Sinema: AZ donkey disguised as elephant angles for votes

AZ’s growing number of registered “Independent” voters, less attuned to political realities, could irretrievably tip the national scales

A zoo in Cairo is causing a ruckus and raising indignation after the deception was exposed that donkeys had been painted to look like more expensive to purchase zebras. Actual zebras have different characteristics that make the fraud conspicuous.

Here in Arizona, we have a donkey masquerading as an elephant and the silence has been deafening. Not a peep has emanated from the zookeepers at GOP headquarters, asking where Kyrsten Sinema’s party identifier is on her ubiquitous campaign ads. Of interest is the fact that she’s running them on the conservative Fox cable news network.

Sinema has undergone a total, though superficial, transformation, as she refers to herself as a “problem solver,“ who “works across the aisle to get things done.”  She repeatedly calls herself “independent,” even “fiercely” so. That word is used with intent to capture the growing number of “Independent” voters, who miss the negative and far-reaching consequences of voting for this political fraud.

She’s the author ofUnite and Conquerwhich details her techniques.

Poised and polished, speaking softly cloaked in her newly crafted demeanor, there is no hint of the crude and coarse, self-identified bi-sexual, former Green Party-leaning Communist, candidate turned Democrat.  In her former incarnation, she used foul-mouthed slurs to describe women who choose to be stay-at-home Moms. Now blonde and slim, wearing glasses to make her appear studious, and tipping her head in a submissive pose, it’s clear the CD 9 U.S. Representative — an avowed atheist who refused to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible — worked with a coach in her latest and most significant deceptive quest. 

Currently running statewide for the U.S. Senate, Sinema’s obviously trying to capture cross-party votes, even desiring Republicans she can con.  She’s raising massive amounts of money to effect the change.

This donkey disguised as an elephant is a shrewd schemer, positioning herself to use a U.S. Senate seat to align with the Chuck Schumer-led leftists and block conservative votes on matters of national importance, such as confirmation of Supreme Court Justices, federal district court judges and cabinet appointees nominated by President Trump. The senate’s powers are detailed here.

 The painted jackasses in the Cairo zoo pale by comparison to the one here in Arizona working diligently to deceive Arizona voters.  

Seeing Red AZ strongly supports principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate.

19 Responses to Sinema: AZ donkey disguised as elephant angles for votes

  1. Rob Haney says:

    Another excellent piece, Seeingred! I especially appreciated the way you pointed out that the AZGOP has had nothing to say about Sinema’s fraud. The RINOs running the cabal at the AZGOP are probably concerned that their hypocrisy might be too obvious.

    We are in debt to Frosty Taylor and her MCRC Briefs for documenting so vividly the internal election fraud and disregard of the AZ State Statutes and GOP bylaws perpetrated by former AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham and current lackluster Chairman Jonathan Lines.

    • terry dudas says:

      This woman is a wolf in chameleon skin – AZ voters must receive this message. TV ad to counter her messages would be helpful, and must be run on the same networks locally.

    • Doc says:

      Quoted from the SRAZ Post (an Excellent one at that!)

      “problem solver,“ who “works across the aisle to get things done.”

      …now where have we heard similar words such as this? Why, from ASS & his bootlikker, jeffy mcFlake. THAT’S Where! A while back, I stated a still standing bet; a bottle of “Maker’s Mark” Whisky to anyone who can successfully argue that ASS & mcFlake aren’t shadow supporters & haven’t been assisting her clandestinely & helping her along. Next thing you know, she’ll be saying, “…build th’ Danged wall”! However she WON’T be quoting mr. 18% approval’s words of, “…I LIED…chuckle chuckle”

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Appreciate the compliment, Doc. It’s good having you as a reader and commenter. Remember hearing you calling in from Prescott to a popular, conservative drive time radio show a few years back.

  2. PC and State Committeeman says:

    If anyone is expecting any reaction from the GOPe dopes, it ain’t gonna happen. Some are too stupid most are too liberal and they have been the biggest stumbling blocks for our Party. Look at all the idiots who now claim to be Undependent oops I meant Independent! They all walked away leaving the struggling Grand Old Party to the Republicrats. Color them dark purple and color us an angry red faced minority with only a handful of activists. Makes one wonder just how committed Republicans are to win when they don’t have the stomach to fight and worse their insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Does the Party actively push districts to do voter frequent registration, nah maybe just occasionally have we actively recruited pcs, oh yeah by telling them they can change the Party as a pc and when they show up at the LDs it’s the same old blah blah blah. Tepid chairmen who thinks having meetings to listen to too many candidates dishonest rhetoric who when elected don’t do squat is the thrust of the agenda. How many pcs just left because of boring do nothing district meetings? Y’all ought to read Alinsky’s book and learn something for a change just how we are treated by the R Crats and D Crats. So there it is folks, you reap what you sow and so far we have been really ineffective growers. And yes, Sinema is a double speaking, Commie Card carrying, bi-sexual Dem who has money pouring into her campaign while we have food fights among our three candidates who divide the vote and stir up such vitriolic mud slinging against each other they are just giving more ammo to the other side. Remember the words, it’s the Primary Stupid. That is the time to get together.

  3. Jake sez says:

    When watching her political ads you will notice that she stresses the word “INDEPENDENT” and nowhere does she use the word democrat or use the blue color associated with them. She is trying to state that she is an independent and one of us. Good try but a big lie.

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      Jake are you saying you are an independent?

      • Jake sez says:

        No, I am far from an independent but I have lost four of my precinct committeemen who changed their registration to independent. We need to do more than talk. Don’t ask me for what more, as I am not that politically astute.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I’ve always been a supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but his entry into the race for a SIX year senate term is beyond infuriating. At 86 he has no business running for any office, let alone the US Senate. Then he makes the foolish promise that he’ll only seek a single term In six years, he’ll be 92, if he’s still around. It’s always been apparent that he has a colossal ego, but this is not only ridiculous….it’s offensive. He is Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema’s dream candidate, siphoning votes away from conservative Dr. Kelli Ward.

    I never thought I’d say this, but Joe has lost my respect. He’s shown himself to be a self-centered egotist who cares more about himself than the damage he’s causing….not just to the state but to the makeup of the US Senate, where Republicans need to hang on to every vote. His wife Ava has been ill. Does he think leaving her for long periods of time is the best way to spend their final years together? She’s also in her 80’s.

    • Lynda Tanner says:

      Agree with your entire statement.

    • terry dudas says:

      I sent the Sheriff an email, yesterday, saying as much. Doubt he will read it or act on it, but I did implore him to step aside for the good of Arizona – AND endorse Dr. Ward.

      • Braveheart says:

        I’ve heard Joe Arpaio doesn’t use a computer, so the chances of him seeing your email are slim. Even if he saw it, it would be disregarded. He’s enjoying the campaign, the hell with the state and impact on the US Senate.

  5. Maggie says:

    I agree that Joe is acting like an old fool. The old saying, “There’s no fool like an old fool,” certainly applies in this case. He’s lost my respect and support, too.That’s a big statement, given that I voted for him each and every time he ran.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Someone has done a Lot of research and spent a lot of money making this chick look like actress/model Jenny McCarthy, right down to the black-framed eyeglasses.

    • Mohave Mike says:

      Chick? She goes both ways.

      • Doc says:

        She DOES look a Lot like Jenny McCarthy…so 2 points:

        1-Jenny was married to the whack-job (who used to be funny) Jim Carrey, & was a Playboy Bunny several times.

        2-I GUARANTEE that Jenny never “made-out” (& More) with dammitt janet napolitano…try & get THAT Image out of your head!

  7. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Looks are only skin deep and lipstick on that pig doesn’t change her pig status. For those savvy folks that really know how to vet people it seems it is up to them to blow the whistle on the pigs. But me thinks I am not being fair to the cute little swine to compare them to evil, vile socialists humans.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please be on alert.

    In the past Two Weeks, 48 persons have been reported as missing in Iowa according the Iowa Dept of Public Safety.
    The majority of those missings persons are minors.

    Watch your children.

    Talk to your teens.

    This is not a joke.