AZ GOP Gov. race: Bold Bennett outpaces cowardly Ducey 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, running for reelection, is in the fight of his political life. He knows it and the rest of us smell the acrid scent of his palpable fear.

It’s almost enough to make to make him appear a pitiful victim. Then reality takes hold and it’s clear he’s brought this political calamity upon himself. Ducey’s nervous political operatives even tried — and failed — to remove conservative challenger Ken Bennett from the ballot.

In caving in to the demands of the striking teachers who abandoned their students for a week in violation of their contractual agreements, Ducey showed his cowardly underbelly. The 20% pay hike for a part-time job didn’t satisfy the striking unionists. So far in the 2018 election cycle, the “poor” teachers, through their leftist unions have contributed nearly $14 million to politicians —- 94% to Dems and a mere 5% to Republicans.*

Following radical Noah Karvalis, a 24-year-old hip-hop music teacher acclaimed by the Socialist Worker publication, teachers are now coalescing around a permanent Constitutional Amendment straight out of the Marxist playbook of redistribution of wealth with a “tax the rich,” ballot Initiative. Teachers don’t comprehend the simple fact that the small business owners, and those they consider “the rich” and need to be punished for their successes, already pay the lion’s share of taxes. They are the ones who took the risks, worked long hours and ultimately were able to provide jobs enabling their employees to buy homes, cars and send their kids to college. They don’t get the entire summer and long holiday breaks off.

Ducey brought us to this point with his weak response to the #REDsforED thugs, passing as educators. He then added insult to injury by claiming the wage hikes wouldn’t raise taxes. Given his falling on his sword for this economic nightmare, it’s interesting that he is reviled by the teachers, who do not intend to support him with their votes. Another calculated error on the part of the Guv.

Now he cowardly refuses to engage in either of the two scheduled gubernatorial debates. He cites as his reason that well-qualified Ken Bennett, Arizona’s former Secretary of State — the job next in line of succession to the governor and president of the state senate — didn’t show enough deference to Sen. John McCain when he suggested the seriously ill McCain should step down since he is unable to finish out his term.  McCain hasn’t been seen in nearly a year.

According to Ducey, bringing up the realities of McCain’s failing health and extended absence is out of bounds.  When Bennett said Arizona is unrepresented in the U.S. Senate, Ducey considered the facts concerning his mentor uncouth. Ducey not only refuses to debate Ken Bennett, but has maintained a close relationship with the McCain’s since he came to Arizona to attend ASU. Ducey’s first job was at Cindy Hensley McCain’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship. It has been reported he would appoint his former boss, Cindy, to her husband’s senate post when the vacancy occurs.

Somehow, Ducey’s offer is not uncouth, but mentioning the possibility is. 

* Center for Responsive Politics

10 Responses to AZ GOP Gov. race: Bold Bennett outpaces cowardly Ducey 

  1. State Delegate says:

    I’m a conservative. Doug McDucey will never get my vote again. I find his shameful actions in caving to the teacher’s outrageous demands reprehensible.

    Thanks for the ink to the teacher’s unions donations. If they are so underpaid, where does all that money come from? It’s doubtful they’re taking food from their own children’s mouths. Let’s not forget they are paid for 8 1/2 months work.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Ken Bennett’s credentials are outstanding. Before McCain set Ducey on his political path, he was running Cold Stone Creamery ice cream—into the ground.

    (Ignore the vicious cartoon of Arpaio depicted as a Nazi that sits atop this otherwise revealing article, detailing Ducey’s scurrilous business practices and the harm he brought to franchisers.)

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Interesting what the cowards are doing.
    Just yesterday, on the East Coast, the Leftist media was giving glowing accolades to none other than Megan McCain and suggesting that she would be taking her father’s seat.

    It’s NOT his seat.

    It’s OUR seat, which has NOT been sat on by a conservative Arizonan for decades.

    She’s not a citizen of Arizona. She does not represent our values or our views.

    Guess she’ll be trotting out that absentee husband soon.
    (Anyone ever check to see where that marriage license was filed?
    Maybe it will get the BHO birth certificate treatment?)

    Never Forget:
    It took a Freedom of Information Act request to finally get the
    report from the U.S. Navy regarding the show-off’s “wet start” on the deck of the USS Forrestal.

    The US NAVY documents reveal that he was Personally Responsible for the Deadliest Fire in the History of the US NAVY.

    Think about that.

    And there’s a lot more. He NEVER represented Arizona.
    But he sure spent a lot of time in foreign countries. Foreign journalists have reported on it and there are photos.

    Even Antarctica. Lots of Lefties sure like to visit Antarctica.
    Interesting stuff goes on there. . . . . .

    • Mike says:

      Too bad we can’t just deport the whole McAnus family to Antarctica permanently.

      • Clementine says:

        Impossible. No one even knows the name of the mystery man Meghan married. Although I doubt that he counts.

  4. Michael Schmitz says:


    Ben Domenech is McCain’s husband, founder of the
    He’s much more of a conservative than John McCain ever was.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please continue to pray to God for protection for our President, Donald Trump; his family; his loyal team and our U.S. Military.

    This is not a joke.
    They are under direct threat every second of every day.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Unfortunately, you’re right about that, Sam. The liberal mainstream media and its congressional echo chamber are working double time to bring down this president, his confidants, his cabinet members and his family. No lie is too mammoth, no truth too too insignificant for them to blow up and promote as calamities. Hillary Clinton who engaged in criminal acts was never touched. I’ve never been so disgusted by the radical left in my life. Both of my parents were Democrats. They would never have condoned these antics. I suspect both of them would have joined their favorite son and supported Donald Trump.

  6. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Doug Ducey has been a miserable failure as governor. That’s what we get for electing another McCain protégé. Ken Bennett has a proven history in the state of Arizona. Voters need to pay attention and be informed when casting their ballots. It’s too long between opportunities for do-overs and by then, as we’ve seen with John McAmnesty, even the wretched liars (remember his “build the danged fence” ads?) get reelected because the uninformed voters recognize their name or buy into their deceitful campaign hype.

  7. Jake sez says:

    Lots of good talk but has anyone been able to any contact information on Ken Bennett’s web sites. I sent the $5.00 but cannot get any other information. No signs, no other contact information, no nothing. Is he running? I hear him speak at meetings but then he disappears.