AZ prosecutor has key role in Thursday’s SCOTUS hearing

GOP senators have selected Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has just recently accused the Supreme Court nominee of assaulting her when they were teenagers.

For his part, Judge Kavanaugh noted in a Monday letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Character assassination will not succeed,” and referred to the allegations as, “smears, pure and simple…which debase our public discourse.”

Mitchell has worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office in Phoenix for nearly three decades, and is the chief of the special victims division, which deals with sexual assault cases. In recruiting Mitchell to join their staff, the all-male panel of 11 Republican senators on the judiciary committee are taking an unusual step. They are turning to her to ask what are expected to be personal questions on live television — avoiding uncomfortable exchanges that could sway the public’s opinion about the session.

But how wise is this choice?  Prosecutors prosecute. The prosecutor’s task is to prove charges against a defendant beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. However, their main task is to pursue justice. They are not independent arbiters. The senate is not a court of law. Judge Kavanaugh is not a defendant.

Know this. Whatever takes place and regardless of who poses the questions, this process is steeped in left-wing politics and the desire to deny President Donald Trump another appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

8 Responses to AZ prosecutor has key role in Thursday’s SCOTUS hearing

  1. MacBeth says:

    This entire scenario which should be above reproach, as taken on the aura of a circus side show.

  2. Observer says:

    Democrats will stop at nothing to hinder Pres. Trump and those who work for him or are his appointees and nominees. I’ve never witnessed such antics. Civility has taken a hike.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    We are witnesses to dangerous times. If decent Americans don’t rein in this destructive and ever worsening assault on our way of live, future generations will live in a state of anything goes” chaos.
    Freedom doesn’t license mayhem.

  4. Braveheart says:

    The last sentence in this post sums up this horrendous and shameful spectacle.

  5. Trevor says:

    The left wing media already said this prosecutor has ties to Arpaio they wanna freak out over nothing.

  6. Patriot Dad says:

    It’s clear the presumption of innocence that is a basic principle of our democracy is no more. It’s gone the way of the buggy whip. Democrats have turned the tenet on its head,

    Why would anyone support a party that devalues our rights?

  7. jake sez says:

    You forget, this is not a legal trial with the rules of law being followed. It is a political show piece and in that vein, a woman prosecutor on our side is like playing an ACE in poker.