Video confirms AZ’s porous border invites invaders

Vote smart in Nov. 2018 General Election

SRAZ’s commenter Saguaro Sam provided a link to a site giving coverage to the alarming situation of rampant invaders on our southern border. Running with another site’s post is not our usual fare, but this is particularly relevant, since it concerns Arizona rancher, John Chilton and surveillance videos he’s made of armed illegal invaders in military garb flooding across our southern border and his 50,000 acre ranch.

Chasing the link, we discovered that it originally appeared on the Daily Caller, a site co-owned by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

It’s of such heightened significance that we are taking Sam’s suggestion and presenting,25 STRAIGHT MINUTES OF ILLEGAL ALIENS CROSSING INTO US THROUGH ARIZONA RANCH.”

This is a must see video.  We are grateful to both the Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit for exposing this vast criminality.

Arizona is facing a crucial General Election November 6, 2018. All of the state’s executive officers will be up for election including a U.S. Senate seat and all nine U.S. House of Representatives seats.

Of particular importance are the governor’s race and the U.S. Senate seat being forfeited by the aptly named Jeff Flake. A virulent Trump hater, Flake’s 18% approval rating signaled, even to him, that reelection was not in the cards, causing him to bow out.

Gov. Doug Ducey raised the ire of conservatives by buckling to the demands of the union teachers who abandoned their students for a week last spring, demanding a 20% pay increase. But the reality is, Ducey is far superior to liberal Democrat David Garcia — who opposes a border wall and campaigns on dismantling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Garcia is endorsed by myriad unions, pro-abortion groups Planned Parenthood and NARAL along with leftist ethnic identity organizations promoting diversity rather than unity.  The choice is clear.

 In the senate race, we supported Dr. Kelli Ward. Due to a vote-splitting spoiler being in the race and Martha McSally — heavily funded by establishment Republicans — carried the day. Again, the primary is behind us and the choice is moving forward with McSally or radical leftist chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, who has dramatically altered her demeanor and appearance, no longer touts her bi-sexuality or atheism and uses the word “Independent” in her commercials, concealing her communist roots.

Again, the choice is clear. Our candidate lost. McSally beats Sinema by a mile. Gov. Ducey is far superior to David Garcia. It’s time to regroup, come together and vote smart.


8 Responses to Video confirms AZ’s porous border invites invaders

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Thanks, SRAZ, for featuring this video.

    Please take a look at the youtube video from the Trump political rally in Montana on Sept 6.

    Some very dangerous people standing immediately behind our President. This is why it is necessary to keep you eyes open when out and about.

    Young guy in green plaid shirt, (he’s got those eyes that scream psychotropic drug use) Female with red MAGA hat and brown hair–she’s the handler. Blond muscle guy with white Montana Boys State tee shirt (MAGA hat in beginning, then takes it off)
    Plaid boy and female keep their hands down, no clapping for Trump Seem to be making blatant facial expressions
    Watch their faces, looking around, talking back and forth to each other. Not there to support Trump.

    Both males very antsy. Watch blond guy loosen his arm and shoulder muscles. They’re waiting. At one point, muscle guy turns to female and she says to him “not yet”. (lip reading)

    Watch beginning about 35 minutes in. Two males Very antsy.
    Minutes 44-48 plaid guy making dramatic facial expressions, with his bug eyed stare.

    48:36 female, looking at the cameras, shakes head “no” and smirks when Trump says keep America great

    49:15 A lovely Female in black dress shows up, smiles nicely and tells plaid boy to leave and to exit to the left.

    Plaid boy then places his left hand on muscle guys chest as an acknowledgement (we’ve been made).

    57:30 Another lovely young woman enters and the other two invited out. They are told to exit to their right.

    Whole time, a young blond girl standing behind and over the shoulders of female and muscle guy stays antsy throughout the rally. She is alternately holding an American Flag; wrapping it around her neck; blowing her nose into it, standing up, sitting down, wearing a MAGA red hat, then not wearing it, on and on.
    She stays throughout. There is an older woman next to her who is giving her admonitions from time to time.

    This is the bull$h*t that the deep state and the Obama MB has brought US. We, the US taxpayers, made them rich beyond their wildest dreams. And yet they continue to try to destroy us.

    Please read the Executive Order signed by President Trump at the end of August. September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.
    Do not ignore this. If they had their way, we would go down in flames.

    (The truth sounds harsh. But this is the truth.)

    Think like people who live in the hurricane belt.

    James Comey tweeted in January a very cryptic message re: McCabe. It was a threat, on several levels. He mentioned
    8 months—-which is NOW.

    The “Anonymous” Op-Ed in the NYT mentioned sleeper cells. Now, John Podesta (Hillary’s hit man) has emerged from his hole yesterday, using the same term —— sleeper cells.

    The new Ad campaign with NIKE involving Colon Kaepernik has NOTHING to do with shoes or clothing. Look at that photo. Who do you see? Osama bin L?
    Look at the printed message:
    If you believe in something, sometimes you have to sacrifice everything.

    Get it?

    3 commercial airliners in 3 days bring planes full of alleged sick foreigners. Why did CDC personnel enter the planes without masks or gloves or any protective equipment?

    The New Mexico thing with the Muslims and the small children was a sleeper cell, that is why the FBI bulldozed the site the next day, even though it was a crime scene due to the murder of the one child.

    The Boy Scouts of America had it right. Before they went Left.

    • Clementine says:

      I’ve noticed these same types seated behind the President in other crowds. I don’t think the those in charge in the various cities do a good enough job of vetting who sits directly behind him. Having people who are longtime GOP volunteers or PCs are who should be given priority. Those sneering, talking or sitting on their hands are not among those who should be given the honor.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:


  3. State Delegate says:

    We are living in perilous times and far too many are being revved up by those who mean harm to our nation and are especially dedicated to impeachment of President Donald Trump. The left and the MSM (one and the same) are unable to grasp the fact that Hillary was tossed to the political trash heap by American voters. That has resulted in the constant bombardment by late night comics and the Trump bashers on “the View” who influence millennials and too many women, who should know better.

    The recent elections of bonafide Socialists tells the rest of the story. The teacher’s unions are mentioned in this post. They are decidedly leftist and their members influence our kids and grand kids each and every day, spending more time with them (when they aren’t marauding through the streets on strike) than their parents. Public schools are no longer the academic havens they once were. Get your kids out while you still can. There are an abundance of excellent charter schools and parochial schools and there is always the option of home schooling conglomerates, with other parents who have expertise in various fields (ie: A CPA or engineer teaching math, a nurse or doctor teaching sciences, etc.)

    • State Delegate says:

      I intended to add that I commend SRAZ for coming out for the Republicans in the November General Election, even as this blog supported others. We must come together or we will lose. The Dems are energized.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        There are no more Dems.
        They are demons.
        They’ve sold their souls for money and power.

        Syria is a tinder box thanks to Mcwarhead.
        That’s what people in the know called him.
        Quite a factory there in Bulgaria.
        Lindsey on a very short leash now.

        Treason. Sedition.

        Like no other time in our history.

        UCMJ, Tribunals, GITMO + one prison stateside.

      • Trevor says:

        Same here regardless of anyone’s preference if it were Kelli Ward or Martha McSally I would vote for them in a heartbeat over Sinema. Though I can’t vote for Glassman I think he will be a puppet of APS.

  4. Braveheart says:

    This shocking video from the Daily Caller should be a wake up call. We are being systematically invaded, with the intent to make the majority of Americans the minority and strengthen the Democrat party, This has been an ongoing effort to diminish us and is getting worse. It’s not just the border states like Arizona that are being impacted. Once they arrive, they fan out to other states, have large families of native born Americans who have instant citizenship by virtue of birth, and access our foolishly generous benefits, which are paid for by American taxpayers.
    The tiny state Rhode Island on the USA’s east coast has a massive problem with illegals and escalating crime rates that accompany the invasion. They work in packing houses in middle America. They flourish in Sanctuary Cities run by libs. When is enough enough? We need a wall and we need it ASAP.