Kimberly Yee: Clear winner in AZ Treasurer debate

The two candidates running for Arizona State Treasurer sparred over issues related to the state budget and finances in a debate sponsored by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. The candidates are Republican Kimberly Yee, former state senate majority leader, and Democrat Mark Manoil, a retired lawyer.

Heading Yee’s exceptional list of endorsements are five former state treasurers. Yee has no learning curve, having previously worked at the Arizona Treasurer’s office, where she promoted fiscally conservative principles, while advancing laws protecting Arizona’s taxpayers.

Manoil boasted about his endorsements by abortion provider Planned Parenthood and the stridently left National Organization for Women. His website features a photo of Manoil with Barack Obama — hardly a vote-getter in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2016.

A typical disconnected liberal, Maniol says he wants to use the Treasure’s Office to fund “social justice programs” — hardly the purview of the office charged with managing nearly $15 billion in assets. Yet in an interesting dichotomy, the predatory property tax lawyer seized property from people only $50 in arrears on back taxes. Although he’s running for the job of managing $ billions in taxpayer monies, he admitted to having his own home foreclosed upon and his car repossessed.

This recent poll conducted by local ABC 15 and Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights provides the most recent data in the Arizona Secretary of State’s race, the Treasurer’s race, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Attorney General’s races. Although Republicans are leading in every sector, we can take nothing for granted. Be sure to vote to guarantee they win. Early ballots are being mailed today.  Polling places will be open 6am to 7pm on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The AZ Treasure’s debate was moderated by Horizon host Ted Simons.

Watch the State Treasurer debate by clicking this link. This video provides a revealing insight into the candidates, with Yee the obvious winner. Clearly the best qualified for the job, she deserves the votes of all rational Arizonans.


6 Responses to Kimberly Yee: Clear winner in AZ Treasurer debate

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Another informative post, SRAZ!
    Kimberly Yee is a principled conservative leader, who supported Donald Trump as evidenced by this speech she gave at the Republican National Convention. She didn’t speak long, but she made all the important points, especially when she ended her remarks with her emphatic endorsement of Trump.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    The body language is interesting.

    Mr. Manoil seems oddly uncomfortable—for a lawyer.

    Maybe it’s all those unborn babies ripped from their mothers’ wombs crying in his ears.

    The Planned Parenthood connection is hugely disturbing.
    PP is spending tens of millions of dollars leading up to midterms.

    They’ve gone after GOP Sen. Dean Heller (NV), whose seat is vulnerable.

    PP was fundraising like crazy off of Avenatti’s client (and fraudster) Julie Swetnick, whose entire life has been lies, lawsuits, and restraining orders.

    PP has now been harassing Susan Collins (who has always supported PP) only because she came out supporting Kavanaugh at the last minute.

    We’d better get our act together.
    The California license plates are rolling in by the hundreds.
    And they have not learned their lesson.

  3. Maggie says:

    Why Democrat Mark Manoil would boast about his Planned Parenthood endorsement in a race for state treasurer tells me he either has no savvy campaign advisers or is brain dead. Supporting the killing of human babies is nothing to brag about though it proves his liberal credentials to his fellow travelers. He actually thinks this disgusting position will win him votes!

  4. Realist says:

    The stunner was that Mark Manoil wants to be entrusted with the state taxpayer’s money when he can’t even manage his own. Having his home foreclosed and car repossessed tells me all I need to know about this wannabe money manager. He ought to be taking remedial basic math classes rather than running for state treasurer.

    Manoil doesn’t belong anywhere near our money.

  5. Kent says:

    Democrats have only one thing…arrogance…going for them. This guy is proof positive.

  6. State Committeeman says:

    I coped these important dates from Frosty’s Republican Briefs:
    October 9 – Voter Registration Deadline
    October 10 – Early Voting Begins and 1st Phase of Vote Centers Open
    October 26 by 5pm – Last Day to Request a Ballot by Mail
    October 27 – 2nd Phase of Vote Centers Open
    October 29 – 3rd Phase of Vote Centers Open
    October 31 – Last Day to Mail in Ballot and Final Phase of Vote Centers Open
    November 2 – Last Day for Early Voting
    November 3 & 5 – Emergency Voting Available
    November 6 – Election Day, Voting 6am to 7pm

    Even though we are all told to vote ASAP, I’d advise otherwise. Make sure you don’t misplace your ballot, but too many things can change that might alter your vote. Our ballots are too important to give them over to a rush. Obviously don’t wait until the last minute, but take your time. The propositions are often intended to get you to vote yes when you mean no or vise versa. Some of them are Constitutional Amendments that will not be able to be changed. Put your ballot in a safe place and read those propositions carefully. I’m going to do that this coming weekend.