2018 AZ GOP Primary: Wed. morning quarterbacking

Time to go:

Incumbents, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas and Secretary of State Michele Reagan, were each handed their heads by their fellow GOP challengers. Frank Riggs (holding a slim 1,121 vote lead over Bob Branch) in the superintendent’s race and Steve Gaynor who mopped the floor with incompetent SoS Reagan, trouncing her 67.3% to 32.7%.

In the CD8 race Congresswoman Debbie Lesko handily beat Sandra Dowling, 77.1% to 22.9%, mounting a challenge that made no sense to political observers. Lurking in the Democrat weeds and readying for a rematch is well-funded Hiral Tipirneni. Why Dowling would cause Lesko to spend on this futile effort requires a study in egoism.

Speaking of which…Joe Arpaio, a once well-respected, former Maricopa County Sheriff at age 86, inexplicably entered the U.S. Senate race, siphoning votes from Dr. Kelli Ward. He took 18.93% of the political pie, aiding Martha McSally aka Sally McCain.

Republicans in CD9 are fortunate to have Dr. Stephen Ferrara step up to challenge longtime Democrat operative and former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. Ferrara easily routed primary challenger David Giles, 59.0% to 33.1%. This needless exercise and expenditure of campaign funds raises the same question as in the Lesko/Dowling match-up.

Another winner who should not have encountered a primary challenger is former state senator Kimberly Yee, running for state treasurer — who handily beat her perpetually angry challenger Jo Ann Sabbagh, 58.2 to 41.8%.


Senate candidate Kelli Ward, a two-term state senator and physician, who was massively outspent by her opponent John McCain in 2016, and this time around by his hand picked Republicrat CD 2 Congresswoman, Martha McSally. Following his lead, McSally refused to debate Ward, denying Arizona voters the opportunity to make a comparison beyond the sound bite ads filled with distortions and lies. Establishment McMoney was flowing in for McSally, who ran televised ads that had not even a nodding acquaintance with the truth.

Well qualified Jim O’Connor came up up one percentage point short in his bid for a seat on the Corporation Commission.  That this good man fell behind charlatan Rodney Glassman is a travesty.

Ken Bennett, former AZ Secretary of State and president of the state senate, entered the race too late and ran into problems with the Clean Elections Commission in his race for governor. He would have been a viable conservative alternative to Republicrat Doug Ducey — who many fear will appoint Cindy Hensley McCain to succeed her recently deceased husband. Ducey has close ties with the McCain’s. His first job when arriving in Arizona was working at the Hensley Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship.

Proof that voters are easily conned:

In the GOP primary, Rodney Glassman captured one of the two seats on the utility rate setting Corporation Commission. Glassman has developed an affinity for the word, “Conservative” — which he tosses around liberally as a self description. The phony maneuver worked for the leftist who previously ran for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat challenging McCain, and also for the state chairman of the AZ Democrat Party. This cycle, his mailers, radio and TV ads and robo calls all identified this impostor as a “conservative.” Republican voters, too apathetic to look past the deceit, believed the sound bites and voted for glib Glassman.

* According to the Secretary of State’s webpage, all counts are “unofficial.”

14 Responses to 2018 AZ GOP Primary: Wed. morning quarterbacking

  1. Michael Schmitz says:

    Unfortunately in CD1 the conservative candidate Steve Smith lost to the perennial chameleon candidate Wendy Rogers who was chastised by Republicans for smearing Smith with unfounded accusations of child trafficking. I’m not sure if I can bring myself to support her in the general.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      you’re correct!

      Unfortunately, there were too many races to give them all the coverage they deserve.
      The fact that Lea Marquez Peterson, a deceitful liberal masquerading as a Republican was able to beat conservative CD 2 candidate Brandon Martin by 2,682 votes is further evidence of voter inattention.
      “Left wing Lea” reveals who she really is and exposes her actual left wing agenda. Watch it.

  2. Lynda Tanner says:

    Wow, what a wreck this primary was.

    • Kimball says:

      Republicans who value their families, American sovereignty and and their freedom can no longer be complacent. Candidates running openly as Socialists recently won elections in New York and Florida.

      Our American students are not being taught American exceptionalism because it’s now regarded as a haughty concept. The once fine public schools have denigrated into cesspools of liberalism. Indoctrination by the liberal union teachers begins in kindergarten. Children barely past being toddlers are taught about homosexuality and the normalization of transgenderism. Obama was worshiped as a hero and Donald Trump is denigrated on a daily basis in print and electronic media.

      We conservatives need to keep our eye on the ball or soon it will be too late. Charter schools are a great alternative to government schools. They may be all we have to rely on to protect what we all take for granted.

      Public school teachers are now behind a ballot measure that is an irrevocable Constitutional Amendment, following the Marxist doctrine of taxing those they declare to be “the rich.Most teachers are too ignorant to know that “the rich” already pay the highest taxes, while others in our society pay none. Small business owners fall into this category and so do many two income middle class households. Beware of “Invest in Ed.” Take time to teach your children the basics of our freedom and explain why America IS Exceptional. They are n longert learning these facts in school.

  3. Trevor says:

    Rodney Glassman is a disaster and why did Sandra Dowling challenge Lesko was it ego?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward took her Bus Tour from Lake Havasu to Yuma.
    What was that supposed to gain?

    She allowed—-stood by—while letting Tomi Lahren, (the 25 year old who parted ways abruptly with The Blaze regarding her stance on abortion and is now a “contributor” on FOX) run the show.

    Tomi Lahren, who loves a microphone, was dressed like a
    Los Angeles girl who just flew in from Nashville. Trendy cowgirl look, even if her boots were from a catwalk in NYC.
    Dr. Ward, meanwhile stood back, way back and off to the side, smiling, arms folded across her chest.

    And what did Ms. Tomi Lahren do on that first day of the Bus Tour?

    On the very day that the McCain family announced that he was stopping treatment, Ms. Tomi Lahren took to the microphone to diss him. Although we would agree with what she said, it should have never been discussed.
    Dr. Ward’s opponent was Martha McSally.

    It was obvious, at that point, that Dr. Ward was just along for the ride.

    • Observer says:

      Dr. Ward’s statewide tour made a lot of sense. It was not the reason she lost. Why do you feel compelled to blame the best, most authentic conservative candidate we had in this senate race? Who did you support? Ancient Joe, the spoiler or Sally McCain? Will you vote for far left chameleon Sinema?

      Kelli Ward ran a damn good race, but was up against the GOP establishment machine that poured millions into McSally;s race. McSally is now running as a Trump supporter, though she maligned him before she entered the race. She later refused to say whether she voted for him. Is that your idea of a reliable conservative or don’t you care?

      McSally’s tone will turn more leftward now that she’s won the primary. She needs Independent votes and squish Republicans to pull off an upset. She’ll feed them exactly what they want to get what she needs.

      BTW, were you at a Ward event on her tour or did you read about it?

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        I voted for Ward.
        I contributed to her campaign.
        I watched video of Tomi Lahran looking like she was the candidate.
        Reliable conservatives who are running for office should take control or hire someone who can manage it.
        It’s not like we don’t have the blueprints, after what happened to
        J.D. Hayworth who is and was the reliable conservative, and who ran a brilliant campaign.

        By the way, I care. I do care.
        I see carloads of people from the Left coast pouring into AZ each and every day.
        In case you haven’t noticed, we are at war.
        And I did not see a warrior in her.
        Thank you for your concern.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just an FYI from yesterday’s “closed door” hearing with DOJ Bruce Ohr:

    He Named Names.
    Yes, he and wife Nellie were paid for their part.
    Nellie Ohr had the “operational responsibility”.

    Christopher Steele in phone calls to Ohr said that he talked directly to Mc …….
    (yes, I know, where’s the proof on that)
    actually yelled “STOP”.
    had to take a recess.

    Yates; Lynch (again Dems screamed STOP); Rosenstein, all mentioned.

    Ohr summed up his feelings about Trump by using the word “loathe”.

    Claims one FISA judge was in on it the whole time. (DEMS Flip out, again) No follow up.

    Fusion GPS data handed to (Obama) WH.
    UK/Australia heavily involved in the spying on Trump.

    Intel. Information was INTENTIONALLY omitted, by these players, from President Trump’s Presidential Daily Briefing.

    Dumped on Comey, but not on McCabe.

    Discrepancies between Ohr testimony vs. LIsa Page testimony.(Page cut a deal; Strozk did not)

    Ohr and Page may be called in together for a testimony showdown.

    Another FYI: Everyone in the room was aware that ‘he terminated his life’, was not a natural death.

    Google Maps already showing the Richard B. Russell Building in D.C. now as the JSM Building.
    It was brought to their attention, so might have changed it back by now.

  6. jake sez says:

    Now is he time to start the search for new and true conservative candidates. Kelli Ward is nice but two losses should be enough. Ferrara could be a good choice. Want to see how he shakes out. Biggs could go for Senator next time against Ducey’s choice.

    Now is the time to start building support.

  7. Jig says:

    Unfortunately now we will have a lesbo v lesbo Senate race!

    • Jig says:

      Big Sis Napolitano must be smiling!

      • Maggie says:

        Sinema is a self-identified bi-sexual,atheist with ties to the Communist party. Of course she buries all of that with her new slimmed down and impeccably groomed personna. She no longer calls married women who choose to stay home and nurture their families vile names. Now she loves the military. Previously she despised our troops. SRAZ has run numerous posts about Sinema. I think the last one had Mother’s Day in the title. Try Googling Seeing Red AZ Sinema Mother’s Day. That might take you to it.

        Also have you noticed she doesn’t use the word Democrat in her ads or on her signs? She promotes herself as an Independent who “just wants to get things done.”