AZ Primary Election Results – Aug. 28, 2018

Polls close tonight at 7 p.m., and continually updated results will be available after 8 p.m.


The AZ Secretary of State’s Office has categorized the election results into FEDERAL, STATEand LEGISLATIVE races. 

Oddly, the links omit some of the candidates, who can only be seen by clicking on “view more.” The snafu plagued site, might explain why Secretary of State Michele Reagan is in the race of her life. It’s a repetition of her last election misadventures.  Reagan’s office, obviously anticipating problems on her watch, even put up an election night Help page that is sure to get a workout.

Of the early ballots mailed out in Maricopa County, approximately 44% were returned before election day. 

6 Responses to AZ Primary Election Results – Aug. 28, 2018

  1. State Delegate says:

    I just clicked on the Federal link and only Joe Agepaio and Sally McCain came up. WHERE IS DR. KELLI WARD? Is this omission by design or just another “mistake.”

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    More long lines, more screw ups. Polls didn’t open as scheduled this morning. That was the fault of MC Recorder Adrian Fontes whose new touch screen equipment wasn’t hooked up. He’s blaming the installation contractor.

    Steve Gaynor is already beating the socks off of Michele Reagan. Hope she finds something else to do outside of government. She was a lousy state legislator, siding with Democrats and voting against all of the attempts to address the nightmare of illegal immigration. She’ll have plenty of time now to spend in her beloved Mexico.

    • Trevor says:

      Michelle Reagan can join with her gal pal Janet at the University Of California, Michelle along with Tom O’Halleran were Janets go to RINOS!

  3. Clementine says:

    Fox News reported earlier that Jeff the Flake endorsed Martha McSally, and she didn’t want his endorsement. She’s currently running to the right and doesn’t need the taint from such an ardent an anti-Trumper even though she’s running for the seat he couldn’t hold.

    If she wins the primary, she’ll veer left again as soon as the ballots are counted. McCain, Flake and Kyl all perfected that double stepping con.

    • Hunter says:

      There are several take aways from the results.

      1) Kelli Ward is not a viable candidate. She is a good person, but two losses in a row for the same office make her a poor candidate for any other state-wide office.

      2) Joe Arpaio is an old fool. He should never have entered the Senate race. Even though McSally got a majority of the votes, Arpaio may have changed the dynamics of the race to cause that. He may have created doubts about Ward that might have reduced her vote count even if those people did not vote for Arpaio. Based on the vote count, he didn’t make a difference. However, there are dynamic effects of a third person entering the race that can affect the momentum of all candidates. While Arpaio did many good things, playing a spoiler to help liberal Republicans will be his legacy.

      3) Conservatives must acknowledge that most Republicans are moderates or even liberals. Alternatively, it may be that most Republicans are ignorant or stupid which is far less likely. Most Republicans are big government Republicans that like to use the government to push their agenda rather than limit the government so people can pursue their own agendas. Most Republicans like the status quo of a big government welfare state that allows illegal aliens into the country to provide cheap labor for them (even if there is substantial taxpayer and social cost). From a conservative perspective, the Republican Party is just Democrat lite and only less bad than the Democrats as opposed to being a party they can actively support and endorse. The Republican Platform is pretty good, but most Republican general election candidates ignore it.

  4. Anthem Al says:

    I’ve lost all respect for Joe Arpaio for mucking up this race by playing the role of spoiler. At his advanced age, he should be more aware of the damage he’s caused.. His ego is going to give us a liberal McCain clone as the GOP candidate for the US Senate. I’ve always admired him, but this election has shown me what a cantankerous and egotistical man he is. He said he would only serve one term, but he would be 92 at the end of that term, if he made it that long. I’ve heard the saying,” there is no fool like an old fool.” Joe proves it!!

    This disaster what he’ll be remembered for. It will drown out all of his accomplishments as sheriff.