Ken Bennett: The conservative in AZ’s Governor race

Early ballots will be mailed August 1st

Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial primary is the race to watch. Despite the failing Arizona Republic newspaper’s ongoing deprecation of conservative challenger Ken Bennett, editorially advising him to get out of the race, his message is resonating with Republican voters. 

The Republicrat camp of incumbent Doug Ducey, a staunch McCain ally, became so unhinged by Ken Bennett’s entry into the race, his nominating petition signatures were challenged in court. They lost.  Bennett remains on the ballot.

The Hillary-endorsing newspaper continues to hurl invectives at Bennett, with editorial page editor Phil Boas calling Bennett’s efforts “bizarre,” while asserting he “won’t win.”

For a memory refresher regarding the behind the scenes machinations as the primary election approaches, we urge you to read,“Bennett’s in the race: AZ Gov. Doug McDucey should be nervous.

It provides background to Ducey’s deep connection to his political mentor and longtime friend, John McCain and his former boss Cindy Hensley McCain. She hired him for his first job after he moved to Arizona from Ohio. Ducey worked at Hensley & Co., Cindy’s Anheuser-Busch beer empire.

Bennett, an Arizona native was raised in Prescott, where he was elected to the city council and served as mayor. Later, he was elected to the Arizona Senate where he was elected senate president by his colleagues. In 2008, Ken Bennett was elected secretary of state, by Arizona citizens, a job that is next in the line of succession to the governor. A successful businessman with a degree in accounting, Bennett possesses a skill set based in finance, and would not have interjected himself into the teacher’s union foray as Ducey did, rather than putting the teacher salary trickery back in the hands of the elected school boards who rightly have the ultimate oversight.

Nervous Ducey is reshuffling members of his executive staff to his campaign, as he refuses to debate the well-qualified and experienced Bennett. No doubt Ducey doesn’t want to defend himself for acquiescing to the demands of Arizona’s #RedsforEd striking unionist teachers who violated their contractual agreements as they followed a 23-year-old Bernie Sanders-supporting socialist, abandoning 840,000 Arizona students for a week. Ducey rewarded them with a 20 percent pay increase.  They weren’t satisfied and are now moving forward with a Marxist-styled “redistribution of wealth” ballot initiative, permanently amending the AZ Constitution.  The deceptively named Invest in Education Act will harm Arizona’s small business owners and job creators, to further enhance teacher’s salaries.

Given the facts, it’s not surprising Ducey is so shaky he refuses to debate Ken Bennett.

Send Ken Bennett a Clean Elections $5 donation and/or $160 in seed money to enable him to qualify for campaign funding. Time is short. He needs our help. Unlike Ducey, Bennett is not funded by lobbyists and high dollar donors who want to retain the weak Republicrat status quo.

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  1. State Delegate says:

    This is an important reminder. Seeing Red AZ is right on target with this post, since too many people don’t know the facts and decide as they mark their ballot based on familiarity with a name. That’s how John McCain was continually reelected. It sure wan’t by those of us who pay attention.

    I’m sending the link to the post out to my friends and family. The rest of you who are paying attention to the drubbing we’ve gotten from Doug McDucey should consider doing the same. I mark the subject line “Important FYI” to get their attention. They know I’m politically active and many of them have told me they trust my judgement on these issues.

    • Anthem Al says:

      I just took your advice and mailed the link out to a dozen people who I know will appreciate being informed.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Ironic that gov. Ducey won’t debate Ken Bennett and wouldn’t respond to phone calls, emails, or text messages regarding a GOP meet the candidates event held in the West Valley several weeks ago. (McSally’s staff said she was busy elsewhere, so she was not there.)

    At least the young socialist from New York agreed to a TV interview which revealed her stunning lack of knowledge on—well, everything.
    When asked a question about Palestine, she and her eyeballs said that she wasn’t prepared to talk about, you know, geopolitics.
    (Now under the “guidance” of Bernie Sanders.
    Someone should really do a welfare check on her, or at least take her to an ophthalmologist for that Adam Schiff eye syndrome.)

    Looks like President Trump is going to restructure the Fed Reserve.
    Everything that former Congressman Ron Paul said re the Fed is true. The book entitled “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is a must read. Most people have no idea about who actually runs almost all of the central banks in the world. One family. Not US. Sits on private land. Why do you think that the most elite in the world created cryptocurrency? They created worthless paper and will try to collapse the world economy. Woodrow Wilson was duped.

    By the way:

    Their very good friend; major donor, and adult beverage heiress was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes related to NXIVM.
    She has been released, with an ankle monitor, on a
    One Hundred Million dollar bond.
    Should have stayed on her private island in Fiji.

    Who else might be there?

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HAS TAKEN A SHINGLES VACCINE, or has been encouraged to have one.

    Zostavax, which has been around for awhile, is pushed heavily to the Medicare crowd.

    Now confirmed that the vaccine that was supposed to keep you safe from shingles ACTUALLY CAUSES SHINGLES in some people.
    The number of people who have been adversely affected is significant enough to bring about class action lawsuits.

    Also, a newer shingles vaccine called Shingrix has a side effect of causing LOSS OF VISION. Yeah, some “side effect”.

    Big Pharma is throwing out lots of new drugs targeting the senior population. Be your own advocate. Do your own research.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Good information!
      My doctor has pushed for getting the shingles vaccine. He’s not a GP and doesn’t give injections in his office. He just thinks they are a good protective device. I’ve never gotten it and stopped taking the flu vaccine years ago after suffering a very bad reaction. I have taken the pneumonia vaccine, which protects for five years. Pneumonia vaccine is the only one I have taken.

    • terry dudas says:

      Yeah, I’m one of those in whom the vaccine caused the disease – in my case, for the 3rd time in my life!! And, the worst one of all 0 internal lesions not the external.

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    As a senior with ailing sight, and various other old age gifts, suffering from CRS with an already a compromised immune system I refuse to take any immunizations other than tetanus every 10 years. The Flu shots always made me sick, and many of my relatives that took it as well. So beware and if you watch the drug commercials on TV the side affects of most of big Pharma’s drugs are worse than the condition they are prescribed for. And speaking of conditions we all know that McDucey suffers from Republicratitis and will owe his soul to the McSlime cabal and perpetuate all the amnesty, and spending our money for illegal aliens benefits and the Commie RedforEd agenda. So let’s get out there collect $5 donations for Ken Bennett and some seed money too. He will not owe any of the cabal any favors and will represent us and not special interest groups like the NPVC and practice good economics. His school safety program is vital to protect our most valuable asset, our children. And he will support our second amendment while doing it. Keep AZ RED-WHITE and BLUE and to many of us old folks that used to call the Commies the Reds it is unfortunate that we are the Red Party as that was changed years back we used to be the blue Party.

    • Kent says:

      Completely agree with your comments regarding McDoucey and Ken Bennett. Bennett definitely needs those contributions to qualify for Clean Election funding.
      Here’s the link;

      Have to admit I was left in the dark with the references to the initials CRS and NPVC. I Googled CRS and got “Children’s Rehabilitative Services,” which I doubt is a condition. NPVC took me to foam tubing.

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        LOL, NPVC stands for National Popular Vote Compact that wants to take away our electoral college with Constantine or CQ the prime supporter in the state– the CRS is naughty Can’t Remember S–T disease

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Were you/are you a member of the U.S. Military?
    Did you ever hold a Fed job?
    Perhaps a law enforcement officer?

    Remember the oath you took?
    I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    Today, President Trump wants us to remember this oath.
    V. Serious stuff going on today. Many in harms way.

    And he is requesting that we PRAY.

    (I’m not kidding around.)

  6. PC and State Committeeman says:

    SS Most of us have taken that oath and will never forget it nor to pray for this nation. Thanks for the reminders.

  7. Maggie says:

    Knowledge about vaccines, good and bad, is critically important. No doubt about it.
    So is sending money to Ken Bennett to help him defeat Doug McDucey. That’s the key issue right now. We can’t afford ‘Giveaway Ducey’ or his ability to appoint Cindy McCain to the US Senate to replace his buddy, John. Ken Bennett has made it clear that would not happen under his watch.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:


    ( and has a friend who owns this:

    Too bad she’s now wearing an ankle monitor for funding a sex cult.

  9. Jake sez says:

    One problem. I have searched Ken Bennett and can not find one of his site that tells me how to contact him to get yard signs.

  10. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Bennett yard signs will be available when he gets the rest of the $5 donations and/or the seed money that so far has been slow going. There have been so many pleas and if everyone who has contributed gets more people to contribute you all know someone who would if asked we need to oust McDucey who we all know is McAmnesty’s lackey.