Will Jeff Flake’s flawed sons face future backlash from Dad’s hypocrisy? & UPDATE

September 29, 2018

Jeff Flake, a father of five, has a couple of sons who have made the news for being less than stellar. He obviously wasn’t thinking of them 36 years in the future as their careers could hang in the balance and their lives be all but destroyed by claims made against them.

Yet in siding with a united bloc of Democrats as the swing Republicrat, that is exactly what he is consenting to. The difference is, in his son’s cases the claims would not be unsubstantiated. It would be hoped that in the intervening years they would have matured and been worthy of having their pasts put in the past.

Austin Flake, a BYU college student and his then-wife Logan, were left in charge of her parent’s kennel while they were out of state. The young Flakes were responsible for the agonizing, heat-related suffocation deaths of nearly two dozen family pets, through their inattention and callous disregard. The dogs were packed together in a steamy utility room, lacking air-conditioning and without food or water in the midst of Phoenix’ triple digit summer temperatures.

Originally indicted by a grand jury, the Flakes served no time, but her vacationing parents did. It’s good to have a well-connected Dad.

Jeff Flake accused GOP presidential candidate Trump of racism for stating his intent to build a wall along our southern border and calling for a moratorium on unable-to-be-vetted refugees from terror sponsoring nations. Trump understood that his first obligation is ensuring the safety and security of America’s citizens.

When it comes to racism and Flake, his son Tanner was the indisputable champion offender. In 2013 teenage Tanner was the subject of our post “Generational Flakes.” The younger Flake was also exposed on Buzzfeed for his online spew of vile anti-black and Hispanic, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs. Daddy pathetically apologized for him, teaching him nothing about accepting responsibility or the concept of remorse.

On July 9, 2018 President Trump nominated federal appellate court judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. He had previously been vetted six times for top-level posts he’s held in the White House and on the bench. His record was exemplary and he won the praise of colleagues. The married father of two young daughters was regarded as above reproach.

There were only two problems. First and foremost, he was nominated by President Trump, despised by Democrats, Flake and his mentor McCain, for having soundly defeated scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton, whom the two Arizona senators supported. Additionally, Kavanaugh would be the second Republican justice Trump would name to the high court — a bridge too far for the Left.

The plan to destroy Judge Kavanaugh was clear from Day One. They also intended to hobble the president until after the midterm elections when they dream of reclaiming the majority in the House and Senate and denying him any confirmations of nominees for the entirety of his term.

Inept Flake, on his way out the political door due to 18% approval ratings, has finally attained a level of renown which has been beyond his grasp. He found it by being the pivotal Republican the Dems can count on to carry their polluted water — another delaying tactic calling for an FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh.

This is how conservative commentator Candace Owens characterizes Jeff Flake:

Jeff Flake relishes being the center of attention, even when his cause is wrong.


True to form, the left-wing Arizona Republic distorter of facts provides Page One and lengthy jump page coverage to Jeff Flake, a bogus Republican it can support, in today’s Sunday edition.

The headline would be comical if not so steeped in deception: “Flake is pulled into spotlight he doesn’t want.” The fallacious report describes attention-seeking Flake as a Republican in the mold of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater (fact-filled 2015 exposé you should read).

Although Reagan, an actual conservative, supported Goldwater’s 1964 presidential bid, the differences between the two became magnified with the passage of time.

Flake is no Reagan. Deception reigns supreme at the Arizona newspaper.

Flake waffles on SCOTUS vote, longs to be center of attention

September 28, 2018

In waning days of his D.C. career, lame duck Republicrat desperately struggles for relevancy, seeks center stage with what could be pivotal vote

In one of his many oratorical  attempts to sound high-minded while bashing Pres. Trump, Jeff Flake went on a pomposity rant, stating, “If we compromise the truth for the sake of our politics, we are lost.”

The quote is instructive in view of Flake’s waffling leading up to the confirmation vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The federal district judge has suffered savage partisan attacks on his integrity since being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by Pres. Trump. Thursday’s hearing was a despicable unified display of partisan bile spewed by the left.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a longtime McCain sidekick, has found his own voice and expressed outrage over the abuse being thrown at Judge Kavanaugh, (video) mincing no words.  Graham’s impassioned statement was the highlight of the day.

But Flake, true to the form that caused him to alienate Arizona Republicans to the point of garnering only an 18% approval rating and realizing he couldn’t win reelection to his single term senate seat, equivocated as late as yesterday, saying both Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser “gave compelling testimony.“  This, despite the fact that Christine Ford had no reliable recollections of where or when the assault she claimed she suffered as a teen 36 years ago took place, who was there at the time and even lied about her fear of flying, as she delayed the hearing for purely partisan reasons. Those she asked to corroborate her account refused to do so.

Jeff Flake is reminiscent of Narcissus, the Greek character of myth, who became enchanted with his own reflection in a body of water, leaned in to get a closer look and drowned trying to pursue himself. Who can forget Flake’s solo escapade on a deserted island years ago, taking only the barest of necessities to sustain life along with a camera and tripod to film himself. Is this egomaniacal lightweight, unable to discern fact from fiction, someone to entrust with a crucial vote on a U.S. Supreme Court Justice? 

Watch the live proceedings HERE.

SCOTUS circus begins at 7am, AZ time

September 27, 2018

By tuning in to the YouTube live stream to watch the preposterous circus rather than what should be a dignified confirmation hearing of presidential Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you can perpetuate the sham by driving up ratings.

If you must, the hearing is scheduled to begin at 7:00 am AZ time (10:00 am ET).

The 2018 U.S. Supreme Court term begins Monday, October 1, 2018. The Democrat’s delaying tactics are focused on that date and doing whatever is humanly possible to keep Judge Brett Kavanaugh from being seated with those who should be his colleagues. As we previously noted, this process is steeped in left-wing politics and the desire to deny President Donald Trump another appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Edith Roberts, writing for the SCOTUS blog, provided a solid summary of the run-up to today’s events in Wednesday’s Round-up.

AZ prosecutor has key role in Thursday’s SCOTUS hearing

September 26, 2018

GOP senators have selected Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has just recently accused the Supreme Court nominee of assaulting her when they were teenagers.

For his part, Judge Kavanaugh noted in a Monday letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Character assassination will not succeed,” and referred to the allegations as, “smears, pure and simple…which debase our public discourse.”

Mitchell has worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office in Phoenix for nearly three decades, and is the chief of the special victims division, which deals with sexual assault cases. In recruiting Mitchell to join their staff, the all-male panel of 11 Republican senators on the judiciary committee are taking an unusual step. They are turning to her to ask what are expected to be personal questions on live television — avoiding uncomfortable exchanges that could sway the public’s opinion about the session.

But how wise is this choice?  Prosecutors prosecute. The prosecutor’s task is to prove charges against a defendant beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. However, their main task is to pursue justice. They are not independent arbiters. The senate is not a court of law. Judge Kavanaugh is not a defendant.

Know this. Whatever takes place and regardless of who poses the questions, this process is steeped in left-wing politics and the desire to deny President Donald Trump another appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ex- AZ GOP chair Graham hit by Mass. lifetime securities ban

September 26, 2018

Robert Graham fined and permanently banished from Massachusetts securities trading industry

The Arizona Mirror magically appeared in our email box with an intriguing report…made even more so, since the headliner was the momentary topic of conversation among a group of dining politicos recently.

 “Does anyone know what Robert Graham’s doing these days?’ asked one.

Another replied, “Wow, haven’t heard that name in a while!”

Chuckles followed the wry observation, that included the words, “self promoter.”

Then intriguingly, like an apparition being summoned from the night sky, an answer to the burning — actually more like simmering — question, appeared from the folks at the new publication, the AZ Mirror. Meet the small but seasoned staff, whose resumes include the Capitol Times and Yellow Sheet on the upside… and the Arizona Republic and USA Today, on the downside. They provide a compelling backstory to the formation of the AZ Mirror.

And, if you’ve wondered about McCain sycophant Robert Graham, wonder no more. His mysterious disappearance is unraveled by reading,Massachusetts gives former Arizona GOP chairman lifetime securities ban.

Grant Woods threatens reprising McCain

September 25, 2018

The Arizona Republic newspaper has gotten lazy. Subscriptions waned as former readers wearied of having their intelligence insulted with a constant barrage of regurgitated, spleen venting leftism. The newspaper’s Trump haters, unified in their vitriol, band together in a daily choreographed frenzy — armed with honed word swords with which to annihilate their conservative enemies. Between the editorial page doyens, the columnists and political cartoonist, the obliteration of foes takes primacy.

John McCain remains a deity to which all employees knees bend in supplication. Though his three-day funeral came to an end, his presence is still felt. The latest manifestation is a 13 x 6 inch, halftone screen, shadowy head and shoulder shot of the now deceased senator, grinning. And what is worthy of the toothy smile, eerie, though it is?

Nothing less than the first of two pages, written by Grant Woods, his first chief of staff when McCain was a one-termer in the U.S. House nearly four decades ago. Woods later was elected Arizona Attorney General.

Still bombastic, the Medicare eligible Woods has nary a gray hair on his Oxford Brown shoe polish toned head. The self-aggrandizing Woods writes a “My Turn” column titled, “Why McCain’s death might convince me to run for Senate (just not as a Republican).”

“If I believe our country is in perilous times, what is my responsibility as a citizen to do something about it? I have to do more, that much is clear,” he writes. “But does that mean I have to run for office again, this time for my mentor John McCain’s seat in the U.S. Senate? Maybe it does. I have the option of running as an Independent.  It suit me and would be a lot of fun.”

His sole practice law firm website is also replete with braggadocio. Former public defender Woods pompously refers to himself as, “one of Arizona’s most acclaimed and successful lawyers,” calling his own career “legendary.” Normally such glowing accolades are bestowed by fans, but Grant Woods has no fan that matches the guy he sees in the mirror each morning. 

For GOP squish Woods to threaten to run as anything but a Republican is no threat at all.  For years he has garnered publicity using this same maneuver. He’s publicly endorsed numerous Democrats from Hillary Clinton to liberal Dems Terry Goddard and Felecia Rotellini for AZ Attorney General in two separate races. Leftist Harry Mitchell was Grant Wood’s pick for Congress. His name was prominently displayed on the list of Republicans for Janet Napolitano, (click to enlarge) the worst Arizona governor in memory, who later abandoned her post to join the Obama administration.

Invariably on the wrong side of issues, Woods prosecuted U.S. Border patrol agent Nicholas Corbett, charging him with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of an illegal alien during a border altercation. Corbett, who maintained he acted in self-defense, was tried twice, with both cases resulting in hung juries as Woods did not prove the case.

The thought of this Democrat-endorsing, McCain clone trying to resurrect the now buried Republicrat is chilling — even in Arizona where the September temperatures are still in the triple digits.

Hypocrisy, double standard exist when accused men are Dems

September 24, 2018

If the age of #MeToo has taught us anything, it is that any allegation made by a woman against a man is sacrosanct and unworthy of further examination. If the alleged incident occurred nearly forty years ago and the man protests that it never took place, you can be certain he is lying. If he protests too much, another “victim” will be sure to be found, to show there is a “pattern.” That no such allegations were previously made prior to the man, a constitutionalist, being nominated to U.S. Supreme Court by a Republican President of the United States, is simply coincidental.

In the case of Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, when the dung being thrown at him — despite having been vetted six previous times for other posts of importance — fails to stick, it’s time to dredge up more. Another “victim” has to be located and better still, a minority, to give the claims more ethnic panache.

As Democrats prance, posture and pontificate before the cameras, Republican leadership foolishly retreats. Where are the GOP senate members expressing outrage at this avalanche of politically-based negativity?  Where are the voices reminding the Democrats in the throes of feigned indignation about the allegations of rape made by multiple women against then-Arkansas Attorney General and later Governor? Untouchable, he went on to be president.

Desirous of power at all costs, Hillary staged a public relations intervention on behalf of her sexually exploitive and deceitful husband and the dirt was mysteriously swept away, including a 12-year affair with local reporter Gennifer Flowers begun when he was Governor of Arkansas. Later his problems escalated when he was found to be having an ongoing dalliance with a White House intern, substantiated by his DNA on her infamous blue dress. In the case of the intern Monica Lewinsky, he first denied and then admitted the relationship.

Hillary, who had previously attributed his  numerous liaisons and offenses tothe vast right-wing conspiracy,” couldn’t make the semen stains disappear. She was so used to dealing with his “indiscretions,” that her anger was directed at the truth being exposed rather than the offending part of her husband.

Then there was Ted Kennedy, extolled as the “Lion of the Senate.” When he took his nephews along on his drunken womanizing binges, he was just being a cool uncle. When his serial sexual exploits drove his formerly beautiful wife to alcoholism and an early death, that was just part of the Kennedy mystique.

After young senate staffer Mary Jo Kopechne died following Kennedy driving his car off the Chappaquiddick bridge after a party in 1969, it was due to the fact that he extracted himself and left her alone in the car to drown. He didn’t report the incident to the authorities. The car and her body were discovered the next morning and he finally came forward…sober and wearing a neck brace.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to “leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury.” He received a two-month suspended sentence, and went on, unscathed, to run for the presidency in 1980. More compelling than his loss to Jimmy Carter was his uncanny ability to shake off the taint of manslaughter.

Would either Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy have been able to survive politically if they’d been Republicans? You know the answer.