Pres. Trump takes aim at Birthright Citizenship

October 31, 2018

The news has been rife with reports that President Donald Trump is determined to make changes to what is known as ‘Birthright Citizenship.’ Predictably, the radical left in our country are going ballistic.

If they had paid closer attention during the last presidential campaign, they wouldn’t be so surprised.  Addressing this misinterpretation of our nation’s Fourteenth Amendment (Sec. 1, key words: “Subject to the jurisdiction thereof”) is a topic he campaigned on. His Hillary-supporting adversaries in the media and the Democrat Party — an obvious redundancy — were so dismissive of the successful New York businessman and political novice, they paid scant attention to his comments. Seeing Red AZ didn’t. They resonated with us and on Aug. 20, 2015, we posted,Ending birthright citizenship = end to anchor babies.

Prior to that, on Aug. 9, 2010, we wrote,Anchor babies and “birth tourism” making the newsnoting that Texas Sen. John Cornyn was the latest senior Republican to call for a review of birthright citizenship amid complaints that illegal aliens have abused that post-Civil War constitutional provision. As the former Texas Attorney General and justice on the state Supreme Court, he has a solid legal footing.

The Amendment was adopted in 1868, following the end of the Civil War. Its intent was to give American-born children of freed African-born slaves all of the rights and privileges of citizenship. It was necessary then, but has no relevancy today.

On April 21, 2011 we wrote, “Birthright citizenship? Increasing opposition seen — Birth Tourism at crisis proportions,” citing a Rasmussen survey substantiating the increasingly high level of opposition to birthright citizenship, as 61% of likely U.S. voters believed that a child born in the United States to a woman who is here illegally should not automatically be gifted with U.S. citizenship.

We outed Arizona’s senators as compulsive liars in this March 6, 2015 post, citing McCain and Kyl’s deceit on the topic in 2010.

 Our Aug.29, 2015 post,Anchor babies: The latest numbers are shocking,” included this Breitbart link,Census: Anchor baby delivered every 93 seconds.” With the continued flood of illegals into our country, it’s a good bet those numbers have only increased.

Though he’s gone, be aware in 2010 John McCain had two distinctly different viewpoints on this crucial issue within a mere ten days. No wonder the Arizona Republic newspaper deified him during and following his week-long funerals.

Unlike the waffler, conservative SRAZ remains consistent. We’ve included a number of posts for you to peruse. Read them as you are able, but do make a point to check them out. The background information is integral to the current discussion.

Among developed nations, only the U.S. and Canada still grant Birthright Citizenship. Check out the lists, courtesy of NumbersUSA.


Project Veritas exposes AZ US Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema

October 30, 2018

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe gifts Arizona voters with this video exposé, as Kyrsten Sinema, her campaign manager, staffers and a top donor divulge her strategy of concealing her extremist left views in order to win U.S. Senate election in the state she previously described as “the meth lab of democracy” and whose citizens she called “crazies.”

Campaign Staff Mocks Sinema Platform: “Arizonans values? She’s going to stand up and protect Arizonans values. Whatever the f**k that means,” says Sinema campaign staff in @PVeritas_Action undercover videos which reveal she plays moderate to win over voters.

 Sinema’s Immigration Proposal: “Path to citizenship” for all non-criminals,” in her own words.

 Sinema Campaign Manager: “We can’t be talking about an assault weapons ban. Arizonans will actually shoot you.” Campaign Manager Michelle Davidson describes an incremental approach to gun control.

Top Donor Says: Gun Control “couldn’t be a platform issue…” But Sinema would still vote for it.

Campaign Staff Says: “… she is pro-choice. She is very liberal, she’s progressive.”

 Sinema Donor: Can’t do “anything that’ll alienate any voters… gotta be all Martha McSally is a c**t and uh, and [Sinema is] good.”

SRAZ has written numerous posts exposing deceitful Sinema, who has undergone a chameleon-like transformation while running for the U.S. Senate. Take time to read this recent post which includes what she actually thinks about Arizona voters and revealing links to her lies about her childhood as well as her crude descriptions of stay-at-home moms.

This is a tight race. Voting for well-qualified Congresswoman Martha McSally is an imperative in order to retain a Republican senate majority. The left is working double-time to hamstring President Trump’s ability to get the necessary votes to ensure confirmation of federal judges, U.S. Supreme Court justices and cabinet members, as vacancies occur. Your vote is critically important.

AZ Republic despises parental choice in education

October 29, 2018

Conservatives who comprehend the need for parental choice in education are voting YES on 305

When the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic turns loose all of its resources on a single topic, it’s clear the newspaper is seeking to unduly influence what remains of its flagging, mostly Medicare eligible readership. Coordinated Page One reports, assenting columnists and editorials are the modus operandi for hammering home a point.

Apart from endorsing mostly liberals in the upcoming election, the topic of educational choice is contemptuously referred to as “vouchers.” The newspaper has also turned its wrath on Charter Schools, and their owners.

A front-page, above-the-fold October 5, headline blasted, “Arizonans confused by voucher measure.” To support its flawed contention, the editorial posing as a news report, substantiates it’s claim with this gem:

“Every Democrat in the Legislature opposed the 2017 expansion that Prop. 305 would keep in place or repeal. But 51 percent of Democratic voters surveyed said they would vote yes in support of the expansion.”

In the section of the voter guide where individuals and special interests pay to express their views on ballot propositions, ten full pages are filled with those who benefit from the current failed system, urging a no vote on Prop. 305.  Don’t be fooled. Read about Empowerment Scholarship Accounts here.

Parents who want the best possible education for their children, were first-hand witnesses to the educrat establishment’s disregard for the public school students in their charge as they gave the back of their hands to their contractual agreements, abandoning students for a week, demanding a 20 percent salary increase for their part time jobs. The thousands of marching unionist teachers* mindlessly followed their favored leader Noah Karvelis, 24-year-old, hip-hop music teacher, and self-identified Socialist.

Passage of ballot propositions — 301 in 2000 increasing the state sales tax and 123 in 2016 a grab from the state land trust — guaranteed more money for education, which apparently is never enough. School districts routinely hold budget overrides and bond elections to “get more money into the classroom” —- eduspeak for bolstering teacher’s salaries. A major premise of passing the Arizona Lottery in 1980 was that money from ticket sales would fund schools.

U.S. News and World Report recently put out its list of the Best Charter High School in the Nation. Arizona topped the list with seven schools.

 * Follow the Money

Sabbath slaughter in a synagogue

October 28, 2018

“Worshipers were brutally murdered by a gunman targeting them simply because of their faith.”— Robert Jones, Chief of FBI’s Pittsburgh office

 A day following the arrest of Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 56, charged with sending pipe bombs to prominent liberals, we are hit with news of a mass murder during a joyful Sabbath baby naming ceremony at a Pennsylvania synagogue.

Fortunately, none of the rudimentary devices sent through the mail detonated, though they stoked fear nationally. The combined talents of the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorneys’ Office for the Southern District of New York, the NYPD, and Florida law enforcement, were able to zone in on the man with a prior criminal history in short order. Read the criminal complaint here.

That was not the case in the Saturday morning mass shooting at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. Among the eleven people killed were two brothers and a husband and wife. Six others, including 4 police officers, were wounded in the bloodbath by a gunman, spewing anti-Semitic venom as he opened fire — yelling “All Jews must die,” and that Jews were “committing genocide to his people.”  According to reports, this premeditated vicious crime is likely the deadliest attack against the Jewish community in U.S. history.

The liberal media always look for a connection to President Trump when violence occurs. The heavily armed synagogue gunman, Robert Bowers, 46, was not a fan of the president, referring to him as a “globalist,” and letting it be known that he didn’t vote for him and would never wear a MAGA hat. Bowers was shot by the police and is currently hospitalized. Prosecutors have filed 29 charges against him including violations of federal hate crimes statutes. President Trump has called for the reinstatement of the death penalty.

This is the list of “Persons Sentenced to Execution in Pennsylvania as of Oct. 1, 2018.” Some of them have been on death row for over 30 years. Before leaving office in Jan. 2015, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed three execution orders. Incoming Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, placed a moratorium on executions. One of those murderers who hit the jackpot with a Democrat in office, was convicted in 1982 of killing 13 people, including five of his own children. He’s still above ground and getting three squares a day.

Pres. Trump expands border security as invaders persist

October 27, 2018

Left’s manufactured crisis timed to coincide with midterm elections using a strategy intended to overwhelm immigration authorities

With its obvious liberal bias running at full tilt, Politico accuses President Trump of “whipping up a frenzy” on the issue of the caravan numbering an estimated seven thousand invading our country. The author terms them “migrants,” as though they are swallows leaving Goya, Argentina, making their annual 6,000 mile migration to California’s San Juan Capistrano Mission. Unlike the small birds, these Central American “migrants” don’t leave. The swallows don’t expect handouts of taxpayer money, living subsidies, numerous benefits including health care and education for their children.

Those illegally crossing the border into the United States include waves from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. All are well coached in the necessary jargon of showing “credible fear” of persecution in their home country as they seek “asylum.” They know that bringing children along — their own, or “borrowed” ones, serves as insurance. Many of the children are abused by those purporting to be their relatives.

Another “caravan” is currently making its way through Mexico en route to the U.S.

The average length of schooling in Honduras is 6.2 years, though on average it takes 9 years to complete what amounts to a sixth grade education.

The literacy rate of Guatemalans over the age of 15 is just 75% — apart from Haiti, this is the lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere. Only 35% of Guatemalan teenagers attend middle school.

 In  El Salvador, only 33% of children up to age 14 attend school. Six percent of Salvadoran children never attend any school.

These “migrants” are so grateful at the prospect of entering the United States of America, they proudly wave flags of the nations they are leaving and burn the American flag, for good measure. Their invasion is encouraged by a group known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. According to its website, “border walls are imposed by greed.”

The murderous MS-13 gang, now spreading terror throughout the U.S., originated 3 decades ago on the streets of in Los Angeles, comprised of young illegals from El Salvador.

The United States has a hospitable legal system for immigration. We also have a right to determine who will enter our country.

President Trump has stated the caravan will not be allowed into the U.S., and vowed to send troops to assist in securing the border. He tweeted the U.S. will “begin cutting off or substantially reducing” foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  He is also considering executive actions to prevent the caravan from illegally breaching our nation’s sovereign border.

Shaking out AZ’s Congressional, Senate, Governor’s races

October 26, 2018

First we’ll start with an undeniable truism. Politics is a thankless pursuit. With early voting underway and Election Day less than two weeks off, it’s a good time to take a look at congressional polling.

To call congress unloved is the height of understatement. National polling provided by Real Clear Politics (RCP), indicates a 72.4% aggregate disapproval rating. Only 19.1% approve of the job congress is doing. Despite the animus directed to those who pledged to — but frequently don’t — represent us, aspirants step up to campaign for the job.

Arizona now has nine congressional districts and the red/blue spread is growing tighter with four of the nine baring liberal fangs. In the Republican corner we have U.S. Rep. Martha McSally (CD-2) now running for the U.S. Senate. Incumbents Paul Gosar (CD-4); Andy Biggs (CD-5); David Schweikert (CD-6); and Debbie Lesko (CD-8). Lesko, the former President pro tempore of the Arizona Senate, is having to run again after winning the April Special Election to fill out a partial term of U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, who retired. Arizonans are fortunate to have these stellar men and women actually representing us.

In the Arizona governor’s race, the last poll reflects less recent stats from October 10, but it’s unlikely the numbers have changed appreciably. Incumbent Republican Doug Ducey is up by at least 15.7%. The televised ads showing Garcia saying he intends to raise taxes, halt construction of the border wall and abolish ICE, don’t play well with voting citizens.

The most recent Arizona Senate tabulations show a tight race, referred to as a “toss-up” between Republican Martha McSally and far-left radical Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema has deceptively misrepresented herself as “independent, just like Arizonans,” while she’s morphed, chameleon-like before our eyes. Just yesterday she lost the support of the Arizona State Troopers Association, which they never should have given her in the first place. As videos have surfaced showing her disparaging law enforcement, they stepped up and away from her. The RCP trend chart, below the polling, reflects the changing dynamics of the race.

Senate terms are six long years. The potential for monumental damage is real. Democrats salivate at the prospect of hamstringing President Trump, leaving him unable to win confirmation of his judicial nominees or cabinet members, while stifling his agenda. 

Remind your conservative friends to get their early ballots in the mail ASAP. Offer to drive those who may need a ride to the polls on Nov. 6th.

It matters.

The “Maverick” is not gone: The hustle goes on

October 25, 2018

Many of us were surprised to find a message from Cindy Hensley McCain among our recent email. Included in the missive is a video, urging us not only to vote in the upcoming election, but to pledge to vote like “Mavericks.”

Surely she isn’t encouraging us to emulate her late husband and give a dramatic thumbs down (brief video) to our own party?

Make no mistake. Cindy is hustling. She writes, “As you know, my husband dedicated his life to serving a cause greater than himself. That’s why I’m so proud to let you know about the McCain Institute’s new initiative: #MavericksNeeded.

Its supposed focus is human rights. Cindy tells us, “If you care about human rights, if you refuse to tolerate injustice – you are a Maverick. You belong in the arena.”

The core is far more complex. In September, when appointed as a senate place holder, former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl made clear his intention to leave in December 2018.  This reemergence of Cindy McCain sounds a like a priming of the pump for Gov. Ducey to appoint her to finish out her hubby’s term. Cindy recently endorsed Ducey as he campaigns for a second term, but their relationship is much deeper than the political.  When Ducey first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, his first job was working for Cindy’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship. The Ducey’s have remained close to the McCain’s, even visiting John in his final days at the McCain’s Cornville compound. John McCain encouraged Ducey’s political career.

“The values John fought for weren’t just his, they are and remain American ideals — and it’s time to fight for them again. That’s what this initiative is all about,” Cindy tells us. “It’s not about right or left, it’s about right or wrong.  Mavericks like you are needed now more than ever.” We are even instructed to take a pledge to carry on McCain’s legacy.

This ambitious undertaking is all under the auspices of the McCain Institute at ASU — a slick means of skirting campaign finance reform, allegedly so near and dear to John’s heart.

As renowned burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee was famous for saying,“Ya gotta have a gimmick.”

Watch almost jobless Jeff Flake audition for a CNN gig…

October 24, 2018

…as he runs interference for Islamist Invaders

Despite having to abandon his lifetime senate plans due to embarrassingly low 18 percent approval ratings, Jeff Flake still creates his own reality.

Interviewed at CNN’s ‘CITIZEN’ conference, Flake said President Trump’s tweet stating, “Unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in,” with the caravan of invaders headed toward the U.S. border is a “fear tactic.” When asked if he knew what Trump was talking about, Flake said, “No. That’s long been pretty much a canard and a fear tactic.”

A canard and fear tactic?  Hardly. We posted,Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns,” in 2011.

Here is the delusional Flake, (same video below) so consumed with Trump hatred, he Is unable to think clearly.

Interviewer Jake Tapper, who personifies the liberal media, unable to control his sputtering, referred to President Trump, “The fact checkers can’t keep up with the president these days, he’s saying so many things that aren’t true, that have no evidence behind them. The president constantly says things that are just not  true…they’re lies…it’s difficult to understand why he keeps doing this…on a political level or a psychological level?

Flake responds, “What is troubling is to look behind him and to see the reaction of people behind him.”

That’s most of us, folks. Tapper calls us, “the resistance,” then sympathetically notes, “How lonely it must be to be Jeff Flake.”

Republicrat Flake, bizarrely describing himself as a conservative, denies Democrats want open borders, though he was a member of the Gang of Eight. The group was a failed amnesty promoting scheme he and John McCain cobbled together with a quartet of the most liberal Democrats, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez, Michael Bennet and two other McCain sycophants, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

Tapper then prompts Flake with another inane question, saying, “I know it’s not your tendency to be immodest.” What are you proudest of in terms of accomplishments?”

Obviously Jake Tapper missed the self-aggrandizing, prone to pontificating to an empty senate chamber, Flake’s 2011 vanity ladened solo survivalist trip to a deserted island, taking only his camera and tripod.

Tapper reminds Flake that he previously described Trumpism as a fever in the Republican party. Flake responded, “It’s a long fever.”

Since he doesn’t want to risk infection, Flake, who speaks Afrikaans could always move back to the African nation of Namibia, where he worked as a registered foreign agent lobbying in D.C. on behalf of a uranium mining company with financial ties to Iran.

And Tapper? An obvious leftist, he once worked as campaign press secretary for Democrat congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, (D-PA) and later as her congressional press secretary. Her former husband, onetime Iowa Congressman Edward Mezvinsky, was convicted of fraud and spent five years in a federal penitentiary. The Mezvinky’s are the parents of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Mark.

It’s a full circle.

Consequences of massive Honduran invasion

October 23, 2018

Occasionally SRAZ reposts a column we find particularly compelling to share with our readers. We do this under the heading, “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter.” Today is Tuesday, so although that title doesn’t work, it’s a certainty you’ll be better informed after reading,Migrant Caravan Points Way to GOP Midterm Success,” by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., writing for American Thinker. In addition to a keen insight, he provides photos showing the enormity of the invasion featuring thousands of mostly young men.

The border state of Arizona, a major illegal entry portal, is particularly vulnerable, as our southern “neighbor” Mexico, once again allows the teeming, uneducated, multitudes of Central Americans safe passage.  Once here, following coaching by their benefactors, they claim refugee status, though many wave the Honduran flag, while others burn ours.

To bolster Dr. Joondeph’s contentions, we turn to Numbers USA’s Immigration Report Card locator. These are the grades earned by Arizona’s Congressional Representatives.  Notice who is actually doing the job of representing us. All of the Democrats received an F- score, including leftist Kyrsten Sinema, now running for the U.S. Senate and deceitfully portraying herself as an “Independent — who just wants to get things done.” It’s imperative Arizonans elect Republican Martha McSally.

Democrats, who have given us sanctuary cities, want to abolish  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and curtail citizenship requirements for voting, are looking no further than the immediacy of expanding the Democrat voter base. Their goal is to render the Republican Party — the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Trump — to the same status as the Whigs.

Our U.S. Congress, which is Constitutionally mandated* with the duty of protecting the United States from foreign invasion, pathetically offers nothing.

 * H/T Heritage Foundation

Tune in to hear JD — Tues. 7- 9:00 am, AZ Time

October 22, 2018

Another treat for JD Hayworth fans. Listen LIVE as he broadcasts from Tampa Bay’s WWBA 820-AM.