Harassment claims lobbed, $$ demanded: Who are the victims?

Claims of sexual harassment rock a Valley charter school

The facts of the case are obscured by “she said” allegations in this age of #MeTooism, but the report in the daily newspaper raises red flags on several fronts.

Charter schools have been in the newspaper’s sights editorially, in contrived news reports and gnawed on by the toady columnists, seeking job security, awaiting their retirement and Social Security checks to kick in.  Parental choice in the education of their children is deemed risky and inappropriate.

Charters, which frequently outperform government schools, (US News and World Report clearly shows AZ Charter high schools topping the national list) are the go-to, reliable whipping boys when there is no actual news. Those in charge of the schools earn “too much,” a mantra never sung about the overpaid university presidents at ASU, UofA or NAU.

Now a lengthy headline blasts this accusation, “Glendale charter school teachers accuse principal, vice principal of sexual harassment.”

Despite the headline, the report makes it clear that these two women, now issuing a multi-page demand letter for $200,000 each, were less than victims. One went out for drinks with the man she now accuses of drugging and sexually harassing her. The other engaged in a consensual sexual relationship, only complaining after the ongoing liaison concluded. They were so damaged that only a couple of hundred thousand dollars and the firing of the principal and vice principal, effectively destroying their careers, will make the women whole again.

The two men and the school are named in the second sentence of the news report. The women are referred to as “the women.” As is too often the case, allegations carry the same heft as guilt.

Cold cash and retribution appear to be the most soothing balms.

The school’s superintendent said she received no complaints of harassment from school employees, including from the two teachers, who have since left their jobs.

An attorney for the school says an investigation of the women’s claims in underway, but added that they have “serious credibility problems” and the school “disputes nearly all of the factual allegations” in the demand letter.

The actual facts of the case have yet to be established. But the principal and vice principal are already guilty as charged by “the women.” They are toxic men, after all.

6 Responses to Harassment claims lobbed, $$ demanded: Who are the victims?

  1. D. B. Cooper says:

    From my vantage point as a dedicated consumer of information, the report accusing the men of harassment appears typical of the current trend that demonizes men and makes all women victims. The case of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is a stunning example. He ran and was elected to the state Supreme Court three times over his career. But when he had the gall to announce for the US Senate, all hell broke lose. As a Republican in the senate he could a be a deciding vote for President Trump’s agenda, cabinet and judicial nominees as well as caucusing with the conservatives.

    Suddenly the dynamics changed! Women came out of the woodwork making 40 year old accusations against him that had never previously been made and were impossible to refute.His senate aspirations came to a grinding halt and a liberal Democrat was elected to represent Alabama.

    Obviously I’m not privy to the facts behind the Charter School allegations, but my suspicious antenna are raised in high alert mode. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are demanded I tend to discount the accusers.

  2. Marianne says:

    As a woman, and mother of sons, I have to say this take down and shake down of men is becoming all too commonplace. Certainly not all men are saints, but not all women are the victims they portray themselves to be when it benefits them.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    This is Not the Big story in AZ. This is a distraction.

    The BIG story is the truth behind the Dem. political insider who was suicided in the dumpster at a church in PHX recently.
    Kind of like news from PHX, circa 1976.
    Concentric circles.

    Lots of shady characters taking lessons from the Clintons, it seems.
    (Clintons had a Ton of $$$ cut off via a Prez E.O., so they may be conducting seminars now)

    Here’s some interesting reading for your lunch hour:


    (the entire series can be found in the link listed above)

    You really need to read this.

    Our President tonight in Tampa. Traffic jams, already. Long lines.

    Please pray to God for protection for our President; his family, his Loyal team and our U.S. Military.

    You have NO idea.

    • Kent says:

      It’s big news when these teachers not only leave the students they are charged with educating and do a piss poor job of that, but they are propagandizing our kids with Socialism. After Doug McDucey gave in to their demands for a 20% pay raise, these “teachers” are now working with liberal legislators on a Marxist “tax the rich” ballot initiative (Constitutional Amendment) to permanently put higher tax rates on small business owners and others who already pay the highest rates.

      Socialist Bernie Sanders scored big with millennial voters because they’ve been indoctrinated with his ideology in the public schools by their “underpaid” unionist teachers, who actually work part time jobs. Do you get the summer off and two weeks off for Christmas and Easter? Bet not!

  4. Braveheart says:

    The AZ Repulsive is all in for Red(s)forEd teachers who walked out on their students as they demanded and finally got a TWENTY PERCENT salary increase! Gov. McDucey then said there would be no impact on taxpayers. He must think we’re all brain dead. He got elected, with little to recommend him other than John McCain, so he might be right in his assessment.

    My neighbor teachers at a BASIS charter school and told me that none of the teachers at her school participated in the strike.