Jeff Flake outed as a “Traitor”

Arizona Republicans who have firsthand knowledge of the deceptive tactics employed by lame duck Sen. Jeff Flake, will find this post that uses the words,Jeff Flake, Traitor,” as its headline an irresistible must read.

John Hinderaker, one of several attorneys writing for Powerline employs some other choice adjectives for Republicrat Flake, along with describing what he rightly identifies as Flake’s “insane hatred for President Trump,” as the driving force behind his alignment with the Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Their objective is to scuttle Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Describing Flake’s reprehensible antics as they relate to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Hinderaker states, “Rarely have I witnessed anything so disgusting in the world of politics.”

Despite rightly declaring Flake “should be ashamed of himself,” the author clings to the hope that Jeff Flake would put his spitefulness in check between now and Thursday, when the Judiciary Committee vote is scheduled to be held.

We would caution him not to hold his breath.

Hinderaker calls Flake out as a never-Trumper and castigates him for elevating “his hatred for our president over every principle of politics and public policy.” He further notes. “Flake would rather subvert his own allegedly conservative principles than allow President Trump to exercise his constitutional powers as president. Words can hardly express how contemptible this is.”

“Allegedly conservative principles” are key words. As an example, there were no conservative principles displayed on the Gang of Eight amnesty scheme orchestrated by Jeff Flake and John McCain in which they colluded with leftists Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with reliable squishes Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Marco Rubio (R-FL). The concerted effort that would ultimately have increased the ranks of the Democrat Party, rendering Republicans to Whig Party status, was not an endeavor undertaken by principled conservatives.

The only line in his otherwise well-argued column that reveals Hinderaker as a Minnesotan rather than an Arizonan is including Flake among others for whom he “once had considerable respect.” Those of us who are not 1700 miles away have long known flaky Flake as a practiced liar, going back to his reneging on his original term limits pledge made when he ran for the U.S. House in 2000.  When called out on his deception, he displayed his notorious smirk and wisecracked, “I lied.” That was one of the few truths the McCain clone has told.

11 Responses to Jeff Flake outed as a “Traitor”

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake has aligned himself with the ones who are about to lose, bigtime.

    But, since he recently visited Cuba with Eric Schmidt (who resigned as Goog CEO in Dec), he may have an easier time when he wants to visit those friends at GITMO (or one other prison, stateside)


    Lowretta Lynch is flapping her jaws to save herself.
    The audio of that PHX tarmac meeting with Bill (and others he brought on-board) will shock you and leave you speechless (and maybe a little bit afraid after finding out the depth of corruption).

    Possibly TWO of the Supremes may exit stage left.

    Jeff Sessions is, today, explaining to them the error of their ways.

    We know that Roberts is way compromised from back in the day when he (illegally) adopted two Irish children.

    But maybe it will be Ruthie Bad Girl and KKKagen.
    Toss up.

    Don’t know if the President will auth declass of the communications which discussed and planned for our President’s DEMISE, but those (extensive) communications exist and some, such as Nunes and Grassley, have seen all of it.

  2. MacBeth says:

    There’s far more to this witch hunt against Judge Brett Kavanaugh than meets the eye. The Washington Times has a revealing link between Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser and notorious socialist billionaire George Soros. Read this:

    Then connect the dots. Soros and McCain were longtime associates.
    McCain supported Hillary Clinton. So did Flake. Soros, though his countless front groups was generous to them all.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      The current rumor is that this same chick pulled a similar trick last year re: Judge Gorsuch

      Yeah, she’s involved in “Physicians for Human Rights”, which is a Soros grown and funded group.

      • Patriot Dad says:

        Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford didn’t just fall the political turnip truck. She’s a registered Democrat, activist and donor to left wing causes….among them ActBlue, a far left agenda group that funds democrat candidates…the more liberal the better.

        She’s a therapist, not a physician, but Her name was also listed among those who signed The Medical Professionals for Human Rights letter demanding the Trump administration stop the practice of separating children from their from their illegal alien parents invading our sovereign border. Apparently she would prefer the children be held with their criminal parents in a jail cell rather than be housed in sanitary facilities, kept clean, fed, clothed and educated. This separation policy was initiated during the Clinton administration and expanded under Obama. Did they receive letters of protests from Ms. Ford, too? Bet not.

        The invader parents knew the risks they were taking yet brought their kids along hoping they would serve as a means to get them admitted into the US. I read recently that many of the parents left their kids here after they were released back to Mexico or Central America, hoping the kids could act as a conduit for them in the future. The kids are obviously disposable and looked upon for the potential benefits they might provide. Mama can always have more.

  3. State Delegate says:

    I’ve always wondered how a guy like Flake, with limited intelligence and lacking a law degree, to boot, ended up on the Senate Judiciary committee. Then I remembered he was put in place by his mentors McCain and Kyl, who both worked their asses off to get him elected. They knew he’d be easily controlled.

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    The Powerline post is an interesting read. Thanks for the link. I was unfamiliar with this blog site.

    The only correction I would make is that Flake “resigned” from the senate effective at the end of this term. He would never have taken that step away from the powerful forum unless he had to. His 18% approval rating provided a compelling inducement, since the embarrassment factor involved in being booted out would have been too much for his inflated ego to withstand.

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I have no doubt Democrat senators view this 36-year-old “revelation” against Kavanaugh by a former high school classmate, as payback for their inability to get Obama’s lame-duck Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland seated.

    That last minute attempt to stack the court with another liberal failed despite assistance from Republicrat Obama toady Jeff Flake, who escorted the Democrat to meet with senators who vote on federal judicial nominations.

    Flake is well named.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    Read what conservative former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo had to say about Flake in this Breitbart column, “Flake is a Fake.” It reveals the practiced deception Flake has used that delayed Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. Reading it makes me think he was in on the Democrat tactics, since the letter from Kavanaugh’s accuser was received months ago and held for enhanced negative impact once sprung. None of this was haphazard. It was a well crafted plan and one that Flake the Snake was obviously a party to.

  7. Luke says:

    Senator Flake, like his best bud Governor AZ Ducey is not a conservative and both are Never Trumpers (though Ducey disputes this to try to fool Arizona`s Republicans to get re-elected.) Ducey is demanding that Republicans put aside differences and vote a straight ticket though in the primary he endorsed well known tax evading Drew John over one of Arizona`s most respected conservatives and Trump supporter, State Senate candidate, David Gowan. Governor Ducey met with McCain about a month before he passed and you can bet it was not to inform his mentor, McCain, that he has become the Trump supporter he now clams to be to get re-elected. It is more likely that Ducey help planned the McCain funeral to try and completely ostracize President Trump from the Democrat/Republican Party establishment. It is time to reform the AZ Republican Party and that cannot be done if we elect the Governor Ducey chamber of commerce Republicans which would only continue them in power to undermine our President and the Conservative movement.

  8. Doc says:

    mcFlakey, along with his ranking, dim-0-crap friends, chuckey & peluzer, and several r.i.n.o. boot-likkerz…are drooling, babbling, idiots. SRAZ, You’ve come up with yes, another informative, & educational post.
    ….but I AM RIGHT about the above named idiots…

  9. Mr. Flake demonstrates in spades a major reason why term limits stink. As a declared lame duck he no longer has to listen to constituents because, since he is not running for re-election, he can do and act with perfect disregard for those who voted for him in the first place.
    Furthermore, consider this: Flake became a lethal lame duck only late in his term when he decided not to run. Those congressmen who would be term-limited by law, however, would be automatic, out-of-control, unhinged, Flake-like demagogues beholden to no voters for their full final term—two years for a representative, and a full six years for a senator.
    Term limits, avoided carefully by the Founding Fathers, is a scam just waiting to fall into your laps.