AZ Republic views ethnicity as top attribute in Gov’s race

Although Arizona’s newspaper of record is still in the thrall of mourning over the passing of John McCain, it has found room on Page One to gear up for Nov. General Election. In the Sunday edition, the Periódico de la República de Arizona  (Arizona Republic) briefly cast aside its grief and all but gave an early endorsement to David Garcia, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, in an zealous paean that filled a third of the jump page.

There was the cursory, ‘He’s good on education,’ spew that pales in comparison to Gov. Doug Ducey falling on his sword and ponying up the 20% pay hike demanded by the teachers who walked off their jobs for a week. They deserved to be fired rather than rewarded for abandoning over 800,000 students statewide in violation of their contractual agreements.

The teacher’s unions — whose members work 8½ months a year — should consider Ducey their hero.  Instead, they’re enraged that their latest extortionist ploy — #InvestInEd, an irreversible constitutional amendment slated to be on the ballot as Prop. 207, a Marxist redistribution of wealth ‘tax the rich’ scheme — was deep-sixed by the Arizona Supreme Court. They hold Ducey, not the justices responsible. That these educrats who lack a basic grasp of the three distinct branches of government, are teaching Arizona’s students, should concern us all.

What sets Garcia apart isn’t his choice in food or drink, described in minute detail, including his refusal to drink milk at someone else’s home, as his campaign bus hit the political trail. His major accomplishment, over which he has no control, is his ethnicity.  Being a Hispanic running for governor appears to be his major attribute, according to reporter Richard Ruelas. The headline topping his report reads: “Aiming for historic win, Garcia gets on the bus— Democrat would be 2nd Latino governor of Arizona.”

We’ve already had four women governors so gender politics has lost its panache.  In over his head, after serving less than half of his four year term, Arizona Gov. Raul Castro eagerly accepted the offer of President Jimmy Carter to take the post of ambassador to Argentina and was gone in a flash.

Garcia lost his 2014 bid for Superintendent of Public Instruction and now is now focusing his gubernatorial campaign on recklessly abolishing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) leaving our southern border even more vulnerable to criminals. Garcia is also opposed to constructing the much needed wall along our southern border.

His extreme views mirror those of the left-wing, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic, but not the voters of the state of Arizona who overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Divisive identity politics is all David Garcia has.  Running the state requires far more than he offers.

The differences couldn’t be more clear. The wise votes will go to Gov. Ducey. Even Mario Diaz agrees.


7 Responses to AZ Republic views ethnicity as top attribute in Gov’s race

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Big discussion lately about the BS that they’ve pushed on us for decades:

    BS is this: “Diversity is strength”.

    This is BS and you know it.

    Diversity is Division.

    Look at Europe. Almost every country that failed to protect its borders has lost their identify and have been weakened beyond repair.

    Strength comes from people assimilating into the culture they have adopted.

    “Diversity” brought us Barrack Hussein Obama, whose Harvard education was actually paid for by Saudi Arabia. (and you wonder why we can’t see his records?)

    These cute little quotes were brought to you by the deep state, who also brought you the term “conspiracy theory”.

    The typewritten memo from within the CIA, immediately following the assassination of JFK, gives instructions on how to tamp down any questions about the event and the days following.
    Label anyone who questions anything as a “conspiracy theorist”.

    The media is still following their orders to this day on all matters that they want to keep hidden.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    I am so sick of ethnicity playing a role in politics. We are all Americans. The majority of us don’t divide people by their various cultures. They do it themselves for their own gains among their ethnic groups which divides rather than unites us. The only relevant divisions should be political parties, which have platforms that cause candidates (and voters) to align with them.

    I don’t base my decisions on the amount of melanin a person has in their skin cells. I do care about their political views, which I research to the best of my ability before casting my ballot.

  3. Realist says:

    David Garcia would not get this early and glowing coverage in the AZ Repulsive if he was a blonde, blue eyed, Swedish heritage candidate or a conservative. Even worse if he was a combination of both. Like it or not, that’s the simple truth.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      The topic of race, in all of its incarnations, is fascinating. A single example: There is a Black Miss America pageant that only black women can enter, but last night we saw another in a long list of black women crowned as “Miss America” (no racial designation) amid cheers. There have been 10 since 1984. There were actually two that first year because Vanessa Williams who was initially crowned was exposed (literally) as having been in porno films with other women. She was replaced by black runner-up Suzette Charles soon after. Why is there a black Miss America contest? It’s clear that it’s not because black women are shut out of the “Miss America ” contest. Imagine is there was a “White Miss America.” contest. All hell would break loose.

  4. Not Fooled says:

    I sent money to Ken Bennett’s campaign and was hoping he would be able to qualify for the matching Clean Elections funding to wage a campaign against Doug Ducey. Bennett was unsuccessful. I will be supporting Ducey over David Garcia. The future of Arizona is at stake. I want safer streets and communities. I’m tired of the border being a sieve. We definitely need to put stronger protections in place, and that includes a wall. None of this will happen with David Garcia running things. It’s not taking a risk. It’s commuting suicide.

  5. PC and State Committeeman says:

    One of life’s greatest challenges is to grasp the obvious. Unfortunately many Republicans assume that all Republicans are the good guys compared to the Democrats. Many of the unknowing base have no idea our Party has been corrupted by Democrat lites, Republicrats, moderates, establishment or as they have been called RINOs.

    Opinionated pundits’ even the so called conservative ones, the lame stream media and narcissistic politicians spoon fed us their endless drivel and obfuscate ad nauseam, merely inflaming us into either impetuous and unthinking voting or the apathetic complacency and no vote. Note the canidates witless and useless commentary lacks any credible or rational solution.
    Most merely respond in meaningless rhetoric (fine-sounding but insincere or empty language), and or banalities (trite or unoriginal comments), so obvious and overused that they are a waste, e.g. they spout, “I am a conservative for low taxes, smaller government etc,” the usual blah blah blah clichés usually with an obligatory mention of Ronald Reagan.
    Speaking from both sides of their mouths in what has become the typical double speak that is so vague you’re never sure what they really mean. Do they articulate a working solution to remedy what ails our state and nation?? I personally am tired of their useless rhetoric in place of any real strategy and a credible solution.
    Our Party leadership has been corrupted by the devious moderates who align with the liberal ideology closely aligned with the Socialist Democratic Party and expertly have used the Alinsky tactics against us. Rinos and their amnesty loving followers continually used those tactics against us and it is time we recognize our enemy’s tactics and fight them. Only prob is we don’t get candidates worth voting for so we merely vote against the Dems.
    MAKE ARIZONA RED AGAIN!!! We’re a very dark shade of purple at this point and given our candidate choices.
    We’ve been told how to think, what to think and how to vote. The CD9 candidate delivered a condescending series of greetings-card type banalities, tried to wrap himself in the flag by bragging about his military career, with his much boasted experience as a radiologist and a whopping preponderance of empty rhetoric. He is, in reality. a favored establishment candidate that supports DACA and amnesty and is part and parcel of the moderate establishment like Ducey who now will debate David Garcia (D) but refused to debate Ken Bennett. For us, as per usual, we must vote the lesser of the evils against the ‘worser’ Democrat Evil. Hold your nose this November and vote! Add Lesko and McSully to that list and then there is Vile Kyl. Anyone wonder what that is all about, is he just a place holder for the D Bag Ducey?? So the big question who the he!! is going to run for Senate in 2020????

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    AZ Connection:
    What if you created an “institute” and were supposed to be focusing on the “human trafficking” thing, but yeah, NO.
    President Trump knows.
    Knows it ALL.

    Check out the law enforcement activity, worldwide.

    Check the map of the globe, then scroll down to see the corresponding news stories re arrests.

    Over 50,000 sealed Federal indictments, just in the States, must include traffickers and those who “Benefitted” from it.

    Wait till the Haiti story drops.
    Devastating beyond what the mind can process.