Watch AZ GOP debates: AZ Corp Comm & Ed Supe

Foremost among its many duties, the Arizona Corporation Commission regulates utility rates. Integrity, which has been lacking in this key commission, is the paramount consideration. Candidates Rodney Glassman, Justin Olson, Jim O’Connor, and Eric Sloan join in the debate.

The Republican Corporation Commission candidates debate can be viewed HERE.

Olson is a former state legislator who lost a 2016 primary challenge to Congressman Andy Biggs. In 2017, he was appointed to the ACC by Gov. Ducey to fill a vacancy, and is currently running for a complete term.

Be sure to read the revealing link under duplicitous party switcher Glassman’s name. Glassman is an opportunistic chameleon, who will quickly slip into whatever political affiliation he thinks will benefit him. Jim O’Connor is the knowledgeable and reliable conservative in the race.

The debate involving Republican candidates running for Superintendent of Public Instruction debate can be viewed HERE.

Incumbent Diane Douglas squares off with Republican challengers Robert Branch, Jonathan Gelbart, Tracy Livingston and Frank Riggs. Douglas strongly asserts Common Core has been eradicated in Arizona Schools, though others say it’s merely been renamed.

The candidates were asked if they supported the recent week-long teachers’ strike in which 840,000 Arizona students were abandoned in violation of contractual agreements. Although each candidate said they did not support the walk out, Livingston, who touts her credentials as a teacher, was the sole equivocator, adding the strike was “the teachers’ voice.” Her voice spoke loud and clear.

Branch asserted “dollars should follow the student,” regardless of which school their parents choose — a concept few taxpaying parents would disagree with.

Gelbart has made an interesting selection of former Congressman Jim Kolbe heading up his list of endorsements. But then again, he has no historical memory. The congressional page scandal occurred when Gelbart was just 8-years-old.

SRAZ calls it a toss-up between Branch and Riggs — leaning Branch.

 The debates, hosted by Ted Simons, are sponsored by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

3 Responses to Watch AZ GOP debates: AZ Corp Comm & Ed Supe

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to see these debates here, both today and yesterday.

    As far as animal analogies go, SRAZ was far too kind comparing Rodney Glassman to a chameleon. He’s actually a snake. For a guy who wanted to pattern himself after radical leftist Raul Grijalva to now run as a conservative exposes him as the fraud he is.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    Tracy Livingston is angling for “Power Couple” designation, since her husband is a state legislator. She is too deeply entrenched with the striking teachers who now want to impose even higher taxes on those they consider “the rich” to line their own pockets even after getting the 20 % salary hike they demanded from Doug Ducey. He should have fired the ‘part time’ teachers who teach little of substance. We need to remember that they work less than nine months a year. when you factor in summers off and lengthy Spring and Winter breaks, which can no longer be referred to as Easter and Christmas, since religion is not politically correct among liberal educrats.

    It was clear to me as I watched her portion of the debate that she was coached to say she she didn’t support the walk out, but she couldn’t leave it at that and enrage the teachers whose vote she’s angling for. She had to mention their “voice.”

    The students have no say in what happens to them, but as a taxpaying parent I do. My voice will be heard through my vote and it won’t go to this tool of the teacher’s unions. I’m supporting Dr. Bob Branch. He “gets”it.

  3. MacBeth says:

    It appears to me we have a lot of bogus conservatives running for these Corporation Commission and the Superintendent of Public Instruction posts. Tracy Livingston didn’t even know the name of the office she wants to be elected to run. At one point she referred to it as the Department of Administration and never corrected herself. Ms. KnowsALot shows she actually knows very little..