Supercharged Cindy Hensley McCain emerges

Attending a week of funerals for her husband — conducted in various locations nationwide — must have been exhausting for Cindy McCain. But the 1968 AZ Junior Rodeo Queen proved she had the grit to handle the stress.

Without missing a beat, and inserting her maiden name in her byline, Cindy Hensley McCain was able to get down to business and have a self-serving op-ed published in USA Today. The newspaper is the Gannett parent company of the Hillary-endorsing and John McCain-worshiping Arizona Republic, which this morning devoted half of its Valley and State section to a tribute titled, “John’s story is the American story.”  It was accompanied by two oversize candles, dripping wax — one larger than the other. There is an obvious significance to this choice, which we choose not to tackle.

To what end Cindy Hensley McCain’s USA Today was written is anyone’s guess though it sounds suspiciously like campaign bait being dropped in the briny, as the beer heiress hustles for money for her “new home” the McCain Institute. At the very least, she wants to be a player on the Arizona political scene.

The Arizona Daily Independent Sept. 1, Sunday Comic satirically points out that the difficult tasks associated with funeral planning were done for her, in advance of her husband‘s death. Be sure to read the comment section following the illustration. They are the same tone as those written here.

The slavish adoration is a fabricated media construct, and does not represent Arizonans who pay attention or others who knew him well. Elected Republican State Committeemen at their 2014 mandatory statutory meeting voted overwhelming for a resolution to censure John McCain, citing his repeated collusion with congressional Democrats. This contempt was replicated in the majority of Arizona’s fifteen counties at GOP county statutory meetings by elected precinct committeemen. In Maricopa County, the vote in favor of censure was 1,150 to 351.


6 Responses to Supercharged Cindy Hensley McCain emerges

  1. VINOAZ says:

    Popped into a bookstore and was overwhelmed by magazines and books with John’s image. Wonder if he will be elevated to sainthood. Even the Republicans made him look great the last day of the 2008 convention. Sad!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      The malevolent McCain is like Count Dracula. He will not die, but continues on in a new identity. Dracula became a vampire and McCain has bizarrely been canonized to an entity worthy of worship. As a bogus Republican, he characterized himself as a “Maverick,” making himself worthy of the left’s and RINOs praise.

      Conservatives knew he was a fake. He spent his career aligning with liberals on countless issues. I knew he never represented me.

  2. Gary N Darby says:

    I guess that no INFORMED reader would be surprised if Governor Ducey appoints Hensley-McCain to finish John’s term when Jon Kyl departs at the end of 2018 and the gubernatorial elections are completed…….

  3. Former GOP PC says:

    My wife and I, both county precinct committeemen and state committeemen, proudly voted with the majority to censure McCain. The state GOP put every conceivable roadblock in the way of the resolution, but the grassroots conservative base of the party prevailed. An enraged McCain was nationally humiliated and retaliated by waging a cloak and dagger campaign aligned with and funded by out of state Democrats by way of his surrogates to take us out. Never saw anything like his vengeance before, but will never forget it. He would rather have destroyed the AZ Republican Party than let such an indignity happen to him again.

    There was actually a much better researched article in FrontPage (online) magazine but for some reason it has been taken down. This one at Breitbart fails to mention that McCain turned to Gregory Wendt, a wealthy San Francisco Obama donor for a$$istance in taking out Arizona conservatives. It also quotes a leftwing Politico piece that refers to elected precinct committeemen as “activists who hold obscure, but influential, local party offices,” and calls our governing rules “byzantine.” I expect more from Tony Lee and Breitbart. This was sloppy work and indicated laziness on the part of Lee, who is capable of much better reporting.

  4. Maggie says:

    Trusting McCain’s, John, Cindy or Meghan, is a fool’s errand. They all all self promoters, with only their own interests at heart and unfortunately for the rest of us, their priorities are not us or ours.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    He did NOT depart on “his own terms”

    Ducey will be forced into letting Ms. Bud take the Senate seat next year. Kyl’s only there till the end of January, 2019.
    Because, well, $$$$$$$ and brass knuckles.