Watch almost jobless Jeff Flake audition for a CNN gig…

…as he runs interference for Islamist Invaders

Despite having to abandon his lifetime senate plans due to embarrassingly low 18 percent approval ratings, Jeff Flake still creates his own reality.

Interviewed at CNN’s ‘CITIZEN’ conference, Flake said President Trump’s tweet stating, “Unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in,” with the caravan of invaders headed toward the U.S. border is a “fear tactic.” When asked if he knew what Trump was talking about, Flake said, “No. That’s long been pretty much a canard and a fear tactic.”

A canard and fear tactic?  Hardly. We posted,Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns,” in 2011.

Here is the delusional Flake, (same video below) so consumed with Trump hatred, he Is unable to think clearly.

Interviewer Jake Tapper, who personifies the liberal media, unable to control his sputtering, referred to President Trump, “The fact checkers can’t keep up with the president these days, he’s saying so many things that aren’t true, that have no evidence behind them. The president constantly says things that are just not  true…they’re lies…it’s difficult to understand why he keeps doing this…on a political level or a psychological level?

Flake responds, “What is troubling is to look behind him and to see the reaction of people behind him.”

That’s most of us, folks. Tapper calls us, “the resistance,” then sympathetically notes, “How lonely it must be to be Jeff Flake.”

Republicrat Flake, bizarrely describing himself as a conservative, denies Democrats want open borders, though he was a member of the Gang of Eight. The group was a failed amnesty promoting scheme he and John McCain cobbled together with a quartet of the most liberal Democrats, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez, Michael Bennet and two other McCain sycophants, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

Tapper then prompts Flake with another inane question, saying, “I know it’s not your tendency to be immodest.” What are you proudest of in terms of accomplishments?”

Obviously Jake Tapper missed the self-aggrandizing, prone to pontificating to an empty senate chamber, Flake’s 2011 vanity ladened solo survivalist trip to a deserted island, taking only his camera and tripod.

Tapper reminds Flake that he previously described Trumpism as a fever in the Republican party. Flake responded, “It’s a long fever.”

Since he doesn’t want to risk infection, Flake, who speaks Afrikaans could always move back to the African nation of Namibia, where he worked as a registered foreign agent lobbying in D.C. on behalf of a uranium mining company with financial ties to Iran.

And Tapper? An obvious leftist, he once worked as campaign press secretary for Democrat congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, (D-PA) and later as her congressional press secretary. Her former husband, onetime Iowa Congressman Edward Mezvinsky, was convicted of fraud and spent five years in a federal penitentiary. The Mezvinky’s are the parents of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Mark.

It’s a full circle.

6 Responses to Watch almost jobless Jeff Flake audition for a CNN gig…

  1. Mike says:

    One worthless RINO AZ senator thankfully gone. One to go!

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Flake’s massive miscalculations on Donald Trump’s popularity cost him his senate seat, which is a truth from which he’ll never recover. His fall back is hoping a leftwing network that shares his Trump hatred will pick him up.

    He was stunned when he was abandoned by his fellow church members statewide who preferred the clarity of Trump to the deception Flake shoveled.

    • Trevor says:

      His local church supports Trump. oh my that must made him look like an outcast. This is funny!

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    Jeff Flake actually admitted he “lied” when he claimed he would only serve three two-year terms in the U.S. House. DC was too compelling for him to leave as he pledged.

    Then when Jon Kyl announced his retirement, McCain and Kyl went to bat for their boy Flake, knowing he would be easy to manipulate. Even though they cut numerous political ads for him, and worked tirelessly to get him elected, Flake only won the seat by three percentage points, proving he has never connected with the grassroots conservatives in the Republican Party. Dr. Richard Carmona, George W. Bush’s surgeon general was a far superior candidate. I regret to say I threw my vote away on the Libertarian, when I should have voted for Carmona.

    Carmona was a military officer and medical doctor, who made a great life for himself against all odds. He was not a liberal but was wisely recruited by the Democrats. We should have been so smart.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      This campaign ad was very effectively used by Carmona during that senate race. McCain and Kyl heaped him with praise when he was nominated as Surgeon General. In the senate, he wouldn’t have been their lap dog, so when he used this ad, they were enraged!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe Jeffry should go “full Brennan”, as it seems to have worked out well for J.B.

    since yesterday, suspicious packages delivered to the residence of Soros; Clinton; Obama; Holder, and CNN (addressed to Brennan.
    Sending packages to themselves to take the focus off of the illegals they are bringing here. Illegals found to be carrying their belongings in bags stamped with USAID logo.

    Take a look at a speech given by Brennan on the Goodness of Islam: