Kate Brophy McGee “grateful” for Dem endorsers

District 28 Republicans are shaking their heads in dismay over the report that Kate Brophy McGee, running for reelection to the state senate, is emulating leftist former Gov. Janet Napolitano —- albeit in reverse.

Arizonans will remember the contemptible list of GOP turncoats who affixed their names to the notorious Republicans for Janet roster in 2006. (Click to enlarge.) The list was rife with McCain activists, including Grant Woods, John McCain’s former chief of staff, who chose the liberal over conservative Len Munsil, heading the Republican ticket. Woods, an iffy Republican who has yet to follow through on his threat to leave the GOP, is notorious for endorsing Democrats and has even cut a televised ad in support of crude and deceitful Kyrsten Sinema over Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally running for an open U.S. Senate seat.

Now Kate Brophy McGee is following Napolitano’s lead flaunting her far-left Democrat supporters led by Janice Miano, Art Othon, and John Whiteman who are co-chairing ‘Democrats for Kate.’  In their announcement, they heap praise on her, saying, “Kate does what is right for Arizonans. She isn’t held hostage by party politics.”

The question Republicans in Legislative District 28 — encompassing North Central Phoenix, Biltmore, Arcadia and Paradise Valley — should pose to Kate Brophy McGee is, if you and your liberal friends find the politics of the party under whose banner you have chosen to run since 2010 has held you hostage, why didn’t you run as a Democrat? Her treasured leftists refer to her as “fearless,” inferring that throwing the GOP Platform to the winds is liberating.

In response to the liberal embrace, Kate Brophy McGee gushed, “I’m so grateful for the support of Janice, Art, and John. The issues I fight for — education, small businesses, and public safety — transcend party lines. I’m honored to have these great Democratic leaders supporting my campaign.”  

7 Responses to Kate Brophy McGee “grateful” for Dem endorsers

  1. PV PC says:

    Why this district with a high propensity of educated voters supports RINOs is a riddle without an answer. I live in Paradise Valley and have watched as those who should know better increasingly fall into lockstep with the left. Democrats have rarely won here but the district Republican office holders have veered further and further left. In the case of Kate McGee, there is no other choice than Democrats who would be even worse. She’s well aware that we have no refuge from her. My hope is that senate leadership can exert much needed controls, confining her to positions where she can inflict less damage.

    Kathy Petsas, another RINO, who referred to conservatives as
    “kooks,” is all but assured a District 28 House seat. Laurie Roberts, a liberal columnist at the Arizona Repulsive newspaper, couldn’t get enough of Petsas. I notice she’s stayed clear of mentioning her pre-election, not wanting to taint her with voters.

  2. Rob Haney says:

    I will never forget Kate McGee coming to the Maricopa County Executive Committee meeting to rail against me and demand my resignation because I supported stronger illegal alien invasion legislation and opposed the RINOs in the State legislature who supported weak illegal immigration laws. Kate was a RINO then and she is still a RINO now as shown by the Democrat party support she just garnered.

  3. Attila The Hunny says:

    Redistricting has been responsible for changes in the configuration of the district over the years. But far and way, the worst influence was John McCain, whose luxury Central Avenue home was in the distinct. Kate McGee exemplified his brand of Republicrat. When he and Cindy moved to their exclusive Biltmore area, 24-hour security penthouse condo, it was just out of the district by being on the wrong side of Camelback Road. But the damage had been done. The only bulwark against him was conservative Rob Haney who had been the District chairman. McCain lackeys replaced him. But Haney had the last laugh. He was elected as Maricopa County Chairman…TWICE.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    The 3 little words that tells you everything you need to know about her: Democrats for Kate

    Meanwhile, as the pink tutu spins: (from townhall.com)
    Quite a week for Kyrsten Sinema,
    First, she was exposed for comparing illegal aliens crossing the border to U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. T

    Then, we found out she called Arizona residents “crazy.”

    Now, another unearthed video shows Sinema calling Arizona the “meth lab” of democracy. The comments were made at the far left conference Netroots Nation in 2010.
    And, so, it was quite interesting to see a TV ad last night featuring none other than Grant Woods endorse her.
    Unlike fine wine, Miracle Whip has Not aged well.

    Too many mavericks and not enough wranglers.

    Don’t forget:
    President Trump coming to Mesa on Friday Oct 19
    Have to register to get tickets—2 max.

    • Observer says:

      I am so sick of people who use the Republican party to advance their own left of center agenda. McCain and Flake honed those deceptive “skills” to razor sharpness. Now we have this Kate McGee (another Mc) working this identical angle. These frauds are not content to align with their like-thinking Democrats. Like ingested poison, they actively seek to destroy the Republican Party from within.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Hey Kate! These violent thugs are NOT Republicans. What party do you think they are registered with? They vote with your Hillary Clinton supporting friends Janice Miano, Art Othon, and John Whiteman!! From what I gather, you probably voted for her, also. Maybe you don’t like tax cuts, border wall construction and two Republican justices on the SCOTUS?