Moses Sanchez: New leadership in Phx Mayor’s race

2018 Phoenix Mayoral Debate excerpts


Kate Gallego, Democrat  — former City Council member — resigned to run for mayor. She’s a devout amnesty advocate. She is also expressed support of the outrageous idea of Phoenix raising its water rates to generate an additional $1.5 billion to make updates to the existing system.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by checking out their endorsement list. Gallego’s makes her even more unacceptable. Far leftists, unions, discredited liberals and abortion supporters are front and center. She even showcases the endorsement of her former husband, far left congressman Ruben Gallego, whom she divorced while she was expecting their first child.

Daniel Valenzuela, Democrat — former City Council member — resigned to run for mayor. Oddly, he says he’ll keep his full-time, 40-hour-a-week job as a Glendale firefighter if elected mayor of the nation’s sixth largest city. That’s a trick that rivals Houdini’s best efforts. Those city-funded pensions that are breaking the taxpayer’s backs, are a greater lure than being mayor. Valenzuela needs to make a choice. Though it seems impossible, his endorsements are even more chilling than Kate Gallego‘s.

Nicholas Sarwark, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, is a former public defender, and runs a pre-owned auto business begun by his grandfather. His campaign “events” page has none listed, and shows him addressing a nearly empty room. Sarwark needs a course on the importance of optics.

Moses Sanchez, the only Republican in the race, scored with the best quote from the Channel 12 televised debate:

 “If you think the last decade of dysfunctional, failed leadership is the best thing we can do, you have other options. I believe we could do better. I believe we can create a city that puts her residents first. I believe it’s going to take an outsider who’s led in the military, in the classroom and in the boardroom. I believe you deserve better than what you’ve been getting,”

An Ahwatukee resident who rated enthusiastic coverage in the Ahwatukee Foothills News, Sanchez — who refreshingly is not a recycled council member — identifies himself as a Navy veteran, immigrant, educator and small business owner. His wife, Dr. Maria Manriquez, is a gynecologist who is the associate dean for clinical curricular affairs at the University of Arizona’s Phoenix medical school.

 Debate excerpts:

Candidate’s opening statements: (Video).

How to fix homeless problem: (Video).

Fixing the Phoenix pension problem: (Video).

8 Responses to Moses Sanchez: New leadership in Phx Mayor’s race

  1. Saguaro Sam says:


    The test of the Emergency Broadcast System, which was scheduled for Thursday, Sept 20, and which would have effected all phones,
    has been rescheduled for Oct 3 due to the continuing misery weather related issues from the hurricane.


    • Casper says:

      What, exactly, does this bit of information have to do with the Phoenix mayoral race? This is an important election, with far reaching consequences for Valley residents.

      Red Arizona hasn’t had an actual Republican (I’m not including fill-in mayor RINO Thelda Williams) in decades. The city is bright blue thanks to the purposely scheduled summer elections, timed specifically to occur when voter turnout would be the lowest, due to vacations. The unionized firefighters, police and teachers vote along with city employees, who get generous pay raises and want to keep the status quo.

      Electing any of the incumbent city council members a mayor is a recipe for continued disaster. Kate Gallego is committed to expansion of the expensive and ineffective light rail. We need better bus routes and enhanced service, NOT more lite rail that has become a haven for the non-paying homeless who ride it all day to get out of the heat. There is no enforcement of ticket purchases.

      • Braveheart says:

        You nailed it on several counts, Casper.
        Voting for incumbents without thoroughly vetting them is too often a recipe for disaster. We can’t believe much of any candidate’s pre-election campaign hype and few of us have time to do the extensive research required to protect ourselves, our money and the future of our cities and state. As a conservative, I appreciate SRAZ’s assistance.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Dear Casper
        This is exactly why we lose.
        We eat our own.

        While on the Left, one lies and the others Line Up to swear to it.

        Just trying to pass on an important piece of information.

        Please exercise your rights and ignore everything I write.

        If the SRAZ administrators find it somehow offensive, it’s their call.

  2. Maggie says:

    Kate Gallego’s cavalier attitude concerning taxpayers as the golden egg laying geese should frighten every Phoenix resident. She will never get my vote.

    I appreciate the information about Moses Sanchez and the fact that SRAZ has added party affiliations following their names. Trying to make these elections “non-partisan” corrals the gullible. We’ve all known that former mayors Phil Gordon and Greg Stanton were first rate radically liberal Democrats. The attempt to keep us in the dark is part of the hoax the liberals love use to ensnare us.

    The entire city voting process needs to be revamped. It’s nothing short of a contrivance. City voter turnout is very low, which benefits the incumbents.

  3. Enuff says:

    I read the article about Moses Sanchez in the Ahwatukee Foothills News and liked what I saw. Intend to get more info on him. The others in this race will assure of us more of the same in spades. It’s time to clean house rather than promote any of these problematic city council folks to the mayor’s office. By their past actions, none of them deserve the job of running the city of Phoenix.

    Gallego. who wants to raise our water bills ought to pay our exorbitant bill. We have desert landscaping, no pool, only two in the household, and the bill is higher than our neighbors with kids at home. When I’ve called to complain they tell me I must have a leak. There is no decent response when I tell them that I check the meter box regularly and the dial is not moving when no water is running. That’s a solid indication that there is no leak. It’s obvious the people on the phone are reading from a prepared script from which they do not deviate.

    These are the City of Phoenix employees who get routine pay raises and “retention bonuses.”

  4. Trevor says:

    Kate Gallego honestly really scares me

  5. MacBeth says:

    Thanks for this overview and the video clips. I will be casting my ballot for Moses Sanchez. I will never vote for those libs who are trying to maneuver themselves into stepping stone posts, like the Gallego clan.