AZ CD 2: Conservative Brandon Martin deserves your vote

Brandon Martin far superior to recycled leftist Ann Kirkpatrick, radical RINO Lea Marquez-Peterson

Ann Kirkpatrick is a liberal who thrusts her finger to the political wind to decide her most advantageous position on any given day. She has even been known to run away from her own constituents at a Townhall meeting — as we pointed out in Aug, 2009. The post exposing that incident, was titled, “The joke known as U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick,” (video). She won no friends with her antics that day in Holbrook. In fact, that widely seen fiasco was responsible for Kirkpatrick losing her congressional reelection.

She’s gotten no better with the passage of time.

Now she’s either evidencing signs of age-related forgetfulness or blatantly lying.  Either way, it’s not a plus for congressional candidate Kirkpatrick who has carpetbagged into CD 2 in a desperate effort to return to D.C.

Her most recent misadventure occurred after she was booed for raising her hand in support of ICE agents at a debate featuring Democrat candidates for AZ‘s CD 2, Kirkpatrick later issued a statement via her Facebook page contradicting what she represented as her position on the debate stage.  Read the Daily Caller’s report of the incident.

The most recent video showing Kirkpatrick being booed and heckled can be viewed here.

Arizona CD 2 voters have an outstanding conservative choice for the open seat previously held by Martha McSally. Brandon Martin, a military veteran, is reliable on the issues that matter. Check out his website. He’s strong on border security, national security, meaningfully addressing the national debt and reining in spending. Brandon Martin is pro-life and a supporter of our Second Amendment freedoms.  He’s been tirelessly campaigning, clearly exhibiting the relentless determination Arizonans need in congress.

During her on-again-off-again stints in congress, Kirkpatrick’s votes have hovered in the awful to abysmal range, as she voted in lockstep with the Dem Caucus. As examples, in 2014, she voted against the Veterans Benefits Continuing Appropriations Resolution. She supported Obamacare and was endorsed by pro-abortion Emily’s List. She voted in opposition to ‘Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,’ obviously thinking that causing excruciating pain resulting in death to pre-born human babies should not be restricted.

Lea Marquez-Peterson is Martin’s primary election challenger. Her left-wing views, associations, pro-amnesty and illegal immigration positions, staunch anti-Trump stance and bankruptcy are exposed in full on Left Wing Lea, an independent site committed to acquainting CD 2 voters with her dedication to the most extreme elements of the political arena.  It warrants your attention.

Arizona deserves better. SRAZ supports Brandon Martin. Read his impressive bio.

9 Responses to AZ CD 2: Conservative Brandon Martin deserves your vote

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    Thanks for this post, SRAZ. I have friends and family who live in Congressional District 2 and have had their fill with Martha McSally (who I’ve enjoyed seeing referenced as “Sally McCain” on this site!). They’ll be interested in this information about Brandon Martin. A real conservative would be a long awaited and valued U.S. Representative in that district.

  2. Clementine says:

    Southern Arizona is disappointingly liberal. My friends in Tucson refer to their hometown as the “People’s Republic of Pima.” I hope Brandon Martin can generate the steam to turn this around. He would be a much needed and appreciated addition to Arizona’s Congressional delegation.

  3. Jake sez says:

    Off the subject. I was just reading about sending people to jail for the use of plastic straws. Do any of you, beside me, remember when we had to save the trees by not using paper bags or paper straws. Trees are renewable, tree farms, and the paper dissolves in to the ground adding nutrients. Now, that we saved the trees and are putting people in jail for using plastic straws and plastic bags are over flowing our land fills. Another example of good intentions gone bad.

  4. Trevor says:

    Not only Lea is super close with McCain (She co chaired his campaign) she is close with the Prada Socialist!

  5. Tucson GOP says:

    Appreciate the in-depth info on this race. Brandon Martin has a background and values I consider important. I’m sick of not having “representatives” who represent me.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Lots of talk in far away places about the AZ Dem political consultant who allegedly set himself on fire in front of a church in Phx.
    May he rest in peace.

    Here’s some info:

    There are a Lot of people in the political world who have a Lot to hide. And that’s why it is so crazy in DC.
    Panic. Big time.

    • Observer says:

      When I first heard of this bizarre means a “political consultant” used to take his own life, I thought it might be the GOP sell out who is pushing the disastrous national popular vote for a hefty fee. Thought maybe he had a conscience, after all. If the national popular vote was in place in 2016, Hillary Clinton would be president.

      May God bless the soul of this man so troubled that he would forever leave his family with the knowledge that he would chose to suffer and burn rather than seek help and remain in their lives. Heartfelt prayers to his family.

  7. GreenValleyGal says:

    AZ CD 2 Candidate Brandon Martin is a man of substance and determination. His expressed desire is to emulate Andy Biggs. We are honored to give Brandon our votes.