Primary Election Day: An in-depth look at the numbers

Armed with this treasure trove of trends and info, you might have a leg up betting on the outcomes of tonight’s Arizona Primary Election.

Data Orbital describes itself in part as “a full-service data analytics and survey research firm with local, state and national experience.”

Check out its Early Voting Tracker which breaks down Arizona’s data statewide, by county, congressional, legislative districts, and even precincts — including ballots requested and returned by Republican, Democrats and Independents.

There is no more “Election Day” as we knew it, since the majority of voters have already cast their ballots by mail.

7 Responses to Primary Election Day: An in-depth look at the numbers

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I was always a Joe Arpaio fan, but at 86 he doesn’t belong in the Arizona senate race competing for a 6 year term. What’s worse, his consultants have been engaging in vicious mudslinging, which he never needed to do as sheriff since he commanded the field by virtue of his knowledge of the issues and career in law enforcement.That’s no longer the case. To make matters worse, he’s aiming his ire at Kelli Ward, who is the actual conservative in the race. Joe won’t win, but he is helping Mc-McSally, often described here as Sally McCain.
    He has shredded his “legacy” as far as I’m concerned. I hope the early voters have seen through his awful last hurrah.

  2. MacBeth says:

    These numbers are interesting. I can see why Tucson (in Pima County) is known as the People’s Republic of Pima. Very left leaning. Not surprising that they elected Gabby Giffords, Ron Barber and Martha McSally

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It must really suck to be Doug today (and every day, henceforth).
    Everyone watching. People whose names are not well known, but who control so much, worldwide.

    Obviously, DD is well aware of the people who were financing the Stench. Horrible, awful, powerful people.
    Survival mode.

    it is now proven that once HRC lost to Trump,
    ALL of her financial backers pulled out of the Clinton Foundation and flocked to his “Institute”. Every. One. Of. Them.

    This is very interesting.

    We’ve got local stuff to deal with today, but Pay attention to What is Happening in Iran.
    They said that he went out on his own terms.

    • Realist says:

      They also said he was tweeting and sending out press releases….also a lie. Brain cancer erodes, it doesn’t allow for cogent thought. He was definitely receiving hospice care which takes you out with increasingly high dosages of powerful drugs. The reason the McCain’s were living at their Cornville spread rather than at their luxury Phoenix penthouse condo with close proximity to his Mayo Clinic neurologists, was because the family wanted complete control over who came up the driveway without any prying eyes. McCain had been showing signs of lack of cognitive abilities for quite some time before the diagnosis. He did not bravely decide to “halt his treatment,” because he couldn’t.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        What you say about brain cancer and the progression of the disease is correct.

        However, the situation was Not as it was reported.

        Two started putting on a public show quite early.
        Immediately after they were both explicitly told “No Deals”.
        Pelosi is the other one.
        She likes it when the media notices her performances behind the microphone.
        Under the cover of medical illness. . . . . . .

        Never fear, GITMO is fully tricked out for the tricksters who claim illness.

      • Not Fooled says:

        I’ve thought the exact same thing. SRAZ should put your comment into a stand alone post. We’ve been conned by McCain and his operatives for so long they thought they could keep up the charade and we wouldn’t notice.

  4. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Thanks for the link to Data Orbital. Lots of good information here. Except for border counties like Pima and Santa Cruz, Republicans remain stronger voters than the Dims, which is good news. Our work hasn’t been in vain.