Sinema lies about living in abandoned gas station

Another deceptive ad uses Arizona Republic columnists to substantiate lies

The campaign ad was one of several playing during a commercial break in prime time network programming. But this one, paid for by the DSCC, was new and attention-getting since it opens with “What Arizonans are saying” about GOP senatorial candidate Martha McSally.

A fleeting screenshot shows the headline of the Arizona Republic, the state’s reliably left-wing disseminator of skewed news.

And who’s making negative statements about Congresswoman Martha McSally? None other than those who are on the payroll of the liberal Kyrsten Sinema supporting newspaper. Laurie Roberts and E.J. Montini are not objective folks with solid evidence to support their conclusions. They are hurdy-gurdy columnists paid to sing the liberal party line in unison.

It is only on the BS meter Kyrsten Sinema rates high. This is the real Kyrsten Sinema

Guy Benson, writing for Townhall, exposed Sinema back in 2012, in a post titled, “Moderate” Arizona Democrat Has Deep Ties to Left-Wing Radicals, Obama White House.”

In the intervening years, she’s only become more deceptive and adept at lying.

Remember that abandoned service station without running water or electricity she said she lived in for several years as an impoverished child? It turns out even that’s a lie.

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker shines the harsh light of day on Kyrsten Sinema’s false claims, repudiating them with facts including utility bills submitted to the judge by her stepfather when he and Sinema’s mother were divorcing. These facts are substantiated by the New York Times, which provides a photo of the gas station that was actually owned by her step-father‘s parents who lived in a nearby Florida farmhouse.

Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s Nazi propaganda minister was known for his big lie strategy which stressed that a lie must be repeated often and with conviction, until it is accepted as truth.

Sinema must be a WWII history buff.

8 Responses to Sinema lies about living in abandoned gas station

  1. State Committeeman says:

    Florida? Sinema’s ads which never identify her as a Democrat, talk about her being Arizona born and raised. She must have forgotten about Florida, just as she forgot about the water, electricity, and the fact that the toilet magically flushed.

    Maybe she’s got early onset dementia?

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Today, President Trump tweeted:



    This chick is a liar just like Senator Blumenthal (D) (CT), who claimed for years that he was a VietNam veteran. And there he sits, in the U.S. Congress.

    Ann Coulter tweeted another one of her provocative ideas:
    Dismiss everyone in the Senate and replace them with the first 100 adults standing in line at Disney World today.

    Will AZ jump over purple to go straight blue?
    Hells bells, even the liberals in Canada are finally getting it.
    Election yesterday in Quebec province goes Right, for the first time in Fifteen years.

    CAUTION For Those Who Only Color Between the Lines:
    some interesting reading, though off topic:
    RE: Christine Blasey Ford’s grandfather.
    lengthy column, reality-based.
    Deep, deep CIA
    As is her father and brother.
    Which explains her antics.

    Trump Rally in MS tonight.
    FOX did not carry last night’s rally in TN.
    C-SPAN or RSBN still on-board.

    • Doc says:

      Saw this & thought of you, Sam:

      …folks, Sam’s request for Prayers for Team Trump just might be justified…

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Lefties have also filed a lawsuit to STOP the FEMA alert test scheduled for tomorrow.

        It’s a test of the President’s Alert System.
        You can NOT opt out like you can for weather or Amber alerts.

        It’s more than just a test. . . . . .

        (Votes for Kav. 53-47 ???)

        Stay vigilant.
        Multiple aviation incidents over the past 7 days. (Mil and civ)

        Listen to the President’s speeches at these political rallies.
        In TN, he mentioned the “thousand points of light” for no apparent reason. Remember, it was GHWB’s words disguised as something good. When, in fact, it is code-speak for something really heinous. Poppy Bush and that clan of his.

        Last night, the WH was bathed in red light—-for breast cancer awareness? NO. A message. We know about the Red Cross and the Clintons and Haiti and worldwide.

        Please pray for God’s protection over President Trump; our First Lady, Melania (who is on an extended trip to Africa); the Trump family; his Loyal team, and our U.S. Military (they are working harder than you know).

        So, when he says something in a speech that seems odd, or out of place, it’s a distinct message being sent.
        And there is Always a reaction or retaliation from the deep state.

        We have been at war since before the election.

        If America fails, the world fails.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    The fact that Kyrsten Sinema is an accomplished liar has less to do with imitating propagandist Goebbels than simply being a democrat.

    Look what the sleaze party is doing to Judge Kavanaugh and his family. This has little to do with Kavanaugh and everything to do with the left’ rage over Hillary being trounced and the magnitude of Trump’s victory.

    The American people spoke loud and clear on election day. Liberals are still reeling that those of us they regard as “deplorables” were able to pull off such an historic win.

  4. Realist says:

    That Sinema lies with ease should not surprise anyone. She has totally reconfigured herself in every way possible. The loud and brassy bisexual atheist is now a svelte chick who cares deeply about veterans, seniors and even women who she ridiculed in the most vulgar terms. I was not a McSally supporter in the primary, but I am now. We have to move on and elect people who won’t do what we are witnessing from the senate dems as they do everything possible to destroy a decent man nominated to the US Supreme Court by a president they despise. A Republican majority on the court is more than they can take, although we’ve had to live with a dem majority for decades. This despicable debacle we are witnessing is unprecedented and should frighten any decent American…regardless of party.

    If she was in the senate today, Sinema would be a willing participant.

  5. MacBeth says:

    Sinema has a law degree, tho I’ve never read she actually practiced law. Still if she was in the senate it’s a certainty she’d be leading the pack of Democrat hyenas set on tearing Judge Kavanaugh limb from limb.

  6. Doc says:

    Please forgive this off topic comment, but I figured Ya’ll would like to see it…:

    …mcFlake will be G-O-N-E soon…maybe then he’ll get his wife to let him hold on to his (boy parts) which are currently in a pair of mrs. mcFlake’s shoes in her closet…