Scheming leftist Kyrsten Sinema mocks AZ voters in video

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft exposes chameleon Kyrsten Sinema in this revealing video where she refers to Arizona voters as “crazies.”  This is what Sinema actually thinks of the Arizonans whose votes she is courting, as she currently portrays herself as a soft-soften “Independent” who “just wants to get things done.”

What she in fact “wants done” is the Republican Party’s presence in Arizona and in the U.S. Senate, as she runs to replace Jeff Flake.

Watch as she contemptuously scorns us as “crazy,” and calls Arizona the “crazy state.” Speaking to an LGBT group in Texas, where she elicited roars of laughter in response to her scathing comments, she recites the five “Cs” she learned in a song about Arizona in first grade, naming, cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climate. Sinema then adds, there are actually six C’s, when you include “crazies.”  That’s us, folks…the ones she wants to vote for her.

SRAZ has written about Kyrsten Sinema’s deceit and radical stances numerous times. Read about Sinema’s devious metamorphosis and the crude words she uses to describe women who choose to stay home to nurture their families. Recently her heart-wrenching story about her childhood living in an abandoned gas station without running water or electricity was exposed as a lie.

Vote smart. Put AZ Congresswoman Martha McSally in the U.S. Senate. Republican McSally is the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron.  You won’t find her wearing a pink tutu and eliciting support from Code Pink radicals.

Read Martha McSally’s impressive bio.

This is Kyrsten Sinema with former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano, a far left liberal — when the two were widely regarded as an item:

16 Responses to Scheming leftist Kyrsten Sinema mocks AZ voters in video

  1. VINOAZ says:

    She is so bad that Tucker Carlson did a segment on her last night. What I can’t understand is how are there so many morons who support her. The Democrat party is ethically and morally bankrupt. I have to agree with Hillary, we cannot be friends with them.

  2. Observer says:

    Sinema tried twice and failed both times to begin her state legislative political career as a Green Party activist. It was only after her Democrat party switch of convenience that she won and gained a stronghold by completely recreating her personal and political image. None of the image sculpting takes away from the fact that she’s a radical who doesn’t represent Arizona.

  3. Maggie says:

    The Advocate, an online homosexual publication couldn’t have been more enthusiastic as it raved about Kyrsten Sinema being the first openly bisexual elected to congress when she won the District 9 House seat.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Flake was beyond awful, but Sinema tops him…which is no small trick. That photo of the “happy couple” is stomach turning.

  4. Army Of One says:

    An openly bi-sexual atheist who lies like a rug to get elected is not what Arizona needs representing us.

    We voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Sinema is a radical who will fight his winning agenda every step of the way. This senate race is crucial, not just to Arizona, but to the nation as a whole. We can’t afford to lose a crucial senate seat—and certainly not to Socialist Sinema.

    She has now morphed into a supporter of veterans, though she previously referred to our military as “evil killers.” There is nothing honest about Sinema. Don’t be conned.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Sinema definitely softened her image and her strident voice has undergone a remarkable transformation as well.

    But superficial makeovers have nothing to do with who this radical actually is. Pushing herself as a run of the mill democrat is just part of her strategy.

    Repackaging didn’t help Kentucky Fried Chicken or International House of Pancakes drop their fattening, unhealthy images when they became KFC and IHOP.

    Those of us who pay attention still know who those businesses are and who Krysten Sinema is.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    That’s the only time I have ever seen J.No with such a big grin.
    Must be the double D’s standing next to her that are putting a smile on her face.

    Forgot to mention this, about her tag along, attorney Dennis Burke, from Fast and Furious infamy.

    He is now on the team of lawyers representing mega billionaire
    (and friend of the McCains) Ms. Bronfman.

    The Seagrams distillery heiress is allegedly heavily involved in the sex cult NXIVM, which recruits and enslaves and uses a hot poker to brand the females on their genitals.

    Ms. Bronfman had to post hundreds of millions of dollars in Cash to stay free.

  7. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I supported Dr. Kelli Ward in the primary. But the primary is behind us. Now I’m voting for Martha McSally and urging others to do the same. Republicans can’t afford to hold grudges at this critical juncture.

    We need to give President Trump a senate majority or we’ll never get another Supreme Court Justice, federal judge or cabinet member confirmed. The dems will dig in their heels on every piece of conservative legislation. Our president will be stonewalled by Schumer, Pelosi & Company at every turn. This is the most important midterm in our lifetime. We can’t afford to muck it up..

  8. Jig says:

    This is exactly what needs to be run again and again for Janet’s special piece to be defeated.

    • Casper says:

      This is also why it’s important NOT to vote your ballot as soon as you receive it. Put it in a secure place and then start paying attention . New information can completely change how you’d vote from even days before.

      The parties want our votes locked in ASAP. but reality can change things mighty quick. Take your time to research. Then—and only then— vote.

      • VINOAZ says:

        There is nothing that would change to voting for any Democrat. Their party is sick and depraved.

  9. Michael Schmitz says:

    Sinema puts her other foot in her mouth:

  10. James McAllister says:

    They look like mother and daughter or twins. Please vote for Ms McSally. She is a fellow ex-USAF member and perfect for the Senate.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      It’s not quite as benign as the relationships you offer. They were rumored to be intimates. Sinema is proud of her “bi-sexuality,” as Maggie shows in her comment (above) which links to an article glorifying Sinema as the “first openly bi-sexual in congress.” She’s also contemptuous of religion, refusing to take her congressional oath of office with her hand on the Bible.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      There’s no question we’ll be voting for Martha McSally. She was not my choice in the primary, but she sure is now!