of the story in a two-page report: “Despite separation threat, more families are arriving at border.”

Obviously they are not as aggrieved by the circumstances as the drummed up protesters are. The takeaway is the issue of “separated families” plays well with the left-wing media that desperately needs to divert attention away from the monumental successes of the Trump administration, including the lowest unemployment rate in decades and a booming economy.

Those bread and butter issues are what bring working Americans, who are paying attention, to the polls. 

Republicans are motivated to ensure President Trump is surrounded by conservatives in the U.S. House and Senate to get his legislation passed and judges approved. Tomorrow he is set to nominate a replacement for retiring U.S, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

*This is an interesting site to peruse, courtesy of Center for Responsive Politics.


4 Responses to Worried about separation? Hardly. Illegals keep coming

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    The site, Act Blue, which was linked here disclosed an interesting tidbit. Nine million+ dollars to Gillibrand for Senate.
    She may be a little nervous currently. Seems her daddy was allegedly involved in the NXIVM sex cult, which has recently been busted by the Feds in upstate NY (and Mexico).

    Some of the children being brought in to this country—not just from the southern border—-have been Sold by adults, who are often Not biologically related to the child. Hence, the need for DNA testing. The children and their adult parent/handler are being detained in the same location for a reason. When DNA proves that they are related, OK, on to the next step. When DNA proves no biological relationship, then the adult who brought the kid(s) in will be arrested for trafficking. (Read Trump’s
    Executive Orders on this matters.)

    If you are human—if you have a heart and are a caring person, there is information which will be revealed regarding children and it will be way beyond devastating.

    The port of Long Beach plays a role, too. Container ships.
    Not just the border.

    Why do you think THEY are fighting tooth and nail to stop Trump and those who are loyal to him (think Congressman Jim Jordan and Scott Pruitt and Sarah Huckabee Sanders?) Their lifeline (and I do mean lifeline is being strangled and in some instances cut off)

    Trump knows everything. And is in possession of the DNC server that had been MIA. Hence, the extreme rhetoric and actions on the part of the cabal.
    You have NO IDEA what and who the President must fight
    every second of every day.
    Good vs. evil It’s come to this.

    The upcoming London trip is extremely worrisome. Enemy territory, in case you didn’t know.

  2. Clementine says:

    These “caring” parents have no trouble sending their young children on these arduous treks with strangers, so that they can use their kids for the purposes of chain migration.

    Many of these strangers use the kids for their own purposes, often sexually exploiting them, or using them to facilitate crimes. The kids are frequently found to be transporting drugs into the U.S.

    I’m sick of the tales of woe regarding the separation of families. They were never covered during Barack Obama’s presidency, because he was the darling of the liberal media. If parents truly care about their children they keep them safe.

  3. Braveheart says:

    According to the newspaper article referenced in the post, (which I looked up) the Border Patrol says the number of families apprehended at the border rose nearly 13% from May to June. Those numbers refute the fearful claims we are force fed on a daily basis. Central American countries send their illiterate and impoverished to the United States, so they will send remittances back and aid the economy exploited by their corrupt government leaders. The invaders are facilitated by “our friends” in Mexico which allows them passage enroute.

    Once here, American taxpayers are on the hook for their care, with benefits in the astronomical range. Legal immigrants, who desire to acculturate, are one thing. Invaders are quite another. Media sources refer to them as “migrants,” and “undocumented.” They are neither. They have broken into our country as surely as a thieving burglar entering your home does.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      One small detail I would change in your otherwise excellent comment:
      Burglars leave. These invaders stay and continue to take from us.