Dr. Steve Ferrara: Best choice for U.S. Rep. in CD 9

Moses Sanchez is the sole Republican running for Phoenix Mayor

Not long ago local radio talk show co-host and author Seth Liebsohn retired from the Seth and Chris Show to run for Congress in Arizona’s Congressional District 9, The duo’s afternoon drive time political program provided name ID to Leibsohn, giving him a boost as the campaign took off. The soaring trajectory didn’t last long. An entirely avoidable snafu occurred that derailed the short-lived campaign.

Now Liebsohn is endorsing another Republican in the race. Steve Ferrara, MD, a political fresh face, confidently identifying himself as a conservative on his website.

Dr. Ferrara, is a military veteran and medical doctor with a compelling personal story. Deployed into combat in Afghanistan he transformed combat casualty care by pioneering life and limb saving endovascular surgical techniques on the battlefield. His work history also placed him on Capitol Hill, providing extraordinary background for the CD 9 race.

Ferrara and his wife, Elizabeth, an active duty Navy Captain, are the parents of two teenage children.

Former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a liberal political opportunist who initially filed to run for secretary of state, recently resigned in order to run for congress. Incredibly egotistical, in 2017 he actually warned the President of the United States to “stay out of my city!“ as reported by AZ Family Channel 5. Undeterred, Trump came and addressed a huge, supportive crowd.

Democrat Stanton, a known tyrant who callously disregards the voices of city residents, pulled a costly fast one as he exited the mayor’s office, insuring votes from the La Raza open borders crowd, by gifting them $2.4 million in taxpayer funds. Known for supporting unpopular issues, Stanton even lied about lifting the oppressive food tax as he gave large “retention bonuses” to city employees. When first elected in 2011, he received a congratulatory call from the overjoyed duo, Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano.

The Lego-building-block-shaped district cuts a swath through central Phoenix making its way through Tempe and South Scottsdale, west Mesa, northwestern Chandler and areas of southeast Phoenix including the Ahwatukee district (Map here)

Moses Sanchez, another political newcomer, is the lone Republican in the Phoenix Mayor’s race, As usual, it’s bloated with Democrats, though the council and mayor run under a bogus “nonpartisan” guise. All we know about him is on his campaign website. Mayoral candidates typically don’t make the rounds of Republican district meetings because the city is deep blue in the red state of Arizona. The last Republican elected  mayor of the nation’s fifth largest city was a 1994 GOP pretender named Skip Rimsza.

As a young boy, along with his parents and sister, Sanchez immigrated to the U.S. from Panama. A Navy veteran of 21 years, including a tour of duty in Afghanistan, he continues to serve in the reserves. He graduated college with an MBA in Business Management, owns a small business and teaches in the community college system. Moses and his Arizona native wife Maria Manriquez M.D., live in Ahwatukee.

8 Responses to Dr. Steve Ferrara: Best choice for U.S. Rep. in CD 9

  1. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Ask him about his stance on the Dreamers you might change your mind,

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      He’s defended our country. I would hope that would account for something. Have you heard him speak on this topic? What did he have to say? Donald Trump has also exhibited squish tendencies on this crucial issue. DACA is the stealth means of permanently expanding the Democrat Party and rendering Republicans political relics.

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        Sure did, asked Ferrara directly his stance on DACA and got the typical “Well ya know these youngsters didn’t come here of their own free will blah blah blah. And yes he defended our country just like McAmnesty hey even Adrian Fontes served our county so what does that mean if they don’t support our nation of laws?

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Noting the comment posted above:
    “He’s defended our country. I would hope that would account for something. . . .”

    And that’s how we got John Mccain. And he Never, Ever represented the legal citizens of AZ.

    Interesting that SRAZ mentioned Stanton gifting tons of money to groups that hate US.

    Revealed today that CA politicians have been diverting the $$$ sent in FED aid to fight the seemingly never-ending arson fires in Cali
    to support their illegals. That’s right.

    Amazing how the “elite” and powerful white people seem to really hate other white people and want to replace them with uneducated, unhealthy, unskilled people. (sounds like modern day slavery)

  3. PC and State Committeeman says:

    As a so called white ‘privileged’ person who worked starting in high school and up to retirement, often 6 days a week and over 12 hours a day. I can only think of the families of those who lost their loved ones to illegal aliens who NEVER should have been in our country. And BTW an illegal attacked a member of my family.

    The law is the law and illegal is ‘illegal.’ Damn sick of the bs of Constitutional rights for non citizens being touted by so many.

    As for Sanchez I am just glad I don’t live in Phoenix and would not vote for a moderate who many perceive as a conservative. But then the sad story is we don’t have too many real patriots running state wide, take McSally, such an establishment Republicrat. She is even using POTUS in her ad where he is seen saying she is his friend. FYI he did not endorse her. He has not endorsed anyone for Senate as far as I know.

    Ken Bennett is one we should all be behind and he still needs those $5 donations. If you all could get some more donations we can get him elected. Keep Arizona fiscally sound, keep our right to bear arms, keep our election process integrity, and keep our school children safe.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      Just read both comments from “PC and State Committeeman” and “Saguaro Sam.” and find little to disagree with. McCain used his military service to skunk most of the Leisure World, Youngstown and Sun City voters, who buy into his self acclaimed hero status.

      We have to elect someone, and the choices are not perfect, but they are preferable to not letting the far worse Democrats win.

      Conservatives rallied behind mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright, about whom we actually had scant information. Even with her efforts, she lost to longtime McCain ally Wes Gullett, who in turn lost to Stanton, who is reprehensible. As a PC, and in violation of the Maricopa County GOP bylaws, Gullett signed onto the Republicans for Napolitano website. Later his wife, a single term state legislator who was unable to run for a second term after it was discovered that she signed as the circulator of nomination petitions she never circulated. Where did she go then? She went to work as a top aide to liberal Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon. It’s a never ending charade.

      I do live in Phoenix and with my fingers crossed and prayer in my heart, will have to vote for Sanchez. I will also vote for Dr. Ferrara. There is no one else. Dave Giles is a drunk who was picked up on an extreme DUI with DOUBLE the allowable blood alcohol level.

      What do you intend to do with your votes? Not voting is the same as voting for Dems.

  4. Jake sez says:

    I am supporting Steve Farrara because of what he did in the military. Yes, I see the resemblance with ASS McCain. We need to get a definite statement from Farrara on DACA. If we don’t support him, who do we support that can beat Stanton? The old rock and a hard place.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Where i see the root of the problem is in the lack of active recruitment of conservative candidates within the districts.

      The Arizona Republican Party is run by worthless McCain clones, who now talk up President Trump, but steered clear of him as a candidate.

      immediate past chairman Robert Graham contrived a BS reason not to attend the first Trump rally here at the Phoenix Convention Center. People waited in line in the summer sun for hours and the place was packed. Robert Graham wasn’t missed, but his absence spoke loud and clear of his allegiance to Trump-hater John McCain, his political deity

      McCain repaid his loyalty by appointing Graham’s son to the U.S. Naval Academy.