Ex- AZ GOP chair Graham hit by Mass. lifetime securities ban

Robert Graham fined and permanently banished from Massachusetts securities trading industry

The Arizona Mirror magically appeared in our email box with an intriguing report…made even more so, since the headliner was the momentary topic of conversation among a group of dining politicos recently.

 “Does anyone know what Robert Graham’s doing these days?’ asked one.

Another replied, “Wow, haven’t heard that name in a while!”

Chuckles followed the wry observation, that included the words, “self promoter.”

Then intriguingly, like an apparition being summoned from the night sky, an answer to the burning — actually more like simmering — question, appeared from the folks at the new publication, the AZ Mirror. Meet the small but seasoned staff, whose resumes include the Capitol Times and Yellow Sheet on the upside… and the Arizona Republic and USA Today, on the downside. They provide a compelling backstory to the formation of the AZ Mirror.

And, if you’ve wondered about McCain sycophant Robert Graham, wonder no more. His mysterious disappearance is unraveled by reading,Massachusetts gives former Arizona GOP chairman lifetime securities ban.

8 Responses to Ex- AZ GOP chair Graham hit by Mass. lifetime securities ban

  1. Rob Haney says:

    My experience with Robert Graham through the political world leads me to proclaim,”not surprised.”

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Being banned from doing business in a Democrat run state is not small potatoes. But who better to recognize corruption?

  3. Kimball says:

    Robert Graham’s mentor McCain is no longer able to pull strings in his buddy Mitt’s former state. But Mitt should have be able to help Graham. They were two peas in a pod.
    Of course, now Mitt’s moved on to his third “home state.” First it was Michigan where his dad was governor. Then Massachusetts where he was governor. How he’s heading for the US Senate from Utah.

    • State Delegate says:

      Like Graham, Mitt’s another political opportunist. Except for carrying McCain’s water, can anyone state what Robert Graham did for the Arizona Republican Party? From my vantage point, he was nothing more than a manipulator putting up roadblocks to conservatives

    • Trevor says:

      Mitt is the next McCain or Flake, if Flake were to return to the Senate he could carpetbag to Utah and the LDS will vote for him!

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    Graham’s too slick demeanor wasn’t just a pretense. It obviously was real.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Mitt won’t help him.
    Every scumbag in the country is running for cover.

    If you did not see any of the video from President Trump’s triumph at the U.N. this week (check out whitehouse.gov), he let it be known
    —-foreign or domestic—if you screw up, you will feel the pain.

    If you are wondering why the Left is fighting so hard to keep Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed before the next SCOTUS meets,
    it’s this, and this alone:

    It’s about saving HIllary.

    Life or death. Absolute.

  6. Seen It All says:

    As to this new publication, it was a good read. I hope those who wrote for the Yellow Sheet, drop the idiotic word, “railbird,” when referring to a source.